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atroman Choose which paragraph to jump to history and press Go!: If at first the games of the Practice Essay early Roman republic had religious significance, then later the 'secular' games were purely for entertainment, some lasting a fortnight. There were two kinds of games: ludi scaenici and sony history ludi circenses . The theatrical Festivals. V For 1984. The ludi scaenici , the theatrical performances, were hopelessly overwhelmed by the ludi circenses , the circus games. Far fewer festivals saw theatre plays than circus games. Sony History. For the Essay Skin Discrimination spectacular events in the circus drew far greater crowds. This is also shown in the sheer scale of the structures built to house the history audiences. Brown. The playwright Terence (185-159 BC) tells of history, a festival held in qualities honour of the deceased Lucius Aemilius Paulus in 160 BC. Terence's comedy The mother in law was being staged and sony history all was going well, when suddenly someone in the audience was heard saying that the the gladiatorial fights were about to begin.

Within minutes his audience had disappeared. Devices In The Letter. The theatre plays were merely seen as an accompaniment to the ludi circences , although it needs to be said, that many Romans indeed ardent theatre-goers. Perhaps as they were seen as more worthy, less populist, the theatrical performances were only sony history, staged for Essay about Discrimination the most important festivals of the year. History. The floralia for wife death instance saw the staging of plays, some of history, which were of a sexual nature, which can be explained by the fact that the goddess Flora was understood to have very loose morals. Sissy Jupe. Ludi circenses , the sony circus games, took place in Issues Influencing the marvellous circuses, and amphitheatres and were breathtakingly spectacular, though also gruesome events. Roman passions ran high when it came to history chariot racing and most supported one of the teams and curleys its colours, - white, green, red or blue. Though passions could often boil over, leading to violent clashes between opposing supporters. There was four different parties ( factiones ) to sony history support; the red ( russata ), the green ( prasina ), the The Effects upon Morality during the Past Twenty Years white ( albata ) and sony the blue ( veneta ). Emperor Caligula was a fanatical supporter of the green party. He spent hours in Nursing Practice their stables, amongst the horses and charioteers, he even ate there. Sony History. A team of horses was called an auriga , whereas the best horse in the auriga was the funalis . The best teams were therefore those, in vendetta which the auriga co-operated to best effect with the funalis . Sony. A two-horse team was called a biga , a three-horse a triga and a four-horse team was a quadriga . The charioteers drove standing upright in death their chariots, wearing a belted tunic in sony history the colours of his team and a light helmet. The full length of the race consisted normally of death, seven laps around the stadium, totalling about sony 4000 metres when measured in hawthorne the Circus Maximus in Rome.

There was incredible tight turns at history, either end of the track, around the curleys narrow isle ( spina ) which divided the sony arena. Each end of the of Television American Morality during the Past Years spina would be formed by an obelisk, which was called the sony history meta . Sissy Jupe. The skilled charioteer would try to corner the sony history meta as tightly as possible, sometimes grazing it, sometimes crashing into it. Issues Influencing Nursing. The arena being sand, there was no lanes - and sony history there was nothing which one could describe as rules. The first to complete the rhetorical scarlet seven rounds was the winner, that was it. Between start and finish pretty much anything was allowed. This however was not to mean that a skilled charioteer had as dangerous a job as a gladiator. Sony History. Some of the starts achieved over sissy jupe a thousand victories and some horses are reported to have won several hundred races. History. Gaius Appuleius Diocles was perhaps the v for greatest star of them all. Sony History. He was a quadriga charioteer who is Issues Nursing Essay said to have contested 4257 races.

Of those he finished second 1437 times and won 1462. Sony History. In the reign of the horse-crazed Caligula, one of the about great names of the sony history day was Eutyches. Influencing Nursing. His many wins made him a close friend of the sony adoring emperor, who gave him no less than two million sesterces in rewards and prizes. V For. Chariot racing was indeed a frequent affair in sony history Rome on curleys wife, race day. Under the rule of Augustus one might see up to ten or twelve races in sony a day. From Caligula onwards there would even be as many as twenty four a day. It was undoubtedly the ludi circenses of the amphitheatres which have given the nursing leader qualities Romans the bad press over time. Sony History. For people of our modern age, it is difficult to understand what could have motivated the Romans to watch the cruel spectacle of men fighting each other to v for vendetta 1984 the death.

Roman society was not inherently sadistic. The gladiatorial fights were symbolic in sony history nature. Although there is little doubt that the curleys wife mob baying for blood was little aware of the finer symbolical points. A Roman mob will have differed little from a modern day lynch mob or a horde of history, soccer hooligans. But to death most Romans the games will have been more than mere bloodlust. There was a certain magic about the games which their society appeared to understand. In Rome entry to sony the games was free. It was a citizens right to sissy jupe see the sony history games, not a luxury. Although frequently there would not be enough room in the circuses, leading to angry scuffles outside. People would in fact begin to queue throughout the about Discrimination night to make sure of history, a place in sissy jupe the circus. Sony. Much like in modern day sports events, there is The Effects of Television upon American during Years more to history the game than just the hawthorne summary event itself, there is the history characters involved, the personal drama as well as technical skill and determination.

Just as soccer fans do not just go to curleys death see 22 men kick a ball, and a baseball fan does not just go to watch a few men through a little ball about, so did the Romans not just sit and watch people being killed. Sony History. It is difficult to comprehend today, yet there was a different dimension to the games in Roman eyes. The tradition of hawthorne young, gladiatorial combat was, it appears, not a Roman development at all. History. Far more the rhetorical in the scarlet native tribes of sony, Italy, in particular the Etruscans seemed to have brought about leader this gruesome idea. In primitive times it was a custom to sacrifice prisoners of war at the burial of a warrior. Somehow, as a means of making the sony history sacrifice less cruel, by granting at Issues Nursing Essay, least the sony history victors a chance to of Television upon Morality the Past Twenty survive, these sacrifices were gradually transformed into sony, fights between the prisoners. This non-Roman tradition appears to have finally come to Rome from nathaniel hawthorne young Campania. The first recorded gladiatorial combat in sony history Rome was held to honour the deceased Junius Brutus in curleys wife 264 BC. Three pairs of sony history, slaves fought each other that day. They were called bustuarii . This name refers to rhetorical scarlet letter the Latin expression bustum which means 'tomb' or a 'funeral pyre'.

Such bustuarii appeared to be armed as what later were known as Samnite gladiators, with a rectangular shield, a short sword, a helmet and greaves. (According to the historian Livy, it was supposedly it was the sony history Campanians who in Essay about Skin Discrimination 310 BC to mock the Samnites, whom they had just defeated in history battle, had their gladiators dress up as Samnite warriors for nathaniel young brown the fight.) This first fight in Rome took place in the Forum Boarium, the meat markets on the banks of the sony Tiber. Nursing. But the fights soon became established in the Forum Romanum in history the very heart of nursing leader, Rome itself. Sony. At a later stage seats were placed around the upon Morality Twenty Years forum, but at first one merely would find a place to sony sit or stand and watch the young spectacle, which at sony, that time was still understood to The Effects of Television upon American Morality during the Past Twenty Years be part of a ceremony, not entertainment. This events became known as munera which meant 'debt' or 'obligation'. They were understood as obligations rendered to sony the dead. With their blood the of Television upon American Morality manes the spirits of the deceased ancestors were satisfied. Often these bloody events would then be followed by sony history a public banquet in curleys the Forum. Sony History. One can find a belief in rhetorical in the some parts ancient of the ancient world, hard to sony history understand by modern man, that blood sacrifices to the dead could somehow elevate them, granting them a form of deification.

Hence many patrician families, who had made such blood sacrifices to the dead in form of the munera , went on about, to invent for themselves divine ancestry. History. In any case, somehow these early gladiatorial fights gradually became celebrations of other sacred ceremonies, apart from upon Morality Twenty merely funeral rites. It was close to the end of the republican era of history, Rome at rhetorical devices in the scarlet letter, which the gladiatorial fights largely lost their meaning as a rite of sony, some spiritual significance. Nursing Practice Essay. Their sheer popularity led to their gradual secularization. It was inevitable that something which was so popular would become a means of political propaganda. Thus more and more rich politicians hosted gladiatorial games in order to make themselves popular. History. With such blatant political populism it wasn't remarkable that the sissy jupe gladiatorial fights turned from a ritual into history, a show. Nursing Essay. The senate tried its best to curb such developments, but didn't dare to history enrage the of Television American Morality Twenty populace by forbidding such political sponsorship. Sony. Due to Issues Influencing Nursing Essay such senatorial resistance it took until 20 BC before Rome had its first stone amphitheatre (built by sony history Statilius Taurus; the theatre was destroyed in the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64). V For Vendetta. As the rich more and more intensified their efforts to dazzle the sony audience, the plebeians became ever more choosy. Spoilt by ever more fanciful spectacles the nursing qualities mob soon demanded more.

Caesar even clad his gladiators in armour made of sony history, silver at the funeral games which he held in in the honour of sony history, his father ! But even this soon no longer excited the crowd, once others copied it and it was even replicated in the provinces. Once the empire was ruled by the emperors, the essential use of the curleys games as a propaganda tool didn't cease. It was a means by which the sony history ruler could show his generosity. The games were his 'gift' to the people. (Augustus matched an Essay Discrimination, average of 625 pairs in his spectacles. Sony. Trajan had no less than 10'000 pairs fight each other in sissy jupe his games held to history celebrate his victory over nathaniel young goodman brown summary the Dacians.) Private games still continued to be held, but they could not (and no doubt should not) rival the sony spectacles laid on by the qualities emperor. In the sony history provinces naturally the Influencing games remained privately sponsored, but in sony history Rome itself such private spectacles were left to the praetors (and later to the quaestors) during the month of Discrimination, December when the sony history emperor did not host games. Sissy Jupe. But if it was in Rome itself, or in the provinces, games were now no longer dedicated to history the memory of the deceased but in honour of the emperor. He was the middle man who made money by about Skin Discrimination buying healthy male slaves, training to sony history be gladiators and sissy jupe then sold or rented them to sony history the host of the games. In The. The Roman paradoxical feelings towards the games are perhaps best shown in their view of the lanista . If Roman social attitudes looked down upon any kind of person related to 'showbusiness', then this certainly counted for the lanista . Actors were seen as little more than prostitutes as they 'sold themselves' on the stage. In a strange twist, such loathing was not felt for rich men who might indeed act as lanista , but who's main income was in fact generated elsewhere.

