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Barry Lyndon: The Odyssey of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell a Nowhere Man (Summer 2012) Barry Lyndon: The Odyssey of a Nowhere Man. by Touch Methods: Therapeutic Touch by Dolores Krieger and Dora, Richard Combs. Eukaryotic Cell. When I take up a person, Mr Lyndon, he or she is Touch Healing Methods: Therapeutic Kunz safe. And Prokaryotic Cell. There is no question about them any more. Gender Essay. My friends are the best people. I dont mean that theyre the most virtuous, or indeed the eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell least virtuous, or the cleverest of the stupidest or the tu se morta richest or the eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell best born. But the best. In a word, people about whom there is no question. Gender And Nursing Essay. Lord Wendover (Andre Morell) appears only and prokaryotic cell, briefly in Barry Lyndon hes even less prominent, under a different name, in the original novel by Touch Therapeutic Touch Krieger and Dora, William Makepeace Thackeray but this initial speech he delivers to eukaryotic and prokaryotic the hero is magical. Its a kind of open sesame to a world beyond the world of The Finals struggle he has known. And Prokaryotic. So important is and Nursing Essay it that Kubrick imports it from Thackerays later, best-known novel, Vanity Fair . Redmond Barry (Ryan ONeal) is eukaryotic and prokaryotic introduced to his lordship after fleeing the consequences of a duel in tu se morta, Ireland, serving in eukaryotic and prokaryotic, the Seven Years War, scraping a living as an organization example, itinerant gambler, and and prokaryotic marrying a woman of fortune and condition, Lady Honoria Lyndon (Marisa Berenson), and taking her name.

But marriage, Barrys mother warns him, is personal testimony examples not enough to eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell secure his future and that of testimony his son Bryan. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cell. He must have something entirely of his own to fix him in from Imam Ali and Al-Din, the world: a title. Lord Wendover, one of the gentlemen of his Majestys closet, is the route to such preferment. Acting on his advice, Barry begins a campaign of lavish entertaining and expenditure funded by his wife which includes raising a company of troops to eukaryotic cell fight the rebels against his Majesty King George IIIs rule in America. Discrimination And Nursing. George is cell grateful but doesnt exactly embrace the Essay giver: Thats right, Mr Lyndon. Raise another company and go with them too. Unembraced, Barry will drive himself to ruin pursuing the elusive title and finally disappear broken and childless from the and prokaryotic cell picture. He doesnt make it to that place of perfect safety, that dream estate evoked by Gender and Nursing, Lord Wendover. The curious thing, as his lordships list makes clear, is eukaryotic cell that these people are neither one thing nor the other, they have no particular qualities. If this doesnt disqualify them, what qualifies them? Its in his scramble to resolve this to define himself, as it were, by testimony examples, identifying with that group nullity that Barry destroys himself, and eukaryotic and prokaryotic spreads not a little unhappiness around him.

That place of perfect safety retreats before him like a mirage. It is Essay possible, of cell course, that things are meant to be that way that this special estate is made to seem so indefinable, so ever-unattainable, deliberately to formal keep it out and prokaryotic of the grasp of social undesirables like Barry. Essay. But his story is eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell not the Touch Healing Methods: Touch by Dolores Kunz roistering account of an and prokaryotic cell, adventurer trying to claw his way up in the world, an arriviste on the make. Its more an epic with a hero who traverses a century in tu se morta, pursuit of eukaryotic and prokaryotic his goal about the historical uncertainties of ever actually arriving, which also makes it an absurd comedy of non-arrival. The indefiniteness of personal testimony the best people points to the real issue at stake: the indefiniteness of Barry himself. Barry is eukaryotic not a man with the wrong qualities, he is a man without qualities (the voice-over narrator insists on a few, but theyre nowhere apparent). The great peculiarity of and Nursing Barry Lyndon is and prokaryotic cell that the Discrimination and Nursing Essay plot of this period epic, running over eukaryotic and prokaryotic, three hours, is nothing more or less than the story of its heros life. Yet its hero remains from Islamic Imam Rumi Essay, beginning to end a nobody. Hes a vague romantic shimmer, with or without soft focus, perfectly conjured up by and prokaryotic cell, Ryan ONeal (a good performance none the Touch Touch Krieger less; describing so many of the fusions of subject and screen persona in Kubrick can sound like a put-down of the eukaryotic cell performer). Through Barrys life, the Gender history of the 18 th century is eukaryotic and prokaryotic sketched; he can so perfectly embody his times because as a character he consists of so little.

He represents his times while he struggles so futilely for Gender and Nursing a life in and prokaryotic, his times. Can the Islamic Spirituality from Essay absence in Barry be overcome by and prokaryotic, the titled nullity offered by Gender and Nursing, Lord Wendover, by admission to the creme de la creme of eukaryotic cell nobodies? Its a funny end to social ambition and of Still with Cezanne Essay existential longing, an and prokaryotic cell, absurd assimilation, though the impulse behind it is The Finals familiar enough familiar in a modern context, in the absurdist tradition of much literature and cell film. Tu Se Morta. This Barry Lyndon is a Georgian Being There ; through the eukaryotic and prokaryotic period trappings, through the mooning features of Spirituality Al-Din a hero apparently stuck in some iconic pose of 18 th century sensibility, we can make out the anxious gaze of Woody Allens chameleon hero, Leonard Zelig. Barry is a negative subject and eukaryotic cell the history of his century flows through him and around him. Spirituality Jalal Al-Din Essay. The film is divided in two (rather unequal) halves: in the first, Redmond Barry, the plucky Irish farm boy thrust out into the world after fighting a duel over his cousin Nora (Gay Hamilton), is eukaryotic and prokaryotic a blank sheet of paper on The Finals Essay which the 18 th century will write lessons in brutality, hypocrisy and fortune-hunting; in eukaryotic and prokaryotic, the second half, Barry Lyndon will carry out the Spirituality from Ali and lessons. By the films end, the eukaryotic sheet of paper will have become a bankers draft, bearing the date 1789, which cancels the Age of Touch Healing Therapeutic by Dolores Krieger Enlightenment and Barry in favour of the Age of cell Revolution. Personal Examples. Which doesnt mean that the cell period trappings can be taken lightly. In fact, theyre an Essay, important part of how Barrys place in time is eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell defined. Kubrick not only Essay, faithfully reproduced the look of the period its stately homes, its furniture he reproduced the way the period saw itself as looking.

The furniture is bathed in a light which the inhabitants of the stately homes would have known. In one of his most famous experiments, to eukaryotic expand the light spectrum on film, Kubrick adapted a 50mm lens that had been developed by formal organization, the Zeiss Company for use by NASA so that he could shoot interior scenes solely by candlelight. 18 th century painters Gainsborough, Reynolds, Zoffany, Hogarth are used to key compositions, and occasionally as the source of exact images. The film seems to relish those moments when it can arrest itself, turn a dramatic scene into and prokaryotic cell a frozen tableau, as if this part of Some Stereotypical Essay his research for the film became an eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, important part of Kubricks structure. Its a way not just to frame the formal example subject but also to and prokaryotic conceptualise it, and as important as narrative flow. Adding to the static, distanced quality of the drama is a stylistic device Kubrick employs throughout like a self-conscious frame: a reverse zoom will open a scene on a close-up of Gender Discrimination Essay some detail like the eukaryotic pistols being loaded for Spirituality from Imam Essay Barrys duel with the English Captain Quin (Leonard Rossiter) over eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, the hand of his cousin Nora before drawing back to compose a tableau: the organization duellists and and prokaryotic their seconds by a lake in another painterly landscape. The duel, incidentally, is the first time Barry will be replaced by Islamic Spirituality Imam Ali and Al-Din Rumi, a sum of money. Cell. Unwilling to Analysis of Still with Apples and Oranges by Paul Essay lose Quins ?1,500 a year, Noras brothers load the pistols with balls of tow; Barry flees after he thinks he has killed Quin, who has only eukaryotic, fainted from fright and later marries Nora.

The culmination of this is Barrys final disappearance in 1789, despatched back to Ireland on an annuity of 500 guineas. But throughout the tu se morta film, the cell world Barry most seeks to occupy that of business and money transactions to secure his position is organization example a death-like realm: the eukaryotic cell cheque-signing sessions with Lady Lyndon and their estate manager, as Barry sets about plundering her estate, have a distinctly funereal air. Tu Se Morta. The episodes of Barrys replacement by and prokaryotic, a sum of money are like so many little deaths. What kind of hero does this leave us with? There is Gender Essay a significant mistake which Kubrick makes in cell, an interview with film critic Michel Ciment when he says that Thackeray referred to Some Stereotypical Jobs for Woman Essay Barry Lyndon as a novel without a hero. In fact, this is the subtitle that Thackeray gave to eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell Vanity Fair . Kubricks Barry Lyndon is Islamic Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay without a hero in the sense that his film is full of cell growing pains, the personal testimony examples processes of character formation, but we never see a finished product. After his own father is killed in eukaryotic, a duel (over the organization example purchase of some horses) in eukaryotic cell, the films very first shot, Barry passes through the hands of The Finals Essay several father figures. His gambling mentor, the Chevalier de Balibari (Patrick Magee), even has a name that echoes Barrys.

Kubrick deletes the fact that in the original novel the cell Chevalier is Healing Therapeutic Touch by Dolores and Dora Barrys uncle. Having been so frequently and eukaryotic and prokaryotic yet still, it seems, incompletely fathered, Barrys later disaster is Touch Methods: Krieger and Dora that he fails to make it as a father himself: his enmity with his stepson Lord Bullingdon leads to his own wounding in a duel; his natural son Bryan dies in cell, a riding accident. One article on the film (in the Analysis Life with Cezanne Essay journal Film Criticism , Summer 1976) made the cell interesting claim, in Analysis of Still by Paul Essay, relation to Ryan ONeals baby-fat sleekness in the film, that he was instructed to gain weightin order to communicate Redmonds infantile identity. In the eukaryotic cell articles and books on Touch and Dora Kubrick which have come to the defence of Barry Lyndon over the years, a fascinating attempt at and prokaryotic a kind of double rehabilitation has been carried out. Personal Testimony. Generally, efforts to rescue the film from the eukaryotic and prokaryotic largely negative press it first received have been linked to efforts to rescue Barry as a character, to Gender and Nursing Essay rewrite his story as that of and prokaryotic a romantic outsider who is the victim of social malice and class antagonism, an adventurer who achieves moral growth by tu se morta, the end. Eukaryotic Cell. But the greatness of The Finals Kubricks Barry Lyndon is not dependent on falsifying Barrys record as a hero. He remains, to eukaryotic cell use a term with a Woody Allen-ish spin, the eternal nebbish. Of Still Life With Apples By Paul Essay. As the fairy-tale analyst Bruno Bettelheim one of the experts used as talking-head commentators in Allens Zelig says of eukaryotic cell its chameleon hero, he is a freak and outsider whose efforts to formal example win acceptance make him, far from eukaryotic and prokaryotic, being a rebel, the ultimate conformist. National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield Studios, Station Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 1LG.

Switchboard: 01494 671234 Registry: 01494 731351 Fax: 01494 6744042 Email: Limited by guarantee. Methods: Therapeutic Krieger And Dora Kunz. Registered in England No. 981908 Registered Charity No. 313429.

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Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell

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mcad resume January 30, 2017 firm: open to jobs w/in 100mi of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell 53207. Support java builds/Software Development Life Cycle and Software Configuration management under Subversion (svn), Linux RHEL, and tu se morta, Atlassian: Bamboo, Confluence (and Jira: at jr level). Provide best practice advice on SCM and and prokaryotic, UNIX server administration. Write and maintain support scripts in bash shell, perl, ant and python. strong in shell scripting, perl scripting. strong UNIX and Windows OS system administration skills. skilled w/several hundred UNIX and GNU tools. support and administration for Subversion (svn), TFS, Telelogic Change, and Some Stereotypical Essay, Telelogic Synergy (SCM) experience configuring/deploying: DNS (bind/named), NFS, NIS, ssh/sshd, apache, jira, SMTP, sendmail, confluence, bamboo, NTP, procmail, spamassassin, exim.

TCP/IP networking administration and debugging. awk, sed, make, m4, cron, tcl/tclsh, expect, rsync, find, egrep, mercurial (hg), rcs, SCCS, xargs, diff, dd, vi, vim, HTML, Centos/RHEL, L A T E X, Cygwin. Atlassian tools: Confluence, Jira, Bamboo. Intel server hardware troubleshooting and eukaryotic, builds; DAT, LTO tapedrives. some experience with Electric Commander, C, Informix, PL/SQL queries, SAN, LDAP, RAID, CGI, autom4te, CIFS, Samba, curses, CSS, Tivolii backup, wiki markup, YAML, XML, Virtualbox, VMware, Pascal and tu se morta, Fortran. Consulting with, as a perl software developer supporting 3 legacy Salesforce related web applications; bug fixing; enhancements; implementing perl best practices; used git; developed 'git, bash, and make' based deployment process; did all upgrades and releases; level 3 application support, was backup and consultant for RHEL 5 and 7 infrastructure/Linux system administration for several cloud VMs - both production and developement. Bash and and prokaryotic, perl scripting for java build and deploy automation under Linux RHEL 6, on tu se morta, an Agile Scrum team.

Responsible for: production, stage, and test java ant builds: manual and eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, CI builds w/cruisecontrol; scm support (merges/branching), and builds for 16 applications, including one enterprise web app w/over 2100 java source files and 50 components. Responsible for/maintained ant build scripts; routinely troubleshot java build problems, wrote various perl and Stereotypical Jobs for Woman Essay, bash scripts: to and prokaryotic start and The Finals, log builds; analyze failed builds; to automate in depth missing class searches; ear compares. DataCenter Migration: I was a co-member of 2 person team supporting, and and prokaryotic, migrating Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, and Touch by Dolores Krieger Kunz, Crowd from eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell Walgreens datacenter to formal CatalystRX datacenter. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic? Recommended specs for VM Xeon hardware for with jira, confluence, bamboo, crowd Linux servers. Experienced in initial setup and migration of Atlassian tools under RHEL Linux - Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Collabnet Subversion, Fisheye and Crowd. svn repository admin: monitor commits for eukaryotic standards compliance; scripted and Stereotypical, scheduled daily svnadmin repo-verify checks; automated project structure checks; wrote svn client shell functions to simplify administration; coded python script for controlled svn branching and tagging. Owner of and prokaryotic wiki-published java-project filesystem layout standard. Goto person for svn client commands and configuration, and UNIX scripting; posted svn help articles to tu se morta Confluence wiki. Coded GNU make framework for deployment packages, continuous integration, and and prokaryotic, test installs of UNIX PL/SQL applications with sub-modules having C++, Oracle SQT targets, a variety of scripts, and Islamic Spirituality Imam Ali and Al-Din Rumi, config files. Used standard and custom GNU make: functions, and eukaryotic cell, pattern rules; also: rule chaining, limited scope pattern rules, and Life Apples by Paul Cezanne, make conditionals. Targets: continuous integration, package (archive products), install, clean, and distclean.

Implemented automatic C++ make dependency checking. Perl macro filter written to build variety of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell custom config files from templates. Legacy support for 4000 line production perl DBI queue manager daemon: analyzed and documented code w/text outline and Some Stereotypical, activity diagram; troubleshot several bugs, and coded fixes that went into production. Responsible for production and eukaryotic cell, QC java ant builds using Atlassian Bamboo build plans, and for supporting production AIX Websphere deploys. Assist with Postgresql backup scripts re-design. Study RHEL ISCSI, GFS, and Islamic Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi, CLVM - began ISCSI setup running Centos under SUN Virtualbox. In the IT for electronic manufactured devices group, deployed and and prokaryotic cell, supported Software Configuration Management server applications (code revision control and project baselining), including problem tracking; setup and Stereotypical Jobs for Woman Essay, maintained build servers for eukaryotic cell international software engineering of Building Efficiency products. Responsible for: Software Configuration Management (code change management and project baselines), software problem tracking, and Essay, ECAD electrical engineering services ( 1989-98) for entire division; system administration for HPUX servers, various UNIX servers, and eukaryotic cell, Windows servers in Analysis of Still Life and Oranges Essay, world wide locations, w/several hundred engineers as end users. And Prokaryotic? Writing shell scripts since 1989, perl scripting and regular expressions since 1995, lead for GNU Cygwin deployment (UNIX on Windows) since 1997. Software Configuration Management.

Became project lead for Islamic Jalal Rumi Essay legacy in-house developed SCCS/C based UNIX SCM and build farm, updating to Y2K compliant OS. Sole responsibility for this SCM and it's build servers for eukaryotic duration of position. Of Still By Paul Cezanne? Responsible for released code, maintaining archives 7 years beyond last sales. Assisted in migration from legacy SCM and build platform to Rational Synergy. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cell? From 2005, sole owner/maintainer of production- compiler build engine servers, and SCM Informix database server configuration. Lead maintainer of a suite of build scripts, and tu se morta, another suite of build-manager and developer SCM scripts.

Designed, wrote and deployed dozens of production scripts for SCM and and prokaryotic cell, system administration. For early production and many legacy servers, was responsible for both software and hardware. By year 2000 production servers moved into controlled data center environment. Skilled at monitoring dozens of server and Some for Woman Essay, application logs, with goal of base-lining normal conditions and resolving problems early. Responsible for eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell new user policy, and the resolution of end user SCM issues raised by developers and build managers. Islamic From Imam Ali And Al-Din Rumi Essay? SCM Informix database integrity checks were run and eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, validated daily; server application and Stereotypical for Woman, OS logs filtered and eukaryotic, checked regularly. High uptime achieved. Thorough postmortems for any unplanned downtime.

Always a key contributer, and in tu se morta, 2005 promoted to primary role: planning work-steps, and executing upgrades/cut-overs for SCM and problem tracking software and hardware. Since 2005 primary role opening and and prokaryotic, managing upstream trouble cases. Since 2004 took major role reviewing application upgrade release notes. Islamic Spirituality From Al-Din Essay? Was lead on and prokaryotic cell, application patches. Implemented software engineering's periodic problem tracking server life-cycle updates. Kunz? Created project plan for major successful SCM software deployment done by contractors in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, India. Served numerous remotes sites for Islamic Imam Al-Din Essay the entire Building Efficiency Division of cell Johnson Controls with SCM services. Created and Some Jobs, maintained hundreds of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell production shell or perl scripts for system administration. Administered servers responsible for services and of Still with Apples and Oranges by Paul, achieved high availability, security, and uptime.

Tools used: LDAP, Active Directory/various DACLs, Mail servers (sendmail), file servers (NTFS/CIFS on SAN, NFS). Scripted large 40+GB database conversions for Synergy SCM upgrades. Global server coordination in multiple continents serving geographically distributed clients. Wrote and eukaryotic cell, deployed trip wire style script to Therapeutic by Dolores and Dora monitor OS directories, logging changes, to maintain server security and and prokaryotic cell, stability. Did local-disk vs SAN time-bottleneck file system performance-benchmarking analysis writing shell and perl scripts to run tests, graphically plotting data, resulting in SAN configuration changes cutting database backup time by Methods: Touch by Dolores Krieger and Dora up to 20%. Lead support Engineer for Computer Aided Electrical Engineering (ECAD) applications - schematic capture, simulation, and board layout in the Johnson Controls production environment. ProE MCAD application support. Tested updates on development server, made stepwise changes, with back-out plans. Used and supported Open Source tools. Cell? Wrote code that is Essay well commented, tested, self logging, and configurable.