The smooth, almost spherical helmet of the secutor is believed to have been virtually ‘trident-proof’. Sony. It offered no angles or corners for the prongs of the Influencing Nursing Practice Essay trident to get a hold of. This seems to suggest that the fighting style of the history retiarius was to stab at of Television Morality Twenty, the face of his opponent with his trident. The safety of the secutor came at sony history, a price though. Qualities. His eye holes allowed him very little visibility. A fast moving, dexterous opponent might succeed in escaping from sony his limited field of vision altogether. Should this happen it would most likely be fatal for the secutor. The Effects During. His fighting style will therefore have depended very much on sony, keeping his eyes glued upon leader his foe, determined to face him directly and sony history adjusting his head and curleys wife position with even the sony history slightest of his opponent’s movements. (Note: the The Effects American the Past Years secutor ’s helmet seems to have evolved over time. There also seems to have been a simpler, conical version of this particular headgear.) The teachers at history, a gladiatorial school were called doctores . They would usually have been former gladiators, whose skill had been good enough to keep them alive.

For each type of gladiator there was a special doctor ; doctor secutorum , doctor thracicum , etc. Nursing. At the opposite end of the scale of sony history, experience to the doctores was the tiro . V For 1984. This was the history term used for a gladiator who had not yet had a fight in the arena. Though despite all their training. Gladiators though were mediocre soldiers. There were occasions on which gladiators were recruited to fight in battle. But they clearly were no match for real soldiers. Curleys Wife. Gladiatorial fencing was a dance, made for sony history the arena, not for the battle field. At the event itself, the pompa , the sissy jupe procession into the arena, was perhaps the last remainder of what once was a religious ritual. The probatio armorum was the checking of the weapons by sony history the editor , the Influencing Practice Essay 'president' of the games. Sony. Often this would be the Essay about Skin Discrimination emperor himself, or he would bestow the history checking of the weapons to upon a guest he sought to curleys death honour.

This checking that the sony weapons were truly real, will most likely have been done in order to assure the nursing leader public, many of whom may have placed bets on sony, the outcome of a fight, that all was in order and no weapons had been tampered with. The audience was not interested in mere blood. It sought to curleys wife observe the technical subtleties, the history skill of trained professionals when watching the fights. Scarlet Letter. It appears that much of the interest in sony history the fights lay in v for vendetta 1984 the way the sony various fighters and their different fighting techniques were matched. Certain matches were deemed incompatible and hence were not staged. A retiarius for nathaniel hawthorne young example never fought another retiarius. Generally a fight would be between two contestants, a so-called paria , but sometimes a fight might be made up of history, two teams pitched against one another.

Were it a single paria , or a team effort, similar types of nursing, gladiators did not normally fight each other. Sony History. Contrasting types of fighters were matched, though always an attempt was made to assure a reasonably fair pairing. One gladiator might only Issues Nursing, be lightly armed with little to nothing to history protect him, whereas the other might be better armed, but restricted in his movements by his equipment. Therefore each gladiator, to some extent or another, was either too heavily or too lightly armed. It was largely left to nursing leader qualities the crowd to history signify whether a wounded and downed gladiator should be finished off by The Effects upon American Morality during Years his opponent. They did so by waving their handkerchiefs for a release, or giving the 'thumbs down' signal ( pollice verso ) for death. The deciding word was that of the editor , yet as the entire idea of holding such games was to win popularity the editor would rarely go against the will of the people. The most dreaded of combats for sony history any gladiator must have been the munera sine missione . For it is in curleys fact true that quite often both gladiators would leave the arena alive. As long as the crowd was content that the two fighters had tried their best and sony history had entertained them with a good show, it might often not demand the nathaniel hawthorne young goodman brown summary death of the sony history loser.

It of The Effects upon American Morality during Years, course also occured that the better fighter might, only sony, through bad luck come to lose a fight. Weapons might break, or a an unfortunate stumble might suddenly swing fortunes to the other man. In such cases, audiences did not seek to Influencing see blood. History. Missus was the term for sissy jupe a defeated gladiator being given a reprieve. Sony History. He wasn't killed, but sent back to his barracks, where he would train for Issues Influencing Practice Essay his next fight. But ' sine missione ' meant 'without reprieve'. Such fights were indeed to sony the death, no matter how valiant the curleys wife death combatants had fought.

Emperor Augustus did indeed forbid such fights, in sony which bravery could not save a man. He outlawed them as cruel. But after his death they would return, since their presence added to sissy jupe the very thing the history game's organizers sought to nursing leader qualities create; variety. Though this lack of sony, a helmet proved to rhetorical devices scarlet letter the disadvantage of the retiarii during the sony history reign of nursing, Claudius. Sony History. Known for qualities his cruelty he would always demand the death of a vanquished retiarius so that he could observe his face as he was killed. This however was a crass exception. Gladiators were otherwise seen as absolutely anonymous entities. History. Even the The Effects of Television upon American Morality during the Past stars among them. Sony History. They were living abstract symbols in the struggle for life in the arena and v for not seen as human individuals. Another well known class of gladiators not to wear helmets were women. Sony History. There were indeed female gladiators, although they seem only to have been used in order to curleys further add to the variety of the games, rather than as a mainstay comparable to the male gladiators.

And it was hence, in history this role as an Essay, additional facet to the games, that they fought without helmets, to sony add feminine beauty to upon the Past Twenty Years the slaughter of the sony history circus. Much like in horse racing where there was so-called factions (defined by their racing colours) in the gladiatorial circus there was much the nathaniel hawthorne goodman summary same passion for particular sides. Sony History. Mostly sympathies were divided for the 'great shields' and the 'little shields'. Sissy Jupe. The 'great shields' tended to be defensive fighters with little armour to protect them. Whereas the 'little shields' tended to be more aggressive fighters with only small shields to ward off attacks. The little shields would dance around their opponent, seeking a weak spot at sony, which to attack.

The 'great shields, would be far less mobile, waiting for the attacker to rhetorical devices in the letter make a mistake, waiting for history their moment when to lunge. Hawthorne Young Brown Summary. Naturally a prolonged fight was always in favour of the 'great shield', for sony history the dancing 'little shield' would grow tired. Romans spoke of water and v for vendetta 1984 fire when talking of the sony two factions. The great shields being the leader calm of water, waiting for the flickering fire of the small shield to die down. In fact a famous secutor (a small shield fighter) actually assumed the name Flamma . History. It is also most likely that the death retiarius (as well as the related laquearius ), although fighting without a shield would have been classed as a 'great shield' due to sony history his fighting style. Along with the factions which the people might back, there was of course also the stars. Issues Influencing Nursing Essay. These were famous gladiators who had proven themselves time and time again in the arena. A secutor named Flamma was awarded the sony history rudis four times.

Still he chose to Discrimination remain a gladiator. He was killed in his 22nd fight. Other famous gladiators were Triumphus, Spiculus (he received inheritances and houses from sony Nero), Rutuba, Tetraides. About Skin. Carpophorus was a famous bestiarius . History. The greater a star became the more his loss would be felt by his master, if he was set free. Emperors were hence at v for, times reluctant to grant liberty to a fighter and did so only if the sony history crowd insisted. Sissy Jupe. There was no absolute as to what a gladiator would have to do in order to history win his freedom, but as a rule of thumb one might say that a gladiator won five fights, or especially distinguished himself in a particular fight, he won the rhetorical devices in the rudis . Sony History. In the school, the rudis was the name used for rhetorical in the scarlet the wooden sword with which the gladiators would train.

But in sony the arena, the rudis was the symbol of freedom. Rhetorical In The Letter. If a gladiator was given a rudis by history the editor of the games it meant he had earned his freedom and could leave as a free man. The Effects Of Television Upon American Morality During The Past Years. In this position he would then have his throat cut. Gladiators would even be taught how to die at their gladiatorial schools. It was an essential part of the spectacle: the graceful death. A gladiator was not to plead for sony mercy, he was not to vendetta 1984 scream as he was killed. He was to sony embrace death, he was to rhetorical scarlet letter show dignity.

More so, than just a mere demand by sony the audience it also appeared to v for be the sony history wish of the gladiators to die gracefully. Perhaps there was a code of v for vendetta, honour among these desperate fighting men, which made them die in history such a fashion. Qualities. It no doubt restored at least some of their humanity. History. An animal could be stabbed down and slaughtered. But only nursing, a human could die gracefully. Two strange characters would enter the arena in history one of the intervals, by which time several corpses might litter the nathaniel young brown floor. One was dressed as Hermes and carried a red-hot wand with which he would prod the sony history corpses on the ground. The second man was dressed as Charon, the ferryman of the dead. V For Vendetta 1984. He bore with him a large mallet, which he would smash onto sony history, the skulls of the dead. Once again these actions were symbolical. The touch of Hermes' wand was supposed to be able to bring the nursing leader worst enemies together.

And the thundering blow of the hammer was to represent death taking possession of the soul. History. But no doubt their actions were also practical in nature. The searing hot iron would quickly establish if a man was indeed dead and nathaniel summary not merely wounded or unconscious. History. What precisely happened if a gladiator should indeed be found out to v for vendetta be well enough to sony survive is unclear. Because one can't help but suspect that the mallet which smashed in wife death their skulls was meant to end whatever life was still left in them. Sony. Once this was over curleys wife the corpses would then be removed. The bearers, the libitinarii , might well carry them away, but it was also possible that they might drive a hook (the likes of history, which one hangs meat on) into the body and drag them out of the arena. Goodman Summary. Alternatively they might also be dragged out of the arena by a horse. Either way, they were awarded no dignity.

They would be stripped and sony history their corpses would be thrown into a mass grave. The Wild Beast Hunts. Adding a hunt to the munus was something which was introduced as a means by which to make the Influencing Essay circus games yet more exciting, as toward the end of the history republican era, the 1984 powerful vied for the favour of the public. Suddenly it became important for a politician to know from history where to Skin Discrimination purchase exotic wild beasts with which to dazzle audiences. Sony. For the venationes wild animals were rounded up from all parts of the empire to hawthorne goodman be killed as part of the sony spectacle in the morning as a precursor to the gladiatorial contests in the afternoon. Starving tigers, panthers and v for 1984 lions were let out of cages to history be confronted in long and of Television Morality the Past Twenty Years dangerous chases by armed gladiators. Bulls and sony rhinoceroses were first brought to Issues Practice Essay a rage, much like in history a Spanish bullfight, before they were met their hunters. Issues. For variety, animals were goaded to sony history fight each other. Nathaniel Hawthorne Young. Elephants versus bulls was a feature of games in sony history 79 BC. 1984. As part of the celebrations for sony the opening of the Issues Nursing Colosseum in sony AD 80, no fewer than 5000 wild beasts and 4000 other animals met their death in sissy jupe one day.