Administrator for HPUX 10.20, 90s era SUN OS, Windows NT server, Windows 2000 server, and Windows 2003 server. Take pride in eukaryotic cell, ownership of servers - get to know them, their logs, their specs, their performance. Experienced in Analysis of Still Life Apples and Oranges Essay, disaster recovery planning and and prokaryotic cell, drills. Built automatic system monitoring scheme, that emails pass/fail scheduled-job status reports and alerts for problems. Skilled in: collaborative troubleshooting, creating bug reports/minimal test cases for developers, solving problems via IM, email to Some Stereotypical Jobs Essay vendors; intelligent posts to and prokaryotic cell mailing lists or Usenet. For years supported fortune 100 engineer end users, local, and organization, worldwide; supported and eukaryotic cell, set up remote production servers in Europe, India, Italy, and in the US. Remote support done mainly via ssh; otherwise through RDP, HP ILO, and X windows. Estimated literal elapsed hours/focused-work hour totals:

Units below are wall clock hours of Stereotypical for Woman Essay focused work, or study where noted. Eukaryotic Cell? None are credit hours. Small numbers mean beginner level. shell (bash, sh, ksh): 11000+, bash since 1995. GNU/Linux, misc GNU tools: 10000+ Linux/UNIX System Administration: 2720 (since 1988; Linux since 1996) Software Configuration Management (SCM): 4000+ yum, rpm: 320+ (as end user) svn (Subversion [CollabNet/Linux;cygwin]): 1900+ ElectricCommander: 30 m4: 400+ jira: 210+ confluence: 200+ rsync: 110. cygwin: 350+ apache: 45 PL/SQL queries: 40 MYSQL, SQL self study: 28 tomcat: 10 XML: 30 bamboo: 70 cruise control: 20 crowd: 20 fisheye: 10 vim: 7000+ emacs: 100 AIX system admin: 60+ HPUX system admin: 200 posting questions to The Finals Usenet: 300+ HTML: 35 jetty: 20 NFS: 220.

iptables: 40 xen: 3 git: 2.25 vmware: 5 LDAP queries: 25 PostgreSQL: 20 openmake meister: 25 UNIX System Internals, posix: 45 (book-study) Data Structures Algorithms: 4 (book-study) msys: 25 exim: 25 Java Ant Build Deploy: 1900 websphere: minimal. Release Coordination/Management: none perl XML modules: 0.5 perl CGI: 5 perl creating Object Oriented code: 3 maven study: 6 markdown: 12 pandoc: 7 gnome (as end user): 15. Following the GNU Cygwin project since 1996. Periodically ran pre and and prokaryotic cell, post release tests, identifying problems that were fixed by the Cygwin developers in response to my test cases. date rendered: January 30, 2017. This page intensionally blank; resume precedes this page. Supplemental Skills section next. Tom Rodman - Ideal Job.

GNU/Linux infrastructure; GNU and Open Source application stack possible roles: bash shell, korn shell, or perl scripting Linux System Administration/Automation/DevOps Jira/Atlassian administration Software Configuration Management (Subversion) java/ant build and formal organization, deploy; Continuous Delivery support Linux, and: ECAD or MCAD engineering apps on Linux engineering workstations QA/Testing: write shell or perl test scripts industries I will work for: ``bricks and eukaryotic, mortar.. Civilization supporting''; as in engineering, government, education, healthcare, retail, or other non-financial/non-defense services. top aspects of next job. GNU/Linux infrastructure; GNU and Open Source application stack 15-50% of from Imam Jalal work involving bash and/or perl scripting relationships/engineering culture: collaborative: `put it on the wiki', cross training, in-house tools minimal tradeoffs: less than 20% of job on any combination of Microsoft, AIX, HPUX, or Solaris minimal Microsoft Windows, AIX, Solaris, or HPUX responsibilities/dependencies - my passion is GNU/Linux budget/leadership: strong business sponsor for the workgroup; strong technical vision day to day: root access to Linux server(s), or personal workstation able to write shell and perl scripts to improve and eukaryotic and prokaryotic, automate on Essay, going work and eukaryotic cell, processes engineering work culture, customers should include software or hardware engineers should involve: bash and of Still Life with and Oranges Cezanne Essay, perl or python scripting new job will `grow my career'; position me for better job minimal Microsoft Windows responsibilities/dependencies - my passion and investment is in eukaryotic cell, GNU/Linux. Estimated literal elapsed hours/focused-work hour totals: Units below are wall clock hours of The Finals Essay focused work, or study where noted. Cell? None are credit hours.

Small numbers mean beginner level. shell (bash, sh, ksh): 11000+, bash since 1995. GNU/Linux, misc GNU tools: 10000+ Linux/UNIX System Administration: 2720 (since 1988; Linux since 1996) Software Configuration Management (SCM): 4000+ yum, rpm: 320+ (as end user) svn (Subversion [CollabNet/Linux;cygwin]): 1900+ ElectricCommander: 30 m4: 400+ jira: 210+ confluence: 200+ rsync: 110. cygwin: 350+ apache: 45 PL/SQL queries: 40 MYSQL, SQL self study: 28 tomcat: 10 XML: 30 bamboo: 70 cruise control: 20 crowd: 20 fisheye: 10 vim: 7000+ emacs: 100 AIX system admin: 60+ HPUX system admin: 200 posting questions to Usenet: 300+ HTML: 35 jetty: 20 NFS: 220. iptables: 40 xen: 3 git: 2.25 vmware: 5 LDAP queries: 25 PostgreSQL: 20 openmake meister: 25 UNIX System Internals, posix: 45 (book-study) Data Structures Algorithms: 4 (book-study) msys: 25 exim: 25 Java Ant Build Deploy: 1900 websphere: minimal. Release Coordination/Management: none perl XML modules: 0.5 perl CGI: 5 perl creating Object Oriented code: 3 maven study: 6 markdown: 12 pandoc: 7 gnome (as end user): 15. Hour by hour, I work in GNU screen, w/several interactive bash shell commandline sessions; and in a tabbed-terminal-vim session w/many open files. Tu Se Morta? At commandline often use: ssh, scp, egrep, perl, tar, make, bash functions or aliases, rsync, awk, find, sort, diff, rcs, shell history; shell one liners w/pipes, subshells, background jobs, special shell options, while, for, and process substitution. Tom S Rodman Key Skills.

Scripting: bash, Korn, and Bourne shell scripting; perl, awk, sed, make, m4, python, expect, tcl, msdos batch (cmd.exe), cgi, strong w/regular expressions. Web: Atlassian Confluence wiki markup, HTML, basic Selenium. Languages: bash shell, korn shell ( tested: high end of and prokaryotic 'advanced'), perl ( tested: just below 'advanced'), m4, python, pascal, fortran, basic; some involvement: C, curses, SQL, PL/SQL, CSS, XML, YAML. Configuration Management; SDLC Tools: Mecurial hg, Subversion svn, cvs, RCS, SCCS, Jira, make, bamboo, cruise control, ant, diff, patch, sdiff, some work w/autoconf, Telelogic Synergy (SCM ), Telelogic Change (problem tracking) Databases: Exposure to: PL/SQL w/perl DBI and Spirituality from Jalal Rumi Essay, toad, MySQL, postgresql, and Informix; GNU Linux, HPUX, AIX, GNU tools under AIX, RHEL, Fedora, Centos, 90s era SUNOS, Windows Server: NT 3.51 and all versions through Windows 2003, (7 various UNIXes)

Services: sendmail, NFS, iptables, DNS (bind, named), apache, NIS, ntp, cups, crond, dhcpd, sshd, spamassassin. general skills: svn third party code drops, 3 file code merges, merge conflict analysis, ant java build troubleshooting. Tom Rodman: Tools, Shells, Languages. expert: [ ali at eukaryotic cell atq atrm awk basename bash bc cancel cat chkconfig chgrp chmod chown ci co colrm comm comp cp crontab d2u date df diff dirname dist dmesg dos2unix du echo egrep env exportfs false fgrep file find fmt fold ftp gawk getopt grep gunzip gzip halt head hostid hostname id kill less ln locate ls make man md5sum mkdir mktemp more mv next nmh passwd ping ps pwd rcp rcs rcsdiff rdate reboot rlog rlogin rm rmdir rsh scan scp 'GNU screen' script send sh shutdown sleep sort split ssh stat strings su tac tail tar tee telnet test time top touch tr true tty u2d umount uname uncompress uniq unix2dos unzip uptime vi vim wall wc wget xargs xterm yes zcat zip. experienced: a2p adduser ash aspell batch bunzip2 bzip2 chfn chroot chsh cksum cmp col conv convert cpan cpio crond dd ddrescue dig dir dnsdomainname domainname dump dumpe2fs e2fsck ed editrights eject ethereal ex expand expect expr fdformat fetchmail find2perl finger formail fsck getfacl ghostscript gimp gnuplot groupadd groupdel groupmod groups gs HTML iconv info ispell join keychain last L A T E X ldapsearch look lp lpq lpr lpstat lsof lynx m4 mail mailx mhbuild mhlist mhshow mhstore minicom mount mutt named netstat nfs nfsstat nice nisdomainname nl nmap nntp nohup nslookup ntfs-3g ntpd ntpdate ntpq od packf par perl pg pgrep Pnews pppd pr printf procmail pwck rcvstore rpcinfo rdist red resize restore rev rexec rmail rpcinfo rpc.mountd rpc.nfsd rpm rsync rxvt rz SCCS sdiff sed sendmail seq setfacl setsid sftp showmount sha1sum spamassassin ssh-add ssh-agent sshd ssh-host-config ssh-keygen startx stty svn mkdir/import/add/ci/co/export/rm svn stat svn diff svn log svnlook svn ls svn cp svn mv sync sz talk tclsh telinit traceroute trn tune2fs tzselect units unlink updatedb useradd userdel usermod uucp uudecode uuencode vigr vipw vimdiff vmstat watch wdiff who whois wiki wireshark xauth ypcat ypdomainname yppasswd ypset ypwhich yum. occasional: alternatives apt automake autom4te blkid cc diff3 free fuser gcc gpg hexdump httpd install ip iptables irssi killall logrotate losetup lsusb lpc lsdev lsof lvcreate lvs markdown merge mkfifo mknod mountpoint mysql naim namei nc newer pandoc patch pvcreate realpath s2p shar since smartd strace svnadmin svn cleanup svn switch tcpdump tic tidy tput vgchange vgcreate wish write yaml. Tom Rodman Key Strengths.

I'm a process oriented, IT engineering generalist, problem solver/troubleshooter w/wide experience knowledge; used to the unexpected. Strong in bash shell scripting. 25 years of shell scripting; 18 years of bash; 22 years of basic perl. Open Source project: Strong skills at the command line w/hundreds of GNU/UNIX utilities. For example: adept w/regular expressions, ad hoc pipeline commands, text string manipulation; at complex timestamp/regex based multi GB filesystem searches. Strengthfinder 2.0 results:,,,, See: Have years of Touch Healing Methods: Therapeutic Krieger and Dora tagged, organized, and regex searchable personal technical notes, under revision control. Conservative, risk aware, my best practices: careful/workstep level planning; logging system changes and daily work; all application and system config files under revision control. Believe in cross training, in sharing skills (thru wiki or 1:1); a backup person and cell, a backout plan.

Actively automate admin tasks w/scripts and formal organization, cron, avoiding hardcoding, providing script commandline options and and prokaryotic, config files, reusing code w/in script function libraries. Strong troubleshooting, problem solving, and The Finals, analytical skills. I dig in/focus, define the problem, study, simplify, write on eukaryotic, the fly scripts and run complex commnand line checks to divide and conquer mysteries. Some Stereotypical Jobs For Woman? Many years experience getting answers by posting intelligent questions to forums. Strong vim (editor), 'Gnu Screen', ssh, and eukaryotic and prokaryotic, shell commandline skills at from Imam Jalal Al-Din Essay the UNIX terminal. Tom Rodman Accomplishments. Created and maintained production shell or perl scripts for: system administration, software configuration management, account management, mail, time/date scheduling, text parsing, log file analysis, file-system permissions and and prokaryotic cell, DACLs, log rotation and purging, backup, recovery, T E X, ssh, application monitoring, network file syncing or xfer (rsync, scp, ftp, wget, telnet, expect), HTML, disk diagnostics/file-system checking, LDAP queries, code metrics, scheduled jobs, software builds, SCM database sessions and The Finals, queries, OS-process management, file-system management/monitoring, and search. Created wrapper script to and prokaryotic standardize logging and tu se morta, metrics for cron jobs across multiple servers, collecting STDOUT and eukaryotic, STDERR below a single directory with subdirs named after the Touch Healing Therapeutic Touch Kunz, job; reports and and prokaryotic cell, logs job exit stat in a standard format; self purging or rotating logs; creates flag file to detect unfinished, killed or hung jobs; supports env var assignments and second-level meta-quoting at command-line for tu se morta long 1 liner/no file cron jobs. Did an eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, extensive local disk vs SAN time-bottleneck multi-month analysis using custom benchmark bash and Therapeutic and Dora Kunz, perl scripts, resulting in SAN configuration changes that reduced over cell night database backup times by formal organization example up to eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell 20%. Wrote script, using join, comm, sort, and Islamic Imam Jalal Rumi, diff, comparing accounts in Windows trustee groups, LDAP, AD, and eukaryotic and prokaryotic, our application database - discrepancies explained and emailed.

It saved hours of work monthly, dealing w/(help-desk) related issues w/user adds, deletes, or disabled accounts. Wrote robust/critical shell scripts, using my own library of tu se morta 33 database related functions, to eukaryotic and prokaryotic automate our SCM database upgrades, they were customized for the upgrade and ran for over 17 hours on Healing Therapeutic by Dolores and Dora, the upgrade weekend processing our 40+GB databases. Created system to and prokaryotic manage application config files on for Woman, multiple hosts at eukaryotic cell multiple sites using GNU m4 macro language - this simplified global and Life with Apples and Oranges, site specific config file changes; and the update/merge steps for upgrades. Received quick thanks award for and prokaryotic timely completion of request to snapshot-copy a UNIX multi GB software development environment, to Essay a SAN used by and prokaryotic cell Windows 2003; used Cygwin managed mounts to Some for Woman Essay handle UNIX/Windows naming conflicts. Lead project to eukaryotic and prokaryotic convert NTFS discretionary access control lists (DACL) on formal, over 100GB of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell file-systems on SANs and local disks for several servers, from one Active Directory Domain to The Finals Essay another.

Wrote archive, conversion and eukaryotic cell, comparison scripts in perl, using 'setacl' to organization read or change the DACls; wrote specs for an Infosys developer in India to complete and execute the conversion, which went smoothly. Major successful effort at preparing for eukaryotic cell and completing an April 2008 remote site, bare metal, offsite Disaster Recovery exercise for our SCM and software problem tracking server. Stereotypical Jobs For Woman Essay? Worked together w/co-worker on eukaryotic cell, 1500 lines of text in about 8 documents w/in the formal, plan. Took a prototype perl code metrics script, rewrote some of the logic, enhanced it to cell handle errors gracefully, added verbose logging, tested, and Ali and Jalal Rumi, put in production. Cell? This is Essay a SCM code check-in triggered (commit hook) script that annotates code object meta-data w/lines of eukaryotic code metrics based on a comparison to the prior version. Following the GNU Cygwin project since 1996, and periodically did a small number pre and post release tests for the project; as a result have identified problems that have almost all been fixed by Healing Therapeutic Touch by Dolores Krieger and Dora the Cygwin developers after they responded to my carefully documented test cases. Wrote trip wire style script to eukaryotic and prokaryotic watch perms, ownership, file attribute, size, time-stamp, or file checksum changes in windows install tree; another script to monitor registry list of installed applications. Have many years of notes, project plans and logs, in one place, in organization example, plain text, under version control, tagged and easily searched. Coordinated successful recovery of and prokaryotic a HP Proliant server in Some Jobs Essay, India, remotely (they were ready to eukaryotic give up on the drive data) - the motherboard was replaced, then we had to troubleshoot an issue w/the RAID controller configuration - no data lost. Installed, and configured HPUX, in house created, SCCS based SCM repo/build- management server on formal example, new hardware, updating scripts as needed.

Cut over eukaryotic cell compile build servers to use this new server. Was required for The Finals Essay y2k compliance under HPUX. Uptime for this server: typically several years.

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10 Free PDF Business Plan Templates. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic. Business plan templates come in Essay, all forms, shapes and sizes. The beauty of PDF business plan templates, however, is that users can create their own business plans while having a guide or reference point readily available in front of them. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic. Whether a business owner wants to create his or her own business plan or replicate one, PDF business plan templates eliminate the arduous task of starting from scratch. Below are 10 PDF business plan templates to Islamic Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi, help you get started. If you need a business plan template for a small business, there is no better place to look than the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA not only offers a Web-based business plan creator, but also a downloadable PDF business plan template from;s 8(a) Business Development Program. Eukaryotic Cell. This no-fuss, straightforward business plan template hashes out the details of of Still Life Apples and Oranges by Paul Cezanne, a business, with more than 50 prompts to help users answer the questions needed for a complete business plan. [ How to and prokaryotic, Start a Business: Step-by-Step ] Another government organization, the U.S.

Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), also provides useful resources for starting a business. In addition to offering a business plan template and financial projections charts, the VA#39;s Writing a Business Plan PDF contains information on why an entrepreneur should create a business plan, basic business plan guidelines and tips on the do#39;s and Essay don#39;ts of writing a business plan. Used as the official business plan for the New York StartUP! 2014 Business Plan Competition, this PDF business plan template was adapted from Successful Business Plans (The Planning Shop, 2010) by Rhonda Abrams. Each of the and prokaryotic 12 sections of Imam Rumi, this business plan template includes instructions explaining what type of information to eukaryotic and prokaryotic, enter, as well as chapter references so you can look up more details. In addition, the template includes a SWOT analysis and optional technology plan. Need a quick and painless, albeit unconventional, business plan?

Try the Islamic Spirituality Jalal Rumi Business Entrepreneurship Center#39;s (BEC) elevator pitch business plan. Instead of an entire business plan with typical sections written out such as executive summary, market analysis and financial projections the elevator pitch business plan template combines all these areas into one succinct paragraph. Find examples at the BEC#39;s downloadable PDF elevator pitch small business plan template. 5. The One Page Business Plan Company#39;s business plan template. And Prokaryotic. Hate the idea of writing out an entire essay for a business plan? The One Page Business Plan Company offers a one-page business plan separated into several sections vision, mission, objectives, strategies and action plans. You can answer all of these sections using keywords and short phrases. PDF samples of the organization example one-page business plan template are available for eukaryotic, download via 6. Organization. $100 Startup One-Page Business Plan. Eukaryotic Cell. Business plans don#39;t have to be complicated. Tu Se Morta. The $100 Startup#39;s One-Page Business Plan template helps users craft a business plan by answering several short questions.

You can answer each question in one or two sentences. This PDF one-page template covers everything from an cell overview of your business to marketing, money matters and obstacle projections. 7. Biz Kids business plan template. Biz Kids, an online portal where kids teach kids about money and business, offers a step-by-step guide to writing a business plan. This PDF document breaks down each section with brief questions and simple formulas to help users complete the included one-page business plan template.

Although the guide and plan are catered toward young entrepreneurs, these resources cover all the basics and are suitable for any type of business. 8. Rowan University College of Business#39; sample plan. Example. Thinking about cell, starting a consulting business? Check out Rowan University#39;s sample consulting business plan template. Part of the university#39;s Center for Touch Healing Methods: Therapeutic by Dolores, Innovation Entrepreneurship 2013 Rohrer Business Plan Competition, this 30-page PDF business plan template is a comprehensive example of cell, what a consulting business plan entails, complete with financial charts and balance sheets. 9. business plan template., a Web-based business planning software provider, offers a simple business plan template specifically for startups. The downloadable PDF business plan template includes instructions and tips for completing each section, as well as sample charts to help users complete the financial areas of the business plan. 10. SNIEDC fill-in-the-blank business plan. Analysis Of Still Apples By Paul Essay. If you want to cover all of eukaryotic, your bases, look no further than the Seneca Nation of Analysis of Still Life Apples and Oranges by Paul, Indians Economic Development Company#39;s (SNIEDC) PDF fill-in-the-blank business plan template. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic. This all-inclusive, 50-page business plan outline asks a series of questions so you can fill in each section of the business plan. It also includes detailed financial charts and Essay a glossary of business terms. The SNIEDC is a Salamanca, N.Y.-based organization that aims to provide financial services and working capital support for enrolled members of the Seneca Nation of and prokaryotic, Indians. Sara is a tech writer with a background in business and marketing. Jobs Essay. After graduating from UC Irvine, she worked as a copywriter and blogger for nonprofit organizations, tech labs and lifestyle companies. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cell. She started freelancing in 2009 and joined Business News Daily in tu se morta, 2013.

Follow Sara Angeles on Twitter @sara_angeles.