It is also worth pointing out history that the more noble beasts, like lions, elephants, tigers, etc. were only Discrimination, allowed to be used in sony the circuses of Essay Skin, Rome. Provincial circuses need make do with wild dogs, bears, wolves, etc. One also needs to add that the venatio was not at sony history, a mere slaughter of curleys, animals. Mere slaughter would not have been appreciated by sony Romans. Letter. The animals were 'fought' and they did stand a slight chance of being left alive or sometimes won the mercy of the audience. Most of all the costly noble beasts, which had been brought over sony great distances, a shrewd editor might well seek to Skin preserve.

As for sony history the men who took part in Influencing Practice the hunts, these were the venatores and bestiarii . Among these there was specialized professions like the taurarii who were bullfighters, the sagitarii were archers, etc. Most venatores would fight with a venabulum, a sort of long pike with which they could stab at sony, the beast, whilst keeping themselves at a distance. V For Vendetta. These animal fighters strangely did not suffer the same grave social degradation as the gladiators. Emperor Nero himself descended into history, the arena to hawthorne goodman fight a lion. He was either unarmed, or armed with merely a club. Sony. If this at first sounds like an hawthorne goodman, act of history, courage, then the fact that the beast had been 'prepared' in advance of his entry quickly destroys that image. The Effects Of Television During. Nero faced a lion which had been made harmless and which posed no threat to him at all. Sony History. Nonetheless the mob cheered him. Influencing Nursing Essay. Others though were less impressed.

In similar fashion emperor Commodus is also said to sony history have descended into devices, the arena to history slay beasts previously made helpless. Such occurrences were much frowned upon by rhetorical letter the ruling classes which saw them as cheap tricks to sony gain popularity and beneath the dignity of office, which the position of emperor commanded. Public executions of sissy jupe, criminals also formed part of the sony history circenses . The perhaps most popular forms of such executions in curleys death the circus were spectacles which were mock plays and ended in the death of the leading 'actor'. Sony History. And so it was that Romans could watch a real-life Orpheus being chased by lions. Or in a reproduction of the tale of Daedalus and Essay Skin Discrimination Icarus, Icarus would be dropped from a great height to history his death onto of Television upon American Morality Twenty, the arena floor, when in the story he fell from the sky. History. Another such real-life play was the tale of v for vendetta, Mucius Scaevola. a condemned criminal playing Mucius would, like the sony hero in the story, have to remain silent while his arm was terribly burnt.

If he achieved it, he would be spared. Vendetta 1984. Though if he screamed from the agony, he would be burnt alive, already being dressed in a tunic soaked in pitch. Sony History. As part of the young brown opening of the Colosseum a play was held in which an sony history, unfortunate criminal, in the role of the rhetorical devices in the scarlet letter pirate Lareolus was crucified in the arena. Once he had been nailed to the cross, a enraged bear was let loose, who tore his body to shreds. The official poet who described the scene went into sony, great detail to describe how what alas was left of the poor wretch did no longer resemble a human body in Essay Skin any shape or form. Alternatively, under Nero, the animals tore apart contingents of sony, condemned and unarmed criminals: many Christians falling victim to Nero's claim that they had started the of Television American Morality Twenty Years Great Fire of Rome. Christians featured on history, another gruesome occasion when illuminated his extensive gardens at night with the brightness of the nathaniel hawthorne young goodman summary human torches that were the burning bodies of Christians. Sony History. The 'Sea Battles' Perhaps the most spectacular form of combat was the naumachia , the sea fight. This would involve flooding the arena, or simply moving the show to a lake. The first man to hold a naumachia appears to have been Julius Caesar, who went so far as to Essay have an sony history, artificial lake created in wife order to have two fleets fight each other in history a naval battle.

For this no fewer than 10'000 oarsmen and 1000 marines were part of the about Skin Discrimination show which was to reenact a battle between Phoenician and sony Egyptian forces. The famous Battle of sissy jupe, Salamis (480 BC) between the Athenian and the Persian fleets proved very popular and hence was recreated several times in sony history the first century AD. The greatest naumachia event ever was held under in Issues Influencing Practice AD 52 in celebration of the completion of a great construction project (a tunnel to sony history carry water from Lake Fucine to the river Liris which took 11 years to build). 19'000 fighters met on The Effects of Television upon during the Past Years, two fleets of history, galleys on nursing, Lake Fucine. Sony History. The battle was not fought to Issues Nursing Practice annihilation of one side, although considerable losses occured on sony, either side. But the emperor judged both sides had fought bravely and hawthorne young goodman summary so the sony history battle could cease. Essay About Skin Discrimination. At times, the dangers of the circus were not only to sony be found in the arena. Nursing Leader. Pompey organized a grandiose fight involving elephants in the Circus Maximus, which until the construction of the Colosseum, was often used to stage gladiatorial events. Iron barriers were to be put up as archers hunted the history great beasts.

But things got seriously out of devices in the scarlet, control as the sony history crazed elephants broke some of the iron barriers put up to nathaniel hawthorne young goodman brown summary protect the crowd. The animals were eventually driven back by the archers and sony history succumbed to their wounds in the center of the arena. Utter disaster had just been averted. Rhetorical Devices. But Julius Caesar wasn't to sony history take any chances and later had a ditch dug around the rhetorical scarlet arena in order to sony prevent similar disasters. In AD 27 a wooden temporary amphitheatre at Fidenae collapsed, with perhaps as many as 50'000 spectators being involved in Nursing the disaster. Sony. In response to this catastrophe the government introduced stringent rules, for sissy jupe example preventing anyone with less than 400'000 sesterces from staging gladiatorial events, and also listing minimum requirements for history the structure of the amphitheatre.

Another problem were local rivalries. Young. During Nero's reign the history games at sissy jupe, Pompeii ended in history disaster. Leader. Spectators had gathered from Pompeii as well as Nuceria to see the games. First an exchange of insults began, followed by blows being dealt and stones being thrown. Sony. Then a furious riot broke out. The spectators from Nuceria were fewer than those of vendetta, Pompeii and history hence fared far worse, many being killed or wounded. V For Vendetta. Nero was furious at such behaviour and sony history banned the games at young brown, Pompeii for ten years.

Pompeians however continued long after to history boast of Influencing, their deeds, scribbling graffiti on the walls which told of sony history, their 'victory' over Influencing Practice Essay the people of Nuceria. History. Constantinople also had its fair share of The Effects of Television American Morality the Past Years, crowd problems at sony, the games. Most famously the riotous fans of the different parties at the chariot races. The supporters of the blues and those of the greens were fanatical militants. Politics, religion and brown summary sport combined into a dangerously explosive mixture.

In AD 501 during the festival of Brytae, when the green attacked the blues in the Hippodrome, even the sony illegitimate son of emperor Anastasius was among the victims of the violence. And in AD 532 the Nika rebellion of the nursing blues and greens in the Hippodrome almost overthrew the emperor. History. By the nursing leader qualities time it was over history tens of goodman, thousands lay dead and a substantial part of sony history, Constantinople had burned down.

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Introducing mobile reports and a brand-new web portal. Holiday greetings from Redmond! Today, we’re excited to announce that you can download SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.2 and preview some of the sony history most major enhancements to Reporting Services (Native mode) in years: mobile reports and Essay about a brand-new web portal . A few weeks ago at PASS Summit 2015, we communicated our roadmap and unveiled what we’ve been working on. For SQL Server 2016, we’re adding mobile reports – reports optimized for sony mobile devices. Issues Influencing Nursing! After SQL Server 2016, we’ll be adding support for Power BI Desktop reports as well. Power BI Desktop reports represent the evolution of sony history, Power View and enable interactive data exploration and visualization. We designed Reporting Services years ago as a platform for designing, generating, and delivering reports in their traditional form – paginated documents.

A paginated document is one that lays out content on fixed-size pages, often flowing from Essay Discrimination one page to sony history the next and of Television American during the Past generating as many pages as needed to accommodate the content. Sony History! Paginated reports are ideal for exporting to formats like Word and PDF (which themselves are paginated documents) and for printing. When producing these types of documents, you often want very precise control over formatting, layout, and pagination, and expect them to look “exactly like so” no matter what device or screen people may be using. Today, we’re doing more and more on our mobile devices and want to Issues Influencing Nursing Essay view reports on our smartphones and tablets. When you want to provide an optimal experience on these devices, you want to design a different type of layout: a responsive layout that adapts to very different screen sizes and orientations. Enter mobile reports : Mobile reports dynamically adjust the content to fit your screen (or browser window).

You never see content scrolled out of view or flowing onto a different page. Sony! While you can view these reports on your PC as well, they’re really optimized for mobile devices, so let’s take a look at The Effects of Television American Morality during the Past Twenty, this report on a tablet: This is the same report ; its responsive layout adapts to provide an optimal experience in the tablet’s portrait orientation. Sony History! When you view it on a phone, it adapts further still to The Effects of Television Morality the Past Years make the most of the smaller screen: Mobile reports are built on sony Datazen technology we acquired earlier this year. We think these reports that you design from the outset for mobile devices deliver the Essay Discrimination best experience on the market today for viewing reports on phones and sony history tablets. Paginated reports and mobile reports are complementary; you can choose the type of report that best fits your needs on a case-by-case basis.

When you need to rhetorical letter generate and deliver a very precisely-formatted document, you’ll want a paginated report. When you want to optimize for sony viewing on phones and tablets, you’ll want a mobile report. The new face of Reporting Services: A brand-new web portal. This is Report Manager as you know it today: Well, almost as you know it today; you’ll notice a link in curleys death the top-left inviting you to preview the history new Reporting Services: Follow that link and you’ll find a preview version of a brand-new web portal : With this new, modern web portal, you can view all your reports – both mobile and paginated reports – in one place.

It’s designed from the outset for modern browsers and vendetta built from the ground up on HTML5. Give it a try with your favorite browser, whether Edge, Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. In this preview version, you can do a few basics: browse folders, view mobile reports, and sony view (and export and print) paginated reports. Curleys Wife! We’re working on support for additional tasks (including management tasks); in the meantime, you can use classic Report Manager for those tasks: Note : You might need to update your report server configuration to enable the new web portal. Be sure to sony read the wife Release Notes. Create KPIs and access insights at a glance. Noticed the “KPIs” in sony history the screenshot above?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are another exciting addition and about a great way to monitor important metrics and trends at a glance – before you even dive into history a report. In addition to a metric’s actual value, you can see the variance from the goal, the status (red, amber, green), and wife the trend: In the new web portal, browse to the folder where you’d like to create the KPI and open the New menu: Choose KPI and you’ll see the following with some sample data: For each KPI element – Value, Goal, Status, and history Trend Set – you can either enter a static value or choose a shared dataset:

Once you choose a shared dataset, you can choose a specific field within that dataset: For Value, Goal, and Issues Nursing Essay Status, you’ll want to choose a dataset that returns a single row of history, data. (These elements use the value in upon Morality Twenty Years the first row.) For Trend Set, you’ll want to sony choose a dataset that returns multiple, sorted rows containing a sequence of values: And with that, you’ve created a KPI bound to about Discrimination data: Note : In this preview version, KPIs don’t update after you create them, but we’re working on that part for an upcoming CTP. Design mobile reports using SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher. Now that you’ve created a basic KPI, let’s take a look at sony, how you create mobile reports. Much like you use Report Builder, a desktop app, to design and publish paginated reports, you use Mobile Report Publisher , a new desktop app for Issues Nursing Windows 7 and later, to design and history publish mobile reports.

After opening Mobile Report Publisher, you’ll see a blank layout grid and a gallery of available visualization types – navigators, gauges, charts, maps, and data grids: To start designing your report, simply drag-and-drop these visualizations onto the layout grid: You can do so before you’ve even added any datasets; in this case, the app generates simulated data, enabling you to prototype a report design in minutes and rhetorical scarlet settle on the end result you want before investing any effort in preparing the sony data. By default, you’re designing the “Master” layout, but you can also design layouts for Tablet and Phone: After switching to the Phone layout, you simply drag-and-drop the visualizations you already created to optimize the layout for phones: At any time, you can switch to rhetorical devices letter the Data view, where you can add shared datasets from your report server and sony history bind your visualizations to v for vendetta fields within those datasets: You can also switch to Preview to see how your report looks in Master, Tablet, or Phone layout: When you’re ready to publish your report, simply Save As , choose a report server, and history browse to a folder: Now you and others can view your mobile report in the web portal: Access insights on your phone or tablet using Power BI mobile apps.

While the 1984 new web portal works great on mobile devices, we’re also enhancing the sony history Power BI mobile apps to work with Reporting Services. These native apps provide an optimal experience on Issues Nursing your phone or tablet, even more so if you’re using the Power BI service as well, since you can view your dashboards from Power BI and sony history your KPIs and mobile reports from Reporting Services – all in one app. Curleys Wife Death! We’re starting with the Power BI apps for iPhone and iPad and planning to sony add similar support to scarlet letter our Windows and Android apps as well. In the Power BI app for iOS, open the menu from the sony history top-left: Tap Settings to open the Settings page: Under SQL Server Reporting Services Preview, tap Connect Server and enter your report server address, username, and password: Note : You’ll need to enable Basic authentication on your report server and we recommend enabling HTTPS for secure connections. Depending on your organization’s environment, you may need to Influencing Nursing Essay configure additional settings, such as firewall rules. Sony History! Be sure to read Enable a report server for Power BI Mobile access. After connecting, you can view your KPIs and mobile reports on your mobile device:

When you open a mobile report, you’ll see the layout optimized for your device: Read about the many more new features released in previous CTPs: We hope you enjoy this preview of these exciting new features. Meanwhile, we’re already hard at work on the next CTP, in which you can expect refinements to KPIs and mobile reports and more functionality in the new web portal. Try it now and send us your feedback. Download SQL Server 2016 Download Mobile Report Publisher Download Report Builder Download SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015 Check out the Issues Influencing Nursing Practice preview documentation: What’s new in Reporting Services (SQL Server 2016) Post in the Reporting Services forum (or if you prefer, send us an email) Follow @SQLServerBI on sony history Twitter. SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services now generally available October 2, 2017 MSBuild support for Reporting Services projects now available September 25, 2017 Embed paginated reports into SharePoint using the Report Viewer web part September 22, 2017 Updated Report Viewer control now generally available July 27, 2017. Can I upgrade my ctp 3.0 installation or do I have to nathaniel brown summary start from scratch? @LRH, you can upgrade from previous versions or CTPs (including CTP 3.0).

I upgraded from CTP 3.1 to 3.2 and get HTTP Error 503. The service is history unavailable. when clicking on the Preview the new Reporting Services link which takes me to http://server/Reports_Preview/#/browse/. Do I have to enable anything in order to goodman summary see the new Preview? Will support for Power BI Desktop reports also support custom visualizations? Wow! I am very impressed! The new web portal provides a lot of pressure to move us to 2016 now.

Our users are comfortable with the old layout, but the new layout has a lot of potential. You guys rock! @TonyGaul, check out the Release Notes:…/dn876712.aspx. The first one should resolve your issue. @Blake, we'll know more details in time, but custom visuals are certainly a compelling feature and we'd love to be able to history support them. With regards to Power BI Desktop, what does After SQL SERVER 2016 mean? Will we not be able to upload PB Desktop to 2016? @Andy, with the *initial* release of SQL Server 2016, you'll be able to publish mobile reports (but not yet Power BI Desktop reports), and sometime after that initial release, we'll enable you to rhetorical in the publish Power BI Desktop reports as well in a follow-up release vehicle (*not* necessarily a major release of history, SQL Server). We'll be working hard to deliver that functionality as soon as possible.

Hope that helps. @Riccardo – thanks. I was able to update with no issues other than the 503 error which I quickly resolved. FYI – I am having problems rendering an upon Morality during RDL report when using IE 11 on windows 8.1 (11.0.9600.18098). Chrome works just fine. #128577; Is the mobile BI Report publisher download working?

I am getting this link and then redirected to the generic…/download site. When to expect the announcement which feature will be available in which SQL Server Edition? Standard vs Enterprise. Sony History! All these feature look like Enterprise only The Effects upon, features. @LRH, we're working to have Mobile Report Publisher available for download by the end of this month. About the IE11 issue, could you send us an email at with the details? @John, we'll finalize and communicate those details in a later stage of the history release or at GA. There isn't a specific date I can give you at this time. Hi Riccardo, thanks for the link on my error. The first one fixed my problem. Another question, will running SSRS 2016 in integrated mode (with SharePoint 2013/2016) have the same look and feel as this SSRS 2016 native mode e.g. have the Essay new web portal, mobile reports etc?

@Tony, in sony history Native mode, Reporting Services serves its own web portal (previously Report Manager, and now the new web portal), whereas in SharePoint-integrated mode, SharePoint is the web portal and Reporting Services doesn't serve a separate web portal. At this time, only Native mode supports KPIs and Skin Discrimination mobile reports. Riccardo, thanks for the thorough posting. One detail I can't seem to find: is there an sony upgrade path from this (or any) CTP version to the RTM version when it becomes available? I have a feeling there won't be, as the release notes for 2014 said this path was unsupported, but I thought I would check. Thanks! @Karl, we plan to v for vendetta support upgrading from these CTPs/RCs to RTM. (SQL Server 2014 didn't support upgrading from CTP1 to RTM, but did support upgrading from CTP2 and sony history later CTPs/RCs.)

It means that DataZen no longer exist on SQL Server 2016, and what about current DataZen enterprise server, publisher, desktop, and Essay Skin mobile app ? @osama, at this time, while SQL Server 2016 is in history preview, we still support the curleys wife Datazen apps and Datazen Server. Once we release SQL Server 2016, we'll be focusing further investment on Reporting Services and its integrated Datazen functionality and history phasing out support for the previous Datazen apps and server. @Jerome, thanks for reporting the error. There are some known issues in CTP 3.2 that can cause that error. A few questions for you: – Did you create your shared dataset in SSDT (Visual Studio) or in Report Builder?

– What type of data source does it use? – Does it have any query parameters? (CTP 3.2 doesn't yet support them.) @Mark, thanks for reporting that issue. We've identified it as a bug (you'll notice you can change the Number Format on young summary other visual types, just not on the Category Chart) and will aim to sony history have a fix in an upcoming CTP. would you help me with these questions please: 1. what’s the latest estimate of when we can expect to see details of which Features will be in each Edition of SQL Server 2016 and the pricing? Particularly interested in SSRS.

2. Mobile Reports looks interesting for a project I’m working on. But I have (mostly) SQL Server 2012 databases as the source for my reports. Will SSRS 2016 work with these? 1. We don’t yet have a specific date, but you should see those details soon as we approach RTM. 2. Absolutely! SSRS 2016 can query data from several previous versions of SQL Server, including 2012. Has anyone been able to connect to an on-prem Mobile Report using the iOS app? I keep getting some generic error message (accessing the The Effects upon Morality the Past Years report through safari works). I’m on sony CTP 3.3, basic authentication on SSRS is set, credentials and Essay Skin connection infos in PowerBI the sony same as in SQL Mobile report publisher. What specific action triggers that error? And what’s the exact error message?

I’m trying out v for 1984, CTP3.2 via an Azure virtual machine. When I go to the reporting portal, I just get the history vanilla page… no prompt offering me to trial the v for new portal. If I try the URL http://servername/reports_preview, I get an error “The webpage cannot be found”. Is there something specific I need to configure to get it to work? Sorry about sony that. The Azure VM image remains stuck at nathaniel hawthorne goodman summary, CTP 3.0 and history there seems to be some issue with the v for vendetta updates making it there. I myself am waiting for the fix, so I feel your pain.

Hopefully they get it sorted out sony, soon. I just installed “Microsoft SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.3”. But i get an rhetorical devices scarlet error message when i am about to sony history do the following(new KPI): “Let’s change the “Value” entry from the default to one from my dataset. I click on about the dropdown to change the Value from “Set manually” to sony “Dataset field”” I press “…” and select the dataset i created, then i get the following error message: “An error has occurred. The permissions granted to user ‘*hostname**username*’ are insufficient for performing this operation.”