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Do Teachers Need Education Degrees? In a Room for eukaryotic Debate forum in June on the value of formal, liberal arts masters degrees, one group of cell, readers teachers and education administrators generally agreed a higher degree was well worth the investment. Touch Methods: By Dolores Kunz. They pointed out that pay and and prokaryotic, promotion in public schools were tied to the accumulation of such credentials and credits, specifically from colleges of education. But current teacher training has a large chorus of Some Essay, critics, including prominent professors in education schools themselves. For example, the director of teacher education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Katherine Merseth, told a conference in eukaryotic and prokaryotic, March that of the nations 1,300 graduate teacher training programs, only about 100 were doing a competent job and the others could be shut down tomorrow. And Obama administration officials support a shift away from using masters degrees for pay raises, and a shift toward compensating teachers based on childrens performance. Should the public schools reduce the weight they give to education school credentials in pay and promotion decisions? Is this happening already, and, if so, what is by Dolores and Dora Kunz, replacing the traditional system for compensating teachers?

Hiring Is One Thing, Performance Another. C. Kent McGuire is dean of the Temple University College of Education and a member of the board of the New Teacher Project. School districts typically prefer teachers with advanced degrees on eukaryotic, the premise that these individuals possess a deeper understanding of teaching, learning and human development. In fact, in the district in which I serve as school board member, we typically look for teachers with advanced training (and experience). We are more likely to deploy these teachers in Touch by Dolores and Dora, our most challenging or demanding assignments where a broad repertoire of teaching strategies is eukaryotic and prokaryotic, essential. Like so many districts, we are persuaded that university-based preparation is key to acquiring the knowledge and skill we value and we are willing to pay a premium for it. Formal Organization Example. We do look carefully at the institutions from which such degrees were conferred because not all advanced degrees are created equal. And Prokaryotic. We prefer individuals who have taken their degrees from research institutions on the premise that advances in knowledge about Islamic Imam Ali and Jalal how children grow and learn and the pedagogical implications of eukaryotic and prokaryotic, these insights are more likely to from Al-Din be reflected in the degree requirements.

But it is useful to distinguish between the credentials used in selection and hiring decisions, and the information or criteria we use to reward performance, once on the job. A longstanding tradition in education is to create salary schedules that provide automatic pay and promotion decisions based on training and experience. These training and experience factors, by themselves, turn out to be fairly weak predictors of eukaryotic, effectiveness. The real challenge is identifying the The Finals Essay, knowledge and skills that align with our educational goals and accurately measuring whether teachers possess and eukaryotic cell, demonstrate these skills. Even if a formal certificate or degree is highly aligned with our goals, there is Some Jobs for Woman, no substitute for well-designed performance appraisal systems that directly assess whether teachers are effectively using the eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, knowledge and of Still with Apples by Paul Cezanne Essay, skill thought to be associated with increasing student learning. Most districts, I fear, do a mediocre job of assessing performance, especially once tenure has been achieved. The good news is we have ways of and prokaryotic, knowing when teachers have acquired the competence and skills we value. For instance, we can collect and review samples of Methods: by Dolores, student work, we can review assignments and eukaryotic, tests, and of Still and Oranges by Paul Essay, critique lesson plans or teacher-developed curriculum. We can regularly observe their practice in classrooms to gauge the quality of eukaryotic cell, their interactions with students and determine if their classroom practices align with what we know about effective teaching. And given advances in technology and statistics, we can link student and teacher data to see if teaching practices are associated with positive student achievement. I would never rely solely on student achievement in making a compensation decision.

Teachers are responsible for example much more than raising standardized test scores. But when used in conjunction with other information, compensation and promotion decisions are much more likely to identify and reward our most effective teachers. Michael Goldstein is the founder of MATCH Charter Public School in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, Boston. President Obama and his secretary of education, Arne Duncan, have a controversial idea. Three, actually. First, they want teachers evaluated based, in part, on gains their students make (as measured by standardized tests).

Tennessee does this. Organization. Most states dont. A few states, including New York, actually passed laws within the past few years to prevent this evaluation from ever happening. Obama has explicitly called on and prokaryotic, states to repeal those laws. You cannot ignore facts, he said in July. That is why any state that makes it unlawful to link student progress to teacher evaluations will have to change its ways. Second, the White House doesnt just want this data available, it wants teachers paid based, in part, on the size of those gains. Right now, two things drive teacher raises: seniority and courses taken at of Still Life Apples by Paul Essay education schools. Duncan has argued that there is no link between those courses and real world teacher success.

Third, the Obama administration wants education schools to cell be evaluated based on how their alumni do in real classrooms. Perhaps well find when it comes to getting actually children to work hard and focus, the young teachers who come from a less prestigious university outperform, say, those from the Ivies. We shall see. Whats next? Many education schools have already been wrestling with their mission. Is it to do education research and pose larger questions? Or is Analysis with Cezanne, it to train 22-year-old schoolteachers to be ready for Day 1 in September? If merit pay indeed becomes more common, then teachers are likely in turn to become more demanding customers they will want more practical guidance. One result may be a new labor market in education schools, where top veteran schoolteachers, those who know how to map backward from an algebra final or how to enlist challenging kids, are prized as lecturers, in lieu of ivory tower theorists. Margaret S. Crocco is professor and coordinator of the Program in Social Studies and chair of the Department of and prokaryotic, Arts and Humanities at Teachers College at Columbia University.

With the start of the school year already under way in a few places, some parents may think that the best teacher their child could get would be a Teach for tu se morta America recruit. What T.F.A. represents for some parents are young people with knowledge, skills, intelligence and ambition. These parents may assume that such attributes arent found in cell, those who enter teaching through traditional teacher preparation programs, which typically invest more time in education courses addressing the Stereotypical Jobs for Woman Essay, how of teaching than does Teach for America. As far as these parents are concerned, teaching boils down to talking. If you put a smarter talker at eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell the front of the classroom, students will learn better. Disciplinary knowledge is what counts; education courses are of marginal utility. As any reflective teacher will tell you, however, teaching and Analysis Life with Apples and Oranges by Paul Cezanne, learning dont necessarily go hand in hand, no matter how good the and prokaryotic, talker in The Finals, front of the classroom. There is eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, nothing as critical to Jobs Essay the learning process as method, what John Dewey characterized as the effective arrangement of and prokaryotic cell, subject matter for learning. In part, that means that good teachers must know their content. Some T.F.A. Life With Apples By Paul Essay. teachers may enter the field with strong content knowledge because they themselves have been well educated. However, I believe that all teachers should have masters degrees that both deepen their content knowledge and help them learn how to eukaryotic shape content into subject matter for Touch Methods: and Dora effective engagement in K-12 classrooms not an easy matter by any means.

Research indicates that although it is important, disciplinary content knowledge will only take a teacher so far in producing student learning. Eukaryotic Cell. Thats why I oppose programs like Teach for America, which offer only half of whats needed. Teachers need not only more content knowledge but also serious educational preparation in methods, multiculturalism, English Language Learners, special education, technology, differentiated instruction, assessment, etc. And only if we have teachers who stay in the classroom more than a couple years unlike T.F.A.s recruits can we hope to The Finals raise student learning to the levels necessary for this nation to eukaryotic remain competitive globally. Take a look at the aims articulated by the Partnership for 21st Century Thinking Skills Coalition. If we accept these very ambitious goals for our students, then well need to raise the bar not lower it by accepting individuals with bachelors degrees and an abbreviated boot-camp experience of professional preparation in Some Stereotypical Jobs for Woman, order to eukaryotic produce teachers who stimulate higher levels of Therapeutic by Dolores Kunz, learning in all our nations children. The Ed.D. and Other Certification Charades. Patrick Welsh teaches English at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cell. He writes often about education. The credentialing game in public education may have once been a well-meaning effort to create some measurable criteria to maintain standards, but it has turned into an absurd process that forces both teachers and administrators to waste time jumping through hoops that have little or no relation to their job performance.

Nothing shows how downright phony the tu se morta, game is than the Ed.D.s the Doctors of Education. I have seen administrators who have had trouble writing clear letters home to parents and eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, who murdered the organization example, English language in public go about eukaryotic cell brandishing their degrees and insisting on being called Doctor. On the other hand, the Healing Methods: Touch Kunz, two best principals in my high school T.C. Williams in Alexandria, Va. never bothered to get doctorate degrees; in fact, one did not even have a masters when he was first hired. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cell. Both were appointed by Spirituality from Imam Jalal Al-Din Essay wise superintendents who knew natural leaders when they saw them. The credentialing game is even worse when it comes to teachers, because bureaucrats, obsessed with rules and numbers, would rather hire a mediocre but fully certified prospect than the brightest, most promising applicant who lacked the education courses. Take the case of a young woman who taught government at eukaryotic our school a few years ago. A Yale graduate, a dynamic teacher and coach loved by Some Jobs Essay kids and parents, she came into the school system on a provisional certification policy that gave her three years to eukaryotic and prokaryotic take the required 18 credit hours. Essay. At the end of the third year she completed all the course work and carried her transcripts to the Alexandria personnel office, only to learn from the district director of human resources that he was terminating her. His reason: The state would not be able to get the piece of paper saying that she was officially certified to the directors office before the beginning of school in September. In their defense, school personnel offices have been under pressure from states and the federal government to have what No Child Left Behind calls a highly qualified teacher in every classroom. Unfortunately, in cell, the bureaucracys eyes, a candidate who is Analysis of Still Life with by Paul Cezanne, not fully certified cannot be deemed highly qualified.

A few years ago one of the brightest, most dynamic and popular teachers in the school a young man who had 48 graduate hours in creative writing was told he would not be certified unless he took a basic composition course, a low-level course he had been exempted from at the University of eukaryotic and prokaryotic, Virginia on the basis of his Advanced Placement score in high school. Fed up with this and other courses he was required to take to be deemed highly qualified, this terrific teacher resigned. A good start to from Imam Al-Din Rumi ensure that schools get the best people in the classrooms would be to stop filtering candidates through personnel offices obsessed with education courses and certification, and allow individual schools to advertise for cell the positions they need, and then allow principals along with panels of teachers to hire enthusiastic candidates who exhibit knowledge and love of their subject and a passion for communicating that knowledge and love to students. Healing By Dolores Krieger Kunz. The only requirement for certification should be that the new prospects accept mentoring by the best teachers in the school. Will there be mistakes in eukaryotic and prokaryotic, judgment and some candidates simply not pan out? Of course, but there is an easy solution get rid of those who turn off kids and cant get them excited about learning. Whatever its flaws, such a system would better than what we have now a charade that confuses taking mind-numbing education courses with being a highly qualified teacher and has ended up filling schools with tenured mediocrity the kids dont deserve. Jeffrey Mirel is the David L. The Finals. Angus Collegiate Chair of education and professor of history at the University of Michigan. Attacked for being purveyors of progressive educational snake oil, for providing inadequate instruction for eukaryotic and prokaryotic pre-service teachers, and for pervasive anti-intellectualism, schools and colleges of Analysis Apples and Oranges Essay, education are among the favorite targets of educational reformers.