Where do i need to change permissions for young goodman brown summary this to work? Thanks in sony advance. You’d need to look at the security that was setup for the shared data source that the The Effects of Television during Twenty Years dataset was created against. Sony History! If you have access to that, you should be able to use the shared dataset accordingly. Great tutorial btw. The dataset is connected to an older ms sql server from devices inside AD, and is in production. The server i have installed sql server 2016 is only for testing purposes, and is not inside AD.

The dataset does not use AD credentials to history connect to nathaniel the production database, so i don’t think this should be a problem. We use the history same user credentials(username and password) when connecting to the production database from “Datazen Enterprise Server”, so i think that the access rights/security on the production system should be ok. The Effects Of Television American Morality The Past! I can also run queries against the production system with the history same user credentials and find all the data i want to nathaniel young goodman brown access from SSRS 2016. The error message also contains *computername**username* from the history test server which is not in AD. So either i guess i need to change the access rights on the test server somewhere, to be able to young brown summary create new KPI’s or else there must be a bug where the test server tries to connect to the production database with wrong credentials? Is there a log somewhere on the test server(Mssql 2016) giving me more information? (I don’t have access rights to history read the log in vendetta 1984 the production database server) Is the domain your test instance setup in “trusted” by the domain that the SQL instance that contains the history data sits in? If not, you won’t be able to pass the Windows credentials through to letter the SQL instance to retrieve the data using Windows Authentication – it should work if you have SQL Server Authentication setup, however, but based on sony the error message it sounds like that isn’t what you’re trying to vendetta use. Btw, if i download the rsd file to my computer and open it in sony “Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder”, then i can “Run Query” and see all the content of the about Discrimination “view” i selected from the production database. Thanks in advance.

Is your computer on the same domain as where you’re getting the dataset from? If so, then the sony Run Query should work to see the view content, since your credentials would be passed correctly to the SQL instance via Windows Authentication. Is it possible to print or export a mobile report from the new web portal? I don’t see any options. Thanks. You can print a mobile report (to paper or to PDF) using your browser’s printing feature; the The Effects of Television American Twenty output isn’t ideal but may or may not meet your needs. We don’t yet have a “native” exporting/printing feature for mobile reports, but we’re quite interested in feedback on that topic. Thank You for your response. In what scenarios would I choose a SSRS mobile report over a power BI report or Dashboard when it comes on premises? It seems like since Power BI has a print button and it has an app as well, it seems like a better option.

If you are looking at an on-premises solution for mobile-optimized reports that you can view through native apps, and sony history the Power BI cloud service isn’t an option for upon Morality Twenty you to publish to, then Mobile Reports should meet your needs for that purpose. I just went to try to print a mobile report publisher table and history found it wasn’t possible based on this comment. Would love to see this feature implemented ! Thanks for the feedback – it is something we’re looking at for a future release, but we don’t have a timeline around when we could potentially at this functionality quite yet. Hello, I have a question. You can use “Microsoft SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher” to create reports and Datazen server? without SSRS? Greetings and thanks.

You use Mobile Report Publisher to create reports for curleys SSRS (not for Datazen Server). History! Previously, you used Datazen Publisher to create reports for Datazen Server. Hi as you say in Issues Influencing Practice your blog – you often want very precise control over formatting, layout, and pagination, and expect them to look “exactly like so” – So with that in mind when will we get fully justified text – This is something that has been being asked for ages and yet still no sign of sony, it . If you can’t do it why not just admit it rather than fobbing us off. One very fed up user. Andy, no argument; people have requested this enhancement for years and we’re overdue in adding it. That said, with the limited changes to Reporting Services in the past release or two, the same is The Effects of Television upon American Twenty Years true of several other features. We’re trying to strike a good balance of adding brand-new features (such as KPIs and mobile reports) and making real progress on more incremental enhancements (such as how we’ve enabled you to lay out report parameters across more than two columns, another equally-requested enhancement). If we couldn’t support justified text or weren’t open to adding it, I assure you we would indeed just say so, but I, for one, would love to sony history deliver that feature to you. It remains on our backlog to scarlet letter revisit and consider as we plan upcoming releases after SQL Server 2016. I was working with Report Mobile (ex Datazen), but I have problem with Real Time Query and sony Parameters.

Make a Dataset with Parameters, but when import this in Report Mobile publisher, this fail… This functionality work in letter RC0? We’ve added support for parameterized datasets in the upcoming RC1 release. When does the sony history new release come out? I have 1.0.3737 version. Nathaniel Hawthorne Goodman Brown Summary! It does not seem to have the ability to deal with parametrized datasets. The target for history supporting parameters is later this month so it will be in place by Nursing SQL Server 2016 GA. Sony History! Thanks for your question! Can we configure multiple web-portals in one SSRS instance ? Each instance has one web portal, but you can install multiple instances and have multiple web portals. My report contains Image from SharePoint and gets stuck in loading because it can’t find the image for one of the records in Essay Discrimination table even though it’s working fine in SSDT by keep the cell blank. Same report works fine in 2012 r2.

We’d probably need to troubleshoot that one hands-on. Could you open a case with Microsoft Support? I am having issues connecting to oracle database on history the 2016 platform, meahwhile I have datazen on the same server and that is able to of Television upon during Years connect. I am using RC2 is sony history this a limitation on the preview or there is something i am supposed to American Morality during Years do? Make sure you have the latest version of the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) installed. Does anybody know if these modern reports from both Mobile and Desktop are supported in SQL Standard, or are they Enterprise. The modernized paginated reports are available across all editions (Express, Standard, Enterprise), but the new KPIs and Mobile Reports are available in sony history Enterprise only. Can we customize the new web portal? Like creating the Essay Skin Discrimination grid? Can we provide the description to sony history a report?

You can’t customize the layout of the new web portal currently. It’s something we’re considering for a future release. I have some concerns regarding the new Mobile Reports. Please help me with the vendetta answers. 1. Currently we have a BI SharePoint site which consumes the traditional SSRS reports. Sony! So we are planning to Skin Discrimination install another instance (stand alone mode) to support Mobile Reports. Can we install SSRS SharePoint integrated mode and stand alone mode in the same server.

Or is there any concerns for SQL 2016? 2. When creating Datasets for Mobile Reports the Report Builder does not allow us to have field names with spaces (e.g ‘Total Deposit’ is not allowed but, ‘Total_Deposit’ is allowed) – DataSet Properties Fields. Because of history, this the same name is Practice shown in the Mobile Reports on Chart legends and on sony hover. Is it possible to have a ‘Display name’ feature as that was there in Datazen? 3. Drill-through feature is not working in Mobile Reports (on iPad app) as it passes parameters. When will this be available? 4. Does Microsoft have any plans in v for the future to sony history enforce a ‘Device based/ User based’ license in order to connect with the on-premises data using Power BI app in addition to Enterprise license? Thanks in advance. 1. While that setup is technically supported, it isn’t recommended running them both on the same machine for performance reasons. 2. There’s no plans currently to allow changes to the field names in a similar fashion to what Datazen had.

3. This functionality should be available by mid-June at v for vendetta, the latest. 4. We aren’t aware of any licensing plans like that, no. Thanks Chris for your response. It is nice to hear that drill-through feature will be supported in history the near release. Having said that, the bug which I mentioned in point 2 is of serious concern for us. As we are unable to show a proper name for a chart series (which is shown when we turn the 1984 legend ‘on’ and also shown on sony history hover with the nathaniel hawthorne matrix value) on the iPad app. I’m unable to upload a screen shot here. How to have proper readable field names (Data-set column names)? For example, assume we want to show ‘Total Inward Remittance’ in our chart for different months.

When creating the data-set (from a SSAS cube) we see that the sony field names (in ‘Set Options’ or data-set properties) is automatically replaced with underscore (‘_’) instead of spaces. In my case, it is ‘Total_Inward_Remittance’. Influencing Nursing Practice! There is no way remove the sony history underscores and have a proper name. Even after, when we consume this data-set using the Mobile Report Publisher we are unable to change this column name. It is the same name that is shown in nathaniel goodman summary the iPad app after publish. It is shown on chart hover and if we turn on sony the legend. Death! Is there a work-around to have a proper name shown for the series? Am I missing something? Thanks for history this feedback – I’ve asked the engineering team to investigate to make sure it isn’t a bug on Influencing Nursing our end. I’ll update this response when I have some additional data.

Any Update on this? I’ve added it to the backlog of items to address in a future update. No integration with Visual Studio Reporting Services projects? No mobile reports or KPIs to be published via visual studio, so you can keep all your dev work in source control? We’re looking to potentially add support for sony Mobile Reports in Visual Studio projects in a future release, but we don’t have a time estimate around that currently. My company used the Datazen to build some dashboards some time . Just upgrade SQL Server to the 2016 version but we have a problem . When importing the Dataset for mobile publisher it does not recognize the fields of date type , as modified mascara field in analysis to various formats but even so it does not recognize . Someone had the same problem ? You know what can be ? This looks great and Essay about Skin all but, I’m down the path of history, The Effects Of Television American During Twenty Years! Can we expect these type of visuals to be incorporated on the side of the house? We already have a lot of sony, time invested in our SSAS Data warehouse and reporting via excel and Influencing Practice Essay Powerbi. Unfortunately, Powerbi is still lacking in features costing us a lot of sony, time and complication. I had high hopes for the Datazen features.

Thanks! Any input would be greatly appreciated. It’s probably a fair assumption that you’ll see many, if not all, of these visuals show up at some point. Any support coming for hidden parameters like in the paginated reports on devices letter the mobile reports? Would be a big deal for us to be able to pass hidden parameters. We won’t have support for this in the near future, no.

our application is sony calling (internal) SSRS reportexecutionservice to generate reports and send them back to our website that can then be viewed externally. will Mobile report support this feature? if it does, is the mobile report still interactive on our website?

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5 Fake Facebook templates and pages for student projects. Facebook is the place that kids hang out after school. Heck, it’s the place many of them hang out sony history, during school. It is definitely a platform they are comfortable with communicating on. Why not use student enthusiasm for Facebook to about Discrimination generate learning opportunities in the classroom? I have seen several classes in history the past few weeks work on nathaniel young brown, Facebook projects. History? Students love them. These projects appeal to students because it is communication at their level.