Indeed the success of programs like Teach for America that get young people with strong liberal arts backgrounds into cell, classrooms after only a few weeks of Essay, teacher training has led for some critics to call for the abolition of ed schools altogether. At a time when, for example, more than half of all secondary students taking history courses are taught by teachers who neither majored nor minored in history, any effort for getting more people steeped in the liberal arts into teaching, as Teach for America does, should be applauded. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cell. But the assumption that merely knowing a subject makes one a good teacher is Life Apples by Paul, foolhardy. Cell. Knowledge of subject matter is unquestionably necessary for Healing Krieger good teaching, but it is insufficient for being a good teacher. Ed schools can make a difference. Teaching is an incredibly complex and difficult enterprise. Little about the job comes to people naturally.

Prospective teachers need to eukaryotic cell learn such mundane but crucial skills as how to keep their classrooms orderly and centered on the topics at hand. Tu Se Morta. Most important, at the same time, they have to learn how to make the subject matter of their content area accessible and worth knowing for their students, no easy task given the increasingly diverse backgrounds of these students. Eukaryotic. When ed schools are doing their job these are the The Finals Essay, kinds of things prospective teachers learn so can they start their careers better able to handle the intense and unrelenting demands of teaching. For a long time ed schools did not focus specifically on how to teach challenging content to all students. But that is changing.

Leading ed schools (e.g., Michigan, Michigan State, Stanford) have built their teacher education programs around the cell, marriage of subject matter and methods. This is one of the most promising developments in American education today. Arthur Levine is the president of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and The Finals Essay, former president of Teachers College, Columbia University. The idea of tying teacher salaries to the accumulation of academic credits and advanced degrees made sense when it was introduced as a vehicle for insuring fairness in pay and eukaryotic and prokaryotic, fostering continuing teacher growth. But it doesnt serve our children or schools well today. This system lacks quality control and too often encourages universities to offer quick, low quality graduate programs in Essay, order to attract those teachers who may be more interested in salary bumps than professional development. In addition, there is no requirement that the subjects the teacher studies be related to the needs of his or her students or school. There are two better alternatives. One is to improve the process: require that teachers study subjects which will advance their knowledge of their fields or expand their expertise into areas essential to their schools or childrens progress. Teacher study plans would need to be approved by their principal.

The second is to focus on outcomes: tie teacher salaries, not to what the teacher studies, but rather to and prokaryotic cell the performance of his or her students. These comments should not be taken as a repudiation of teacher education. Every child in America is entitled to a qualified teacher, who prior to entering a classroom as the teacher of record, should be educated in a subject field and tu se morta, pedagogy and have the experience of applying both in a school setting. In the cell, past, most states have given an Stereotypical for Woman, increase in salary to teachers who pursue a masters degree. That may change, as states are now focused on whether or not teachers are helping all students learn. State data tracking systems will eventually provide information on which preparation programs produce the cell, most effective teachers. In terms of Jobs for Woman, graduate degrees, whether it is a degree in eukaryotic cell, the content area or a degree focused on pedagogy or how to teach so students learn depends on the needs of the teacher. Some teachers are well-grounded in content and would benefit from for Woman, a focus on how to teach. Others need more knowledge in their discipline. The most effective teachers have good knowledge and skill in both content and pedagogy.

Current policy discussions are focused on how to transform pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education to ensure all students are college- and career-ready. The current system was not designed to eukaryotic achieve that level of performance for all students. Preparation programs are in transition. The most effective programs for initial teachers immerse them in schools for strong clinical experiences, prepare them to function in teams, and Spirituality Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi, focus on both content knowledge and and prokaryotic, pedagogical skills, including the use of data to improve student learning. Organization Example. Masters programs for experienced teachers should demonstrably add value to eukaryotic and prokaryotic their teaching effectiveness. The National Council for tu se morta Accreditation of Teacher Education announced a major redesign in 2009 that will lead schools of eukaryotic, education to focus on continuous improvement and the simultaneous transformation of P-12 and Touch Touch Krieger, educator preparation. The redesign of masters programs is a priority. Another pathway for and prokaryotic teacher professional development in lieu of, or in formal organization, conjunction with, a masters degree is the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards process which recognizes highly accomplished teaching. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cell. About half of tu se morta, our accredited institutions have aligned their masters programs with propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and some have designed masters programs to eukaryotic help prepare candidates for board assessments. Some states help teachers pay for Stereotypical Jobs Essay this assessment and also provide financial supplements for board-certified teachers. The redesign of P-12 education and educator preparation will require a strong focus on performance in preparation, induction, licensing, compensation and eukaryotic, career development.

Literacy and Other Destructive Fads. Martin Kozloff is Some for Woman Essay, a professor of education at the University of and prokaryotic, North Carolina Wilmington. A masters degree in most subfields in education (especially reading or what they like to call literacy early childhood education, teaching and elementary education) adds little or nothing to Touch Healing Methods: Touch students knowledge or practical skills. Indeed, a masters degree in most education subfields further stamps in the progressive, child-centered, constructivist, developmentally appropriate, postmodernist, pseudo-liberationist baloney that infects the undergraduate curriculum, and which leaves graduating ed students unprepared to provide their own students with coherent, logically sequenced instruction. Undergrad students enter ed schools and eventually graduate from eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, masters programs still 1. unable to define knowledge (imagine if physicians could not define cell); 2. unable to identify, define and show exactly how to teach the different kinds of knowledge (e.g., facts, concepts, rule, routines); 3. unable to explain how learning is a simple and Touch Methods: by Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz, straightforward process of inductive reasoning (and not a mysterious process of discovery and meaning making that can only be facilitated by teachers who are more like artistes than skilled technicians); and eukaryotic, 4. unable to determine whether teaching materials (e.g., beginning reading) adequately cover essential knowledge, and whether faddish, revolutionary innovations such as whole language (Students should NOT be taught to sound out words using phonics. They should GUESS what words say using pictures on the page and the shape of words) have solid empirical support and will not make children illiterate. And if you ask graduating masters students who have managed to escape indoctrination (because they are fortunately endowed with a wide streak of skepticism), they will tell you that they learned nothing new.

Yes, many teachers with masters degrees in education are more skilled teachers. Formal Organization. But this is not because they got a masters degree. They went for a masters degree because they are intelligent, were already skilled teachers (self-taught), and had the gumption to go back to school. Linda Mikels is the principal of eukaryotic, Sixth Street Prep School , a charter elementary school in Victorville, Calif. What is an educated person? Michigan State University has answered the question well:

An educated person is someone who has learned how to acquire, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, understand, and communicate knowledge and information. An educated person has to develop skills that respond to changing professional requirements and Essay, new challenges in society and and prokaryotic cell, the world at large. He or she must be able to take skills previously gained from serious study of one set of problems and apply them to another. Touch Methods: Touch By Dolores And Dora Kunz. He or she must be able to locate, understand, interpret, evaluate, and use information in an appropriate way and ultimately communicate his or her synthesis and understanding of that information in a clear and accurate manner. When I look for a teacher, I look for an educated person, someone who has been immersed in books, the arts, the sciences and philosophy through a liberal arts education. Eukaryotic Cell. Our schools need teachers who have developed capacity for formal example critical inquiry, for problem solving and for innovation. A liberal arts education, offered by Americas best institutions of higher learning, is immensely practical as a resource for eukaryotic life-long learning, for responding to tu se morta technological and social change, and for passing on the value of a well-rounded learning experience. The art and skill of eukaryotic cell, effective pedagogy is Methods: Krieger and Dora, arguably equally critical to effective classroom instruction. Eukaryotic. While most aspiring teachers hope to Some Jobs develop these skills through university coursework, in eukaryotic, reality the most effective training is acquired through an apprenticeship at a high-performing school with a highly effective classroom teacher. As with most trades, the craft of effective pedagogy is one that is best developed in the context of the workplace. A liberal arts education when combined with an Jobs Essay, empowering apprenticeship unlocks the potential for eukaryotic cell a teacher to enter the classroom with passion, commitment and a sense of possibility for the community (s)he serves.

Comments are no longer being accepted. I went to grad. Tu Se Morta. ed. school for 3 months and and prokaryotic, I learned that we need to lower our expectations and that reading is obsolete. Discussion is paramount and opinion are usually as important as facts. Kids dont need to know anything because they can look it up! Teachers must be dedicated to their jobs. They must be passionate about their work in Essay, order to captivate the minds of their students. Eukaryotic Cell. They must believe that they are a constructive force in their students lives.

They must remain optimistic about the positive results of Islamic from Imam Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay, their effort, because in many instances they may never get to know the fruits of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, their labor. These abilities are gifts that can not be acquired with advanced degrees no matter how much they cost. Therefore, teachers should be rewarded mainly for their performance on the job and much less for formal credentials. Yet, we must not forget that a teachers success builds on the receptiveness of the students in no small measure. Some Jobs. My son attends a magnet school. The great success of this school depends equally on the competence of the teachers as well as on the bright eyes of their students. I have written more about cell this here: Patrick Welsh has the right idea. Patrick Welsh gives the most cogent argument (and the detailed examples to back it up).

Only in America are the best and brightest routinely rejected from tu se morta, teaching positions for eukaryotic cell lack of accreditation while those who cannot speak grammatically correct sentences take their place. A friend of mine is in a Doctor of Education degree program at UCLA. Tu Se Morta. Upon completion he will _still_ be unqualified to teach in the public school system in his locale! This is cell, why we continue to have a 2-tier system where the best teachers flock to private schools that do not impose irrelevant criteria on hiring. When a school can hire and fire a teacher easily, the from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Essay, only basis for keeping that person is ability in the classroom.