What I like about the project is that creating a fake Facebook profile requires a great deal of higher level thinking. Student have to take information and transform it. This forces students to be very creative. The Effects Upon American Morality During? A fake Facebook page is an excellent way to see if student understand the concept behind a book, character, historical figure or even a science concept. Science might be a little harder, but imagine students pretend that they are a part of a chemical reaction. Sony? They could create a profile for a certain compound and tell it’s part in curleys wife the reaction through the wall posts.

This might sound a bit crazy, but I think students would really get into it. There are several different platforms for doing Facebook projects in the classroom. History? Here are some I have looked at in the past week: Fakebook: This online app is the best I have seen. It is web based and easy to use. Students fill in the blanks, upload pictures and v for vendetta write status updates for the different people on the wall. Sony? I have not yet used this app with students, but I plan on using it this week.

Sometimes, when a bunch of students use an app like this, we see how good it really works. I’ll be sure to let you know. My Fake Wall (no longer functional) This is a cool template, much like Fakebook. I really like how it is set up. The app is web based and allows students to build as big a page as they like. Of Television Morality During The Past Twenty? The one draw back is that it doesn’t seem to work consistently. Sony? I have used this with several classes now, and sometimes it works and of Television during the Past Years sometimes it doesn’t which creates quite the headache if this is the plan for history class on a particular day. That having been said, it is still worth a try because it is Essay Discrimination so much fun.

PowerPoint template: This page template opens in history PowerPoint, but functions surprisingly as a Facebook page. Adding pictures and status text is quite easy without creating a mess of the page. This is a three page template giving students quite a bit of creative license in a non-web based platform. MS Word template: This template is a little harder to use and doesn’t look quite as good as the others, but it is another option. It does work in Word which is a plus if that is what students are used to using. Classroom in the Cloud Facebook Project: This blog post has instructions, templates and rubrics for a Facebook project using a template created with Photoshop. This looks like another great option depending on your goals for curleys wife death the project. If anyone knows of other fake Facebook applications or ideas for using these templates, leave a link in the comments.

March 2, 2012 update: See the blog post 2 more ways to make fake Facebook pages for additional links and sony resources. also create fake newsfeeds, etc. haven’t tired it yet. I love using a fake facebook page to get my middle school students to introduce themselves to the class! We sometimes print them out for display purposes. Having their pictures on curleys wife death, them really helps me learn their names too. History? Great activity for the beginning of the year. Thanks for the great idea.

I can see how this would be a great way for students to show off their likes and interests with the class. Thanks again! How do they print them? I have tried several times and can’t get it to work. Essay About? Do you have to buy it in order to print? If you are using Fakebook, the pages print out nicely.

Look at sony history, the menu on the right hand side of the Morality Twenty page. Click print, and history you are in business. Unless things have changed in the last few months, I had several classes do this project and print out the final product. It worked great. Have fun with your students. I’m a science teacher and v for vendetta 1984 I am developing a project for my pre ap 8th graders to do a fakebook page of a particular element. They only history friend those elements that they can make compounds with and their relationship status will depend on their reactivity. Also, they can only Skin Discrimination post on sony history, the walls of the their “compound” friends. Their posts should relate to the formation of the Nursing Practice compound (like oxygen posting on Hydrogen’s wall “hey why don’t you and your brother come over and hang for a while” – thus indicating the formation of water). Awesome idea.

I like the way you are using this app in the classroom. I would be very interested to know how the sony students do with the assignment. Any chance you can post a few links to their pages so I see how they turn out? Check out my Fakebook (blank) Template at Curleys? Facilitate higher order thinking with this simple, yet engaging student related activity. Most of what I’ve seen so far are filled out pages that students just read through. Sony? Much more can be gained instructionally by having students fill out their own on a character or historical figure of their choosing. Here’s the vendetta direct link. Enjoy.

Teachers, listen. History? I am a thirteen year old student in 8th grade. Fakebook is boring. It was OK the first time. Curleys? Now, being assigned a Fakebook for the 4th or 5th time since last year, I can say it is almost painful to complete. Only use it if most students in sony your class have never done it before. It is ok if it is used for the kids themselves, but students (except over-achievers or the crazy ones who like schoolwork) don’t like reasearching, and we REALLY don’t like applying something we DO NOT like (schoolwork) to wife something we DO like (Facebook, or honestly, any technology at all). Please do not make us think of Julius Ceasar when we play 20 questions because we did a project on him.

It has been over used. Please move on. Use your OWN imagination. Also, do not make us sing, dance, wear costumes, make plays, post us on youtube, or anything like that. If we aren’t the super-popular type, we do not want our face splattered anywhere. Sony History? Do not make kids hate you. Also, if any of about Skin Discrimination, my teachers realize who I am, this isn’t completely directed at history, you. Don’t fail me. It was just time someone said this.

Thanks. I appreciate your comment. I am sorry that you feel bored by the Fakebook activity. Issues Influencing Nursing Essay? Sometimes teachers may go a little overboard with an activity. Feel lucky that you have a teacher who is sony willing to try an activity like Fakebook. Devices? Many, if not most, teachers have never heard of such a thing. Students in these classes are still writing essays. History? I am glad that you are required to do some research for Issues Nursing these Fakebook pages and that they require you to work hard. History? That is the point of such an activity.

From the sounds of it, I think you have a pretty good teacher. V For 1984? Please tell your teacher to keep up the good work! I’m a Junior in High School and we have to make a fake Facebook for a past event in history, or person. It has to sony have 50 comments and statuses total. I think its a great idea because it helps the teacher relate to the students.

Its not some boring essay. Its something most of us students enjoy. It makes the Issues Influencing Practice research fun. We get to think of quirky comments and statuses. Even though songs and games are trite. They actually help most of sony, us remember so please don’t stop! Great to hear that you like the 1984 Fakebook projects! I don’t plan on stopping with the sony projects anytime soon.

Has anyone used fakebook successfully yet? My english teachers used my fake wall last year and had issues. I had a smartboard template that I was all set to use and then they took smartboard off the laptops when they upgraded!! Fakebook looks great but I am afraid that we are going to have problems connecting and Issues Practice saving. History? Thanks for any help you can give!! I have had better luck using Fakebook than I have using My Fake Wall. It seems that Fakebook is during the Past Twenty a little more stable. However, this is not to say that it has some issues. If you are really worried, I would suggest using the Word template in the links above.

It doesn’t look quite as good as Fakebook, but at sony history, least it is saved on your computer. I have had zero luck with either Fakebook or My Fake Wall. It seems everyone is excited about this assignment but I wonder how they get it to work? I’ll admit that some of my students got frustrated with Fakebook from However, the majority of my students got it to The Effects of Television Morality work, and it worked great. I am not positive, but certain permissions within a school may cause some problems with the app. The browser might also affect how the app operates on a computer. Generally, I have had the best luck using Firefox when using web apps. Sony? They just seem to work better with that browser. Again, if the computer apps aren’t working, download the Word template.

It works great, and you aren’t relying on something hosted on the web. Find a way for it to work because it is a great way for students to show what they have learned creative manner. I like this idea and have been looking at about Skin, the Fakebook for sony a couple of weeks now. Does anyone know if the curleys wife students can print them out history, or not? I hav etried several ways and can’t get it to print.

Reblogged this on dunaganbits and commented: Great post Mr Kaiser 208. Of Television Twenty? Thank you. So…anyone know what’s up w/Fakebook, well the site? I had been using it w/my GT students. It was working fine yesterday, but today it says the site has been suspended.

Too much to sony history hope that it’s just some sort of Friday the 13th joke? That is not good at all. I just presented this tool at a conference a week ago, and The Effects American it was working great. I guess that is the problem with online apps. Sometimes they just don’t work. History? I have tried to contact the guy who made the Fakebook page, but I have never been able to get a hold of him. From the nathaniel young goodman brown looks of it, he quit paying the company that was hosting the site, and the site was taken down. You can still do similar projects. They just won’t be hosted online. Check out the other links in this post for some other resources.

Just checked the site…it’s back up and running!! Thank God! Even better, my students’ work is still there. I guess it was just a lapse of sony history, payment or something. Hmmm…ok maybe not! I checked the site this morning on my desktop and had access to them, but not when I checked on American Morality during the Past Twenty Years, my laptop, which I usually use. #128550; A friend said something about history, my desktop’s cache. I just checked the site this morning, and it looks to be running again. Morality During Years? With online apps, you just have to sony go with the flow sometimes, especially on Issues Influencing Nursing Essay, smaller sites that are run by smaller companies.

Hope it works out so your classes can find their work. Anyone know how to contact Myfakewall? I can’t upload pictures and can’t contact them because the code (so i’m not a scammer) can’t be seen on any computer I’ve used. Thanks. I used Myfakewall with few classes, but I never did get it to work properly.

A better bet, even with a few problems in the recent past, would be to use Fakebook. This is great if the students use Facebook. If they do not use Facebook then they have to learn the history interface as well as the topic concerned. My instructor is Issues Influencing Nursing Practice basing 1/3 of the course grade on this exercise and history that is not fair to those that are not familliar with the interface. It is troubling enough to do the assignment but to through a technology hurdle into the mis is unfair at this percentage of the grade. Just a VALID opinion from a student.

I work for a Juvenile Assessment Center in TX. Wife Death? We deal with a lot of troubled youth who engage in behaviors that often lead to truancy and other delinquent behaviors (not to be confused with juvie jail). We try to nip things in the bud before things escalate. I applaud your energies and willingness to use technology to sony bring knowledge to about and engage your students. Learning should be fun…at least sometimes. However, as with all tools, students need to be taught responsibility and accountability.

The purpose of a tool, its proper use, safety, etc. If you aren’t already aware, fake Facebook pages are being used sometimes by our youth to engage in cyberbullying (see article below from sony, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram newspaper). It can be against the law, and in some states, a felony. Rhetorical In The? Just like teaching kids how to use a bunsen burner or to drive a car, while very beneficial tools, they can be dangerous too if used improperly.

Use the opportunity at the beginning of each project to teach responsibility. Responsibly fill the minds of our youth, not our jails. this is the sony worst website ever. so many problems. why is fakebook. so. hard. to navigate!? ARGH. I just want a template so I can just start…help, please? The “my fake wall” goes to The Effects of Television upon American Twenty Years Adult Las Vegas Escorts. Thank God I tried it at home and not at school. The MyFakeWall site is history now an adult site.

FYI. where do i find the rhetorical letter template?! and sony can someone show me an example of the science assignment. I’m really interested! Great classroom tools! Can I use the powerpoint template for a project? I don’t want to copywright infringe or anything that is not my work. I am looking to Essay Skin Discrimination create a survey/questionnaire that resembles a Facebook page or social media page. Basically, I want it to look like a Facebook page with various comments. Sony? I want pictures of The Effects of Television upon American during the Past, people with a made up name and a comment.

I then want to sony have the option to “Like” or “Dislike” the comment. I also want to in the be able to manipulate how many “likes” and “dislikes” exist prior to the participant taking the survey. So they are not actual “likes” and “dislikes” from previous people. (I want to see if a comment that has a lot of likes will influence the sony person’s willingness to like the of Television American comment.. The comment will be on a socially sensitive matter). I need it to sony history be able to young goodman brown record whether or not someone “Likes” or “Dislikes” the comment. Any ideas?? I am not technologically advanced so would appreciate any help. This “survey” is for academic psychological research purposes.

My daughter is sony history working on a fake facebook page assignment. This is not a good idea. She has the knowledge, (in this case it is a profile of a historic figure) but now she is spending way too much time figuring out hawthorne brown, how to history create the document. She’s trying Word, Pages, InDesign. Seriously. wasting way too much time. I don’t think that it is a waste of time.

Granted, I have seen students sitting and staring at the computer. That is a waste of time. However, if she is trying to figure how to do her project better, then I would say she is showing some good thinking. That is a major part of this project. Anytime I can get a student to think I consider it a successful project.

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Land that Interview: Creating an sony Awesome RD Resume. I read a lot of resumes as the RD manager for Ettus Research. After several years of staring at job applications, my biggest take-away is that most engineers are terrible at writing resumes and cover letters. This is not a great situation for the candidate, nor the employer. Obviously, for about Skin Discrimination, the candidate, it means they might get passed over for a job that would actually be a great match. History! For the employer, it makes it even more difficult to locate good talent.

At the in the end of history, a day of rhetorical devices scarlet, resume reading, my biggest fear is that one of the resumes in my don't follow-up pile is from the very best applicant in the lot, but I just didn't realize it. This possibility will haunt a hiring manager's dreams, especially if a position has been open for a few months without an interview that led to sony an offer. It's fairly common knowledge that resumes, as a tool for curleys, sourcing candidates, are really poor. I've written about this before, and sony, then wrote about it again. If you have access to a hiring pipeline that isn't reliant on resumes (e.g., contributions to an open-source project), that is almost always the better route for both hiring managers and job-seekers.

But, pragmatically, resumes are a standard part of current recruiting procedures, and having a good one can make a difference in the opportunities available to of Television upon during Twenty Years you. Disclaimers: Firstly, my RD hiring experience is entirely in the world of sony history, computer science and electrical computer engineering (e.g., software, hardware, FPGAs and digital design, signal processing, etc.,), so that's what I'm going to talk about. Some of this may be relevant to other fields, but it also may sink you entirely. Any job that requires an nathaniel young goodman summary artistic portfolio, for example, is a completely different process compared to what I'll talk about, here. Secondly, the advice in this post is entirely my personal view - there may be hiring managers out there that disagree with me. That said, I think my subjective opinion on sony history, this matter is hawthorne brown summary, objectively the right one ;) Before we get into specifics, let's cover some general strategy. History! The key to v for vendetta good resume (and cover letter) writing is to sony history tune the content to 1984 the needs of hiring pipelines. In most cases, there are three audiences for sony history, an engineering resume, and your resume cover letter will progress through the pipeline in this order: A less-technical 'sourcer', HR rep, or head-hunter. A technical hiring manager.

Very technical experienced engineers. Your resume should catch the attention of the nathaniel goodman brown folks at the hiring portal (#1), convince the hiring manager (#2) that your application warrants a follow-up, and then provide background and talking points for a technical interview to both the hiring manager (#2) and the engineering team (#3). Sony History! If your resume does not successfully do all three of these, you are likely missing out on hawthorne young, good opportunities. Sometimes you can bypass the first part if you know someone at the company, or if the company is small enough that it doesn't have full-time recruiters looking for people. You shouldn't bank on sony, that, though, and The Effects of Television upon American Morality Years, there are other benefits to making sure you have all three bases covered. The next big point is sony, that your resume must accomplish this as quickly as possible, with as little content as possible. This may sound surprising at Skin Discrimination first, but hiring managers do not want to sony read a 5-page journal article to figure out if you may be a good match. This does not mean that you can't provide lots of detail in your resume (and you want quite the opposite, actually). What it means is Practice Essay, that your resume should be formatted and presented in a way that makes it easy to locate and understand the history key points on Essay about Skin Discrimination, the page.

Those key points should convince our busy hiring manager to then dive into history the detailed content of your resume to learn more. The first decision you need to make in upon American Morality during the Past designing your resume is what sections or topics you will list in your resume. Sony History! There are some that are categorically required (i.e., managers will instantly dismiss your resume if you lack them), and others that are really up to you. I do want to stress that every resume is different, and goodman brown, you should customize your resume to sony reflect you as an applicant . Don't feel pressured to put something in your resume if doesn't add value for your personal description. Here's a list of what I consider to be required resume sections, in no particular order: A note for people with academic or graduate research experience: I recommend breaking out v for vendetta 1984 your academic research experience from your industry experience. You can call the former Research Experience and the latter Work Experience, or something similar. Here are other common resume sections that are optional : If you are multi-lingual, I highly recommend including this. Highlights. Pairing a 'highlights' section with an 'objective statement' can be a great route.

Generally, though, pairing it with a 'summary statement' creates redundancy. Selected Coursework. While I don't think you need to include this on your resume, you should be prepared to provide references if asked. Availability. This section is generally required for students applying for internships or co-ops, as they generally have a pre-defined window. I adhere to sony a very strict philosophy on this. One page is The Effects of Television during the Past Twenty Years, a resume, multiple pages is sony, a curriculum vitae (CV).

The key thing to vendetta keep in sony history mind, here, is that a resume isn't meant to be your exhaustive professional history. American During Twenty Years! Minimalism can be a very beautiful thing. No good hiring manager expects a resume to reflect everything you bring to the table - even an history on-site interview can't fully explore that. Your resume is a summary. It's a conversation starter. It's effectively your pick-up line for v for, employers. History! Once the Issues Influencing Nursing Essay conversation is going, sure, then you can talk about history, your 24 publications and 20 years of job history - but you don't need to include all of that on your resume. Plus, by hawthorne young goodman keeping your resume focused, it makes it easier to highlight what's important. Many resumes also contain a tremendous amount of redundant content - cutting this text out makes it much easier to sony get down to one page. For example, if you are a software engineer, you don't need to Issues Practice mention a language with which you are proficient 10 times to get your point across. History! List it in Skin your technical skills list, and history, then leave it out of specific work experience descriptions unless it's really necessary.

Remember, if you have hidden the about Skin details of what makes you a strong candidate in 3 pages of work history, the hiring manager will probably dismiss your resume before ever unearthing these details. The Golden Rule of Resume Writing. If there is a 'Golden Rule' for resume writing, it is this: you should be able to discuss, in detail, anything that is on your resume. If you can't have a technical conversation about something, you shouldn't put it on your resume. Period. Good hiring managers and interviewers will work off of your resume; as mentioned above, your resume is a tool for guiding conversation. If the conversation reaches something on your resume and you aren't actually able to sony speak about that topic knowledgeably, it brings the in the letter entirety of your resume into doubt. Just as you wouldn't compromise your own integrity, don't sacrifice the integrity of your resume to make it look like you know more than you do.

Doing so can lead to sony very embarrassing conversations during interviews. Okay, now that we have discussed some high-level details, let's dive into some more specific topic areas. The vast majority of objective statements I see in resumes are entirely useless. Most of them read something like: This tells me nothing about you or what you are looking for. Stating that you want a job is obviously redundant since you applied for one, and casually mentioning that you have skills and experience really doesn't add much to the conversation. If you would like to include an objective statement, I recommend covering these points: What type of employment do you want (full-time, part-time, contractor, etc.,)? What type of role do you want (developer, designer, manager, etc.,)?

Do you have any special requirements (work location, travel, etc.,)? Here's an example of something I would consider a useful objective statement: The latter statement has a third less verbiage than the first, and yet communicates more about what you are looking for. Rhetorical In The Scarlet Letter! Breaking it down, it calls out each of history, these: full-time position senior-level role hardware designer located in the Raleigh-Durham metro area. Not all resumes need an objective statement. If you don't have a lot of 'hard' requirements for your position, you should consider eschewing the nathaniel young brown summary 'objective' statement for a 'summary' statement.

Summary statements are a great alternative to sony history objective statements if your job search is a little less constrained in terms of exact role or geographic area. The most common mistake I see in summary statements is The Effects upon American during the Past Twenty, expanding them into a summary paragraph . Sony History! Limit your summary statement to one sentence (literally, a statement ), or two, maximum. Here's an example of what I would consider to devices in the scarlet be a good summary statement: The summary statement is also a great place to history explain a shift or change that you are looking for, which may be difficult to about Skin Discrimination communicate elsewhere in your resume. For example, in sony the summary statement above, we can see that this developer may be interested in moving in the direction of technical management, depending on the opportunity. Especially if this person had no previous management experience to mention on Influencing Nursing Practice Essay, his / her resume, the summary statement provides a good medium for communicating this. For the most part, listing contact information is straight-forward. You should provide a phone number and e-mail address where you can be reached, and this information should be at or very near the top of your resume.

A few things to keep in mind: Absolutely do not list an e-mail or phone number associated with your current employer. I have seen this before, and sony history, it screams that you don't have a good understanding of workplace etiquette. You should read this Oatmeal comic, What your email address says about you. If you have a LinkedIn page or personal website, be sure to curleys include it!

This should be obvious, but the number of resumes (and cover letters) I see with grimace-worthy grammar errors is sony history, flabbergasting. And you can't rely on automated checkers for Essay about Skin Discrimination, the nitty-gritty stuff, because there are plenty of things they won't catch. Sony History! Are you really a principle engineer rather than a principal engineer? Because the former sounds horribly boring. Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown Summary! Did you really work on all faucets of a design rather then the facets ? Because someone only needs so many faucets. You get the idea. Have multiple people review your resume for sony, you. Print it out and highlight every single word as you read it.

Do whatever you need to do - but make damn sure you don't ship a resume (and cover letter) with sloppy grammar mistakes. Your technical skills list is one of the most important sections of your resume. In fact, I would say it is the Skin Discrimination most important section , excepting your contact information (for obvious reasons). There are plenty of sony, people without a college degree that are rock-stars in a technical field. Letter! Your list of technical skills will frame the rest of your resume. The best guidance I can provide for your technical skill list is that you should be specific. Don't say you know computer programming - explicitly call out what languages you know. Don't say you know CAD tools - specifically name what tools you have used.

Being generic in sony your skill list makes it seem like you are attempting to hide a lack of proficiency, and it makes it very difficult for the hiring manager to determine whether or not you are a good fit. In most cases, as discussed above, this will result in a dismissal of your resume. With rare exception, you won't be passed over for a role because you knew one tool but not some other similar-but-slightly-different tool. Brown! If I'm looking for an FPGA designer to write Verilog, I won't dismiss someone who has only done VHDL. If I'm looking for a HW designer in an Altium toolflow, I won't dismiss someone who has only worked with Mentor Graphics. Also, avoid diluting your skills list with 'filler' skills like Microsoft Word or Windows XP.

Including items like these makes it seem like you are really grasping at straws to think of sony, things you are good at, which doesn't reflect well on you. Influencing Nursing Practice! Focus on sony, important, relevant, hard technical skills for the job you want. Lastly, there's what I call 'meta skills'. These are things like quickly master new technologies, fast learner, good communicator, team player, and so on. These are almost universally a waste of space in a resume - these don't describe you in a differentiated way. Who would say they are a slow learner, poor communicator, and in the scarlet letter, hates working with others? If you feel very strongly about these, you should put them in your cover letter - but in sony history a resume, it's just meaningless fluff. Listing your education is Influencing Nursing Practice Essay, always important, but the importance of the sony details wane the longer you have been out-of-school.

If you are a fresh graduate, you should absolutely list: Degrees (and anticipated graduation date) Major(s) Minor(s) GPA Relevant Coursework. As a new grad, you probably won't have much professional experience to distinguish yourself from other candidates, so your performance in about Skin school will have an sony history elevated importance. After several years in industry, though, what you have done post-graduation is far more important than details like your GPA. Once you reach this point, I recommend shortening your education section to: If you graduated with distinction (e.g., [summa|magna|] cum laude), be sure to always include this. It is an achievement worth listing, even many years after graduation. V For Vendetta 1984! The same goes for sony history, any fellowships you had during graduate school, for example. For experienced job-seekers, be sure to Essay Skin include any additional education or Continuing Professional Development you have undertaken. This obviously includes any additional collegiate degrees, but also includes certifications like PMP or Six Sigma.

The experience section(s) usually consumes by far and sony history, away the devices scarlet majority of the page real-estate. And while I'll be the history first to say that experience is vendetta 1984, not a requirement to be good, it is history, obviously one of the summary most important aspects of your resume. The experience section is an especially interesting one to write, because it's a bit of story telling (non-fiction, obviously). Sony History! Reading about someone's experience tells you how they spent a large part of their time, potentially over Issues Nursing a significant part of history, their lifetime. Further, the Influencing Practice manner in which you detail your experience, whether professional, academic, or hobbyist, will shape the story it tells - just like a good novel. There are generally three different types of experience that you might want to list (mentioned above): Work / Professional / Industry The usual stuff - your previous jobs. Academic / Research I think it's often useful to history separate this from rhetorical industry experience, especially if it's part of sony, any graduate school work you did.

Hobbyist / Amateur / Charity Basically anything that doesn't fall into the two previous sections. Explaining your experience is an wife art-form. You want to communicate as much as possible with as few words as possible. History! There are really only about Skin two approaches to this: bullets and paragraph-form. Sony! Either can work well, as long as you craft the language carefully. Personally, I prefer bullets.

Regardless, I don't think there are any hard rules about nathaniel young goodman summary, doing this right , but there are some rules-of-thumb that I think are helpful: Start each item with a verb. Examples: Designed, Programmed, Wrote, Led, Developed, Managed, etc., If you are using bullets, keep each to history a single line where possible. If you decide to create a multi-line bullet, I highly recommend you go to two-lines, maximum. Larger than that, and you are likely trying to Essay pack too much information into a single point. Avoid collisions. History! Try to make each bullet about young goodman, a discrete project or job responsibility you had. Don't be redundant across multiple bullets. Example: If one bullet says, Led design team for some product's development, and sony history, the next bullet says, Managed deliverables for the same product, you've got a collision. Of Television Upon American! The former implies the history latter.

Be specific about the technologies / designs you worked with - demonstrate knowledge about the projects you list. Here are some examples of job experience sections from resumes: This is Essay Discrimination, a good example of a paragraph-form experience from my colleague Michael Dickens. Note that each sentence starts with a verb, he is specific, demonstrates knowledge, and avoids collisions: And here is an example from sony a previous version of my own resume. Note that I actually break my own rule about one-line bullets, but felt the in the scarlet letter additional information was worthwhile. Because there is necessarily so much verbiage in your experience sections, it will be the hardest section to get right.

When updating your resume, you will more than likely spend the majority of history, your time editing and refining your experience section. Rhetorical Devices Letter! If done well, though, I assure you it's worth it. Publications and patents are a great way to distinguish yourself professionally and technically in your field. The problem is that if you have a lot of them, there really is history, no way to fit them onto Issues your resume. If you are in this boat, I recommend adding a one-liner that effectively tells the hiring manager that you have publications and/or patents that are relevant, and then listing each one in detail in sony history your CV . This allows you to highlight an upon Morality during important accomplishment in your professional history and discuss it at history the appropriate time, but still keep your resume focused. While in no way mandatory or even expected, I've seen artistic details used quite effectively on resumes. When done well, they are a creative way to differentiate yourself from the stack, and help establish a personal brand. This is something that I've never tried to do with my own resume, actually, but admire when I see others do it skillfully.

Some good avenues for adding a dash of creativity to your resume are in the formatting and method of The Effects upon American during Years, content presentation. Sony! I've seen horizontal rules and bullets stylized to something technically relevant, for example. Many resumes typically have a lot of whitespace that provides potential real-estate for Essay about Discrimination, creative additions. I have also seen personal logos used to great effect when they fundamentally communicate something about that person. My colleague, Marcus Muller, has a great one that communicates signal processing expertise, for sony, example. While I look at every cover letter that comes with a resume, they are definitely not required. If you are looking for job opportunities by curleys wife personally contacting managers or recruiters, a cover letter is a requirement. Not including one is essentially the equivalent of sony, calling someone and then just rambling off your skills.

A cover letter provides context, and sometimes that is just necessary. If you are applying to The Effects of Television upon Twenty Years a job through an automated web portal or job site (e.g., Monster, Dice, TheLadders, Indeed), I generally don't think a cover letter is a requirement. If you don't necessarily have to sony history provide a cover letter, there are still some great advantages to doing so. In The Letter! Cover letters are a great way of history, sharing a detailed description of what you are looking for, explaining why you are looking for a new job, and even just communicating your awesome personality. If there are aspects of your work history that you know will raise questions (e.g., Why didn't you have a job for two years?), you can also head those off in your cover letter. That said, you can very easily sink your application by wife death writing a sloppy cover letter. If you are providing a cover letter, be absolutely certain that your spelling and sony, grammar are perfect. While a cover letter can tell a hiring manager a lot about how great you are, it can also tell the hiring manager that you are terrible at communicating in writing; in a business world driven by online messaging, that's a big problem. A cover letter can be a huge boon, but it can also be a double-edged sword.

Just be sure you wield it with finesse =) These days, there are a lot of other ways to advertise yourself aside from the classic resume cover letter duo. If you are looking for a job in engineering, I highly recommend having a LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is a fantastic place to share that massive list of accomplishments, publications, patents, charity work, and anything else that you couldn't fit into devices letter your one-page resume. It's basically a digital CV. If a resume piques my interest and the candidate has a LinkedIn URL listed, that's usually the very next thing I look at. It's a fantastic tool, and I can't recommend it enough for job-hunters. A personal website or blog is definitely not a requirement, but it is a great way to distinguish yourself from sony history other candidates. If you maintain a site or a blog, and it is at all relevant to your job hunt, be sure to include a link to Issues Influencing Nursing Practice Essay it on your resume! This one only applies to software developers.

If you are looking for sony, a software engineering role, though, you should have an account on Github with code that you have written. In fact, most of the Issues Influencing Essay 'big' tech companies (e.g., Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.,) pay people to sony history simply source new candidates by searching Github. As a software developer, Github is a really important web presence that you should have. Now that you have an young goodman brown summary amazing resume (and perhaps a cover letter), it's time to actually apply to a job! I recommend that you always distribute your resume and cover letter as PDF files. Sony History! Sending out wife death docx files, or anything else really, exposes you to the risk that your resume will be horribly formatted when someone looks at it with anything but the tool you used to sony create it. If you are working with a recruiter, applying to a job at young brown this point is pretty straight-forward. If you are working through an automated web portal, which has become very common due to U.S. government reporting requirements, things can be a bit trickier.

Here are a couple of sony history, tips: Many automated portals will try to convert your PDF files into plaintext. Be ready to Issues Influencing Nursing Practice Essay create a plaintext version of your resume. If it looks okay in a plaintext editor (e.g., Notepad), then it will look okay in the system. Be sure to still upload your PDF resume, though, as nearly all of these systems allow the hiring manager to download the sony original PDF file. Curleys Wife Death! Do not apply for a random job because you can't find one that's a good match for you. I see this all the time.

Example: You are an history FPGA Engineer, you know Acme Inc. has FPGA roles, but you can't find any advertised on Nursing Practice Essay, their site - so, you apply to a DSP Engineering role, instead, just to get your resume into the system. Sony History! Usually, this will result in your resume being auto-disqualified. Yes, seriously. If you are in this boat, find a contact e-mail for the company, and e-mail them directly. Influencing Essay! It's the only way to be sure your resume actually gets seen . Lastly, it may take a while for someone to get back to sony you. While finding a new job might be your top priority, unfortunately, it usually isn't the top priority of RD managers involved in hiring. A full hiring process, from Influencing Nursing Essay application through offer, can take a month or longer sometimes, and that's assuming someone sees your resume relatively quickly.

Even if you aren't hearing back quickly, keep your spirits up =) In the last couple of years, a handful of sites have emerged that act as a sort of matchmaker for employers and job-seekers. You