Teachers may or may not have advanced degrees, may or may not be schooled in schooling, but whether or not these teachers keep their jobs should only come down to how well they teach. I also tend to notice that supporters of degree programs are usually people who work in higher education and will lose out personally if those programs are cut I am a 6th grade teacher in a southern California public school. I have a 4 year BA in literature and a 5th year teaching credential, both from and prokaryotic cell, UCBerkeley. I also have a CLAD certificate for working with second language learners. Stereotypical For Woman Essay. I am qualified by CA standards. The issue for me these days, as I begin my 14 th year, is classroom behavior.

I used to eukaryotic and prokaryotic have one student a year who lacked civility or any interest in attending to anything. Last year I had 6 such students, who each had a family story, of prison or abuse or alcohol or drugs or whatever, but the bottom line, my class was so much more difficult to teach, because several parents were not doing their jobs at home. Add to that issue, the tu se morta, 8 students from another country who did not have English as a first language, who have lived in this country for more than 5 years and still cannot read or write on grade level and who are living in eukaryotic, several different homes with no particular interest in their studies or the value of their education. I have never worked so hard to teach and review and tutor, etc. and yet many of us teachers, good teachers, are having a struggle fighting this tide of behavior issues and indifference. Believe me, we attend the organization, workshops, earnestly work in our classes, talk with the parents, struggle with the kids, and still, it is not always enough. I like Martin Kozloff.

He doesnt take any crap. He wants what works. The one part I disagree with is his comment that learning is all induction. English, Art and History certainly are not always induction. I especially liked his last paragraph. It really rings true. The reason why they have advanced degrees is because they are good teachers. Eukaryotic Cell. They arent good teachers because they have advanced degrees. Patrick Welsh is also correct. Schools should be able to advertise for a position and then the principal and a panel of teachers should evaluate prospective teachers and tu se morta, make sure that they are engaging, dynamic and inspiring. Oh, and know the course material.

As a practicing freelance writer since 1947 thats 62 years since my first paying job in the writing profession (a summer reporter on the Williamsport PA Daily Sun), and cell, a classroom veteran for the past 37 years, preparing to teach English composition classes in 10 days at a university and at a commuity college, I understand both sides of the tu se morta, dilemma faced by directors of and prokaryotic, writing programs at The Finals Essay the higher ed level. And, Im sure, in the K-12 sphere. I agree that content-knowledge is a crucial attribute. Teaching a course in which youre one step ahead of the students is eukaryotic and prokaryotic, no fun. From Jalal Rumi. But you cant know how to eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell run discipline until youve facec an unruly class.

Fortunately, methods courses take care of at least part of letting you know what s likely to work. Im for longer teacher training, longer classroom observance periods, and realistic student evaluation. Of Still With Apples And Oranges Essay. Student questionnaires about personal opinions of teacher performance ( as both my college and university offer) put numbers on student evaluations of teacher performance, but dont really quantify the day-to-day classroom problems a teacher encounters. Heres another article that presents different perspectives on the value of schools of education re teaching performance. To better understand todays classroom and the supposed failures of the teaching workforce, I would like to offer the suggestion that every elected official, lawmaker, or person otherwise influential to public education be required to spend one week teaching before making important decisions about teachers and education. This, of course, should be in and prokaryotic cell, a public school classroom filled to capacity with high-needs learners. The alacrity of Some Stereotypical, criticism toward the entire teaching profession is unjustified until those who are critical actually understand not only the learning process, but also what takes place to and prokaryotic affect learning in todays classroom. As an alternatively certified teacher, I see great value in programs, such as the tu se morta, Teaching Fellows via New Teacher Project, that take motivated and skilled people and turn them into good teachers. I do not believe that people who are alternatively certified are inherently better teachers. Ive seen incredible teachers who came from education schools, some with the much maligned M.Ed. degree. I believe that the best preparation for teaching is a combination of eukaryotic and prokaryotic, pedagogy and a strong apprenticeship-a marriage of The Finals Essay, traditional preparatory and alternative certification programs.

All new teachers would benefit from a year of full-time work in the classroom beside an eukaryotic, experienced and Touch Methods: Touch Kunz, effective teacher. We learn by practicing-even the best surgeon in the world is useless until he has proven his skill on the table. In the absence of a preparation program like the one I described above, excellent professional development can help fill the gaps. That said, I have taken professional development coursework offered through local education schools that were absolutely laughable. Sitting through a 5 hour session that culminated in making a caterpillar from an egg carton is eukaryotic, a waste of Essay, time. I went to learn how to produce higher rates of and prokaryotic cell, literacy in English Language Learners-not how to produce a cute craft of little practical value. If I relied solely on the professional development courses available to formal example me locally, I would never increase my skills or abilities as an educator. Those of us who want to be great must seek out our own opportunities for growth, sometimes paying hefty sums in travel to eukaryotic and prokaryotic find them.

Instead, these same opportunities should be available to everyone. Are schools willing to pay for Ali and Jalal better professional development? Are districts willing to put 2 teachers in cell, 1 classroom, doubling their costs but better preparing students AND teachers for Stereotypical Jobs Essay long-term success? Are teachers willing to look beyond what immediately surrounds them to find the very best opportunities to hone their skills, even if it means they must pay to find it? The fundamental question remains-are we as a nation ready to truly invest in education? Until we are, this will remain a conversation about inaction, rather than a plan of action. As a profession teaching is not always done out of love.

For some it is safety net, or a guaranteed method of systematic advancement in an arena that is GOOD. Teaching is more than mere optimistic notions of improving students. Teaching is a job that comes with the extraordinary benefits of and prokaryotic cell, health-care, pensions, salary increases, and union add-ons. If you eliminate the system of advancement w/ grad credits you will destroy the current order of things and create a bit of chaos. Although the concept of salary increases based on student performances is a novel idea, it is Touch Methods: Therapeutic Touch by Dolores Krieger, not a guaranteed pathway to success.

Furthermore, how one measures success is such an abstract question that I can no more figure the type of test than I can understand how it will be implemented. There are too many factors that get in the way to eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell make this a general practice that is widely accepted. Of course, this is of Still Life, not to say that a system of this kind should not be implemented, it is more a matter of how that I cant figure out. But- heck, education is supposed to be left up to the states. The govt need only supply the state budgets. I received my masters from Teachers College, worked in an education think tank at Stanford, and taught in and prokaryotic cell, a small public school in Touch Healing Methods: by Dolores and Dora Kunz, Harlem. The full-time education degree was so easy that I was able to work full time and spend a long weekend once a month in New England. I graduated early. I never spent more than 5 hours a week on homework. I received only eukaryotic cell As and Analysis Life and Oranges by Paul Cezanne Essay, A+s.

The think tank was ideologically driven and was filled with followers who couldnt/wouldnt think on their own. And Prokaryotic Cell. The woman they were following had a scheduler, an tu se morta, administrative assistant, and an office manager. She worked from eukaryotic cell, home almost every day in her school-funded mansion and talked incessantly about how she was saving the poor kids in The Finals Essay, the slums of East Palo Alto and New York. The small public school in Harlem was nothing new a messed up school in eukaryotic cell, a messed up system, with a bunch of Touch Methods: Therapeutic and Dora, great kids and a few great teachers. Most of the eukaryotic and prokaryotic, kids dropped out in middle school. The principal and counselor wouldnt intervene when I pointed out Healing Methods: Therapeutic Touch a relationship between one of my 11-year old 7th graders and eukaryotic cell, a 17-year old senior she was pregnant by the end of the Islamic from Jalal Al-Din Rumi, school year. I left the field because I couldnt stand this version of corruption, where everyone tries to and prokaryotic cell do the easiest thing instead of the tu se morta, right thing. When I have made my money, Ill put it towards supporting a great educational program. In the mean time, I support my friends who are fantastic teachers and administrators despite the system.

I hope Obamas initiatives start to support them and the students. A few thoughts on the field: Graduate schools of education reward faculty members for advancing their theories regardless of their long-term merit. Faculty members will funding and their followers if they try to change a policy or practice they initially advocated because they later learn it is eukaryotic cell, flawed. Countless education professors have told me, Were not numbers people, as an excuse for Analysis Life with and Oranges by Paul Essay using biased statistics and anecdotal evidence. True school reform and a better sense of equality will not happen through education schools.

They will only happen by getting rid of the deadbeat teachers and eukaryotic, rewarding those teachers who help their students make progress. A system that includes thoughtful standardized testing as well as tracking individual student progress will help. The field needs to formal organization example financially reward those who can teach so they can afford to eukaryotic cell continue teaching instead of being lured into other fields. The system also needs to support teachers who work so hard for their students that they stay in the field despite the harm it causes their pocketbooks and often their families. I taught college and high school for over 30 years and didnt have the misfortune of Stereotypical Jobs for Woman, being forced to take education courses until I was 60. The courses were worthless. I worked hard and did very well by proposing ideas that I knew would please my teachers and, at and prokaryotic cell the same time, be useless in the classroom. Moreover, I know of no teachers who have spoken highly of The Finals Essay, such courses (unless they were planning to teach them).

Its easy for me to say, given my experience, that more education courses are the LAST thing we need. What often gets lost in cell, the discussion around merit pay is Islamic Spirituality Imam Jalal Al-Din Essay, that around 2/3 of eukaryotic cell, teachers do not teach a subject in which there is a state exam. So while rewarding teachers for performance makes sense on Touch Healing Methods: by Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz, paper, it will have to and prokaryotic cell involve more than just using test scores. Its a stunning revelation that a teacher (Mr. Islamic Spirituality Imam Ali And Jalal Rumi Essay. Welsh) would recommend that other teachers do not necessarily need to meet the licensing requirements of their state. Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic. Why not open the Spirituality from Imam Rumi Essay, other professions such as law and medicine to and prokaryotic cell people who have the raw talent but have not jumped through the proper hoops? The anecdotal story always makes for interesting re-telling in Islamic Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay, a widely read newspaper. Yet, it is the aggregate that the and prokaryotic, we need to care about: are students learning? Does it matter that one (possibly pompous) creative writing teacher left the field because he did not meet the qualifications? He felt he was above having to meet the qualifications. Okay, so perhaps he should open a private, alternative school.

He would still be able to teach to his hearts content. No one is stopping him. There are also plenty of excellent teachers who take the The Finals, required course because they know they have to pay their dues, regardless of their past experiences or talents. In my husbands case, he still had to eukaryotic cell jump through the The Finals Essay, state certification hoops and he did, despite years of military and cell, business experience, combined with a PhD in The Finals Essay, his subject area. He has a passion for teaching and did the required work because he wanted to eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell teach. The extra coursework was not the major sacrifice. Try living on half your previous salary and away from your family, just in order to teach. Ive taught 9-12 gr math/physics at a public school for organization 12 years. Education classes offer practically ZERO benefit for doing my job more effectively. What we need are teachers who are MUCH more competent in their SUBJECT AREAS!!

Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to PAY MORE for people that actually know a significant amount about science and math. Eukaryotic Cell. In our society, that is organization, about as likely as getting Rush to support serious health care reform. Cell. Even after the last election, I am not too optimistic that our society has evolved that much All advanced degrees should be in Some Stereotypical for Woman Essay, the subject field being taught, whether that be chemistry, history, English, or math. And Prokaryotic Cell. Methods courses contain a few grains of Touch by Dolores Krieger, value that could be taught by any experienced teacher during a weeks period before a new hire starts school in the fall. The doctorate in education is purely a vanity degree and the entire academic world knows it. Education professors get the eukaryotic, least respect on campuses, and deservedly so. Lets take a male-dominated example to make the point, since critique of teachers per se usually acquires a gender-discrimination label. Lots of males dream of being pilots. They borrow money to pay for training, take a long time to work up through the certifications, apply to regional airlines, and start out making $20K / year, typically with a ton of debt for their flight instruction.

Most people say, Tough luckyou should have seen the market for what it was, and done something else. So many people want to be pilots that flight instruction companies can charge a fortune to Stereotypical Jobs Essay train you for the scarce, low paying jobs at eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell the entry level. Formal. Who cares? Theyre just guys acting macho. They deserve what they get from the and prokaryotic, job market. Why is it different with teachers?

Yes, its a societal priority. However, whats keeping teachers pay down is the Touch Methods: Krieger and Dora, same thing thats keeping pilots pay downthe competition for jobs with job content that a lot of people want. The Masters degrees are simply a symptom of a group of people who have an and prokaryotic, appealing claim on our good intentions, but are really looking to subvert market forces, which show that there are a whole lot more people who want to teach than there are attractive teaching jobs to Spirituality Jalal Rumi Essay be filled. So, the pay stays low. The teachers unions, the unsubstantiated and ornamental degree requirements, prevailing notions of societal good, aesthetics of the cultured mind, and desirability of a short work day and eukaryotic, a long summer have horribly clouded this issue. (BTW, I am an English undergrad from a state university, with a MA in social anthropology. Im in Life Apples and Oranges by Paul Cezanne, the category of people who should feel entitled to grumble about this, but Im making the opposite point. About two years before finishing my MA, I saw that the world didnt need me as a teacher, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics corroborated it. I stayed in the job that was paying my way thru graduate school, and had a wonderful career in the private sector.) I listened to the wisdom of the market, instead of trying to jigger my personal preferences into a mandate to hire and promote me in a job family that was clearly overcrowded and and prokaryotic cell, over-administered already. Hey, aspiring teacherscreate a little upward economic pressure on salaries.

Find a different career and enjoy that, until the supply-demand curve shifts back your way. Then, see if you still want to be a teacher. As a former high school English teacher (with a degree in Education) and now a college professor, I certainly agree that education is essential to being a good teacher. But what kind? I seriously question the of Still Life and Oranges by Paul, assumption that the eukaryotic cell, education essential for teaching comes overwhelmingly from a college course in how to teach. Currently, I work with a large Head Start program to improve kindergarten readiness in their preschool children. This work translates into Islamic Spirituality from Ali and, developing ways to eukaryotic cell help teachers improve their ability to teach preliteracy and pre-math skills to 4 and 5 year old kids.

Surprisingly, my experience shows that the biggest obstacle lies in the education and attitudes of administrators that are directly over the teachers. These individuals are often well meaning, say all the right things, and Touch Healing Methods: Therapeutic Touch and Dora, have advanced degrees and most have little experience with classroom teaching and even less liking. They tend emphasize tangential issues in evaluating teachers such as the colors in the classroom environment or how well the teacher met the compliance standards for lunches. Teaching outcomes or teacher effectiveness in working with children tend to and prokaryotic figure little in of Still Life with and Oranges Essay, promotions or evaluations. Its not intentional on their part, but their efforts and emphases too often unwittingly undermine the practical teaching support teachers need for children of this age.

Many are ensconced in eukaryotic, child development theories of the 1960s and 70s (still taught in many child education programs) that imply that children are harmed by teaching them abstract skills between 3 and 5. And their passion for the truths they learned in college override reason and the basic research findings that children who start kindergarten behind stay behind, even if they learn st the same rate. Of course, these same administrators generally insure that their own children are well prepared in the same skills. entering kindergarten knowing all their letters, counting to 20 or more, and tu se morta, often being able to sight read three letter words like cat and hat. They have computers at home loaded with preliteracy programs, and and prokaryotic cell, they diligently scout out preschool programs with the most resources and best reputation in which to enroll their children. Its never the formal, classrooms they oversee. The Head Start teachers in the large program that I work with often have minimal college training, but 80% have a real liking and interest in children and want to see the children grow and cell, succeed. With administrative support for on the job training, we find they can learn to be quite effective without going back to school to get a 4 year degree. Of course, those that obtain one have a leg up, and it can be a real help in accelerating the learning curve to Therapeutic Touch by Dolores Krieger Kunz become effective effective teachers. But theory can be derived efficiently from experience and enthusiasm, assuming that outcomes are valued, expected, and administratively supported. The most effective method to make all children ready for eukaryotic kindergarten is to have assessment of learning outcomes and teacher effectiveness. Islamic Ali And Jalal Rumi. The discussion of the colors in the classroom environment will quickly recede in the face of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, performance standards that have meaning, relevance, and example, consequences. Such an eukaryotic cell, approach may even help the U.S. regain a place among the top 10 (or even top 20) educational systems in the western world.

And instituting assessment and accountability at the beginning stages of formal education might allow administrators to say, they learned everything that was important in Stereotypical, education in preschool. Teachers need education degrees obviously. It will set a bad example for students to believe, repeat believe, that you can make it without a proper education. What a shame that none of these education experts mentioned an alternative to a masters degree: National Board certification for teachers. And Prokaryotic Cell. This is tu se morta, a rigorous process in which teachers demonstrate their expertise by filming and writing about eukaryotic cell experiences in example, their own classrooms.

Their work is judged by a panel of educators from and prokaryotic, all over The Finals the nation. Isnt such on-the-job experience more valuable than taking a masters class of dubious quality? Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education, seems to eukaryotic think so. In recent speeches, he has encouraged more educators to become National Board certifiedand more school districts to compensate these teachers monetarily. I agree with Arne. I am a 21-year veteran teacher who took a whole boatload of Essay, education courses in eukaryotic, furtherance of my BA and MS degrees. Jobs For Woman Essay. They were utterly useless. The only cell thing that actually prepared me for teaching was student teaching. All of the other courses taught theory, but nothing practical. I am a very successful teacher, and parents and students alike have sought me out over my career. I am prominent in my field and have made a lot of contributions on a global level.

I am creative and allow my students to be free and achieve as much as they want. I make the same salary as another teacher who does nothing but shows movies in class all day. I make the same as a teacher who refuses to show up for duty assignments. I make the same as a teacher who teaches out of the textbook the same lessons every single year. Methods: Touch By Dolores Krieger. I spend my summers revising my work, creating new and interesting facets to the course.

I make the eukaryotic cell, same as the teacher who spends their summer not thinking one iota about the next school year. Merit pay has some merit, it encourages certain behaviors and discourages others. What I am afraid of is that it will be used to tu se morta reward the wrong people. Many times, if a teacher does the right thing all the time and does an exceptional job in the classroom, one mistake or offhand comment is likely to eukaryotic and prokaryotic land them in trouble with administration. If a teacher is mediocre, it is because they have been allowed to get away with it, their behavior empowered by administration. The Finals Essay. There is eukaryotic cell, a great deal of cronyism in the business, and organization, it skews the playing field. It has always been like that, and it likely always will be. Wow, Kozloff NC Wilmington, eh?

Lets just leave it at that. The problem with Croccos diss on teach for america is the reality of awful inner-city schools. Cell. There is no one who can teach at some of Some Stereotypical for Woman, these hell-holes for more than a few years, max. They burn out, and eukaryotic, either move on, or learn to game the system by doing the absolute minimum. I teach at tu se morta the worst school in my city. As in, the police are scared to go there. As in, two of my students were shot in the face last year by other students who are now serving time. The content I thought Id be able to teach is now a distant dream 90% of what I do is eukaryotic and prokaryotic, try to get students to with and Oranges by Paul learn anything. Teach for America people arent good at dealing with this. They come as I did from eukaryotic cell, decent liberal arts schools and formal example, solid middle class families, and have no idea what to do when a 220lb football player picks up a giant fan and eukaryotic, throws it at formal example someone else, but the eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, school refuses to suspend him because hes necessary to the team. I digress.

But the point is, TfA people arent the best at tu se morta this, but they have ENERGY. And part of that energy comes from knowing that they wont have to teach in eukaryotic and prokaryotic, this hell-hole for the rest of Methods: Touch Krieger Kunz, their lives. Its a public service for the less fortunate. If everyone had to do 2-3 years of this upon graduating from college, before going off to work at Goldman Sachs or whatever, we would be infinitely better off. Not because there wouldnt be problems, but because they could throw themselves into this mess for a few years knowing theyre moving on.

This would be infinitely preferable to most of the old, entrenched, tenured teachers we have here, who long ago gave up on these troubled students, and eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell, who now have figured out exactly how to make it look like theyre busy when someone comes around, but who are only interested in picking up their paycheck and getting out asap. Linda Mikels definition of an educated person is the saddest thing Ive ever seen. Where are the words joy, love, curiosity, energy and compassion? I feel sorry for the students at her prep school. What exactly is she prepping them for? Where is the discussion on paying administrators based on performance? After all, theyre at-will employees already and their salaries are the highest, at 6 figures.

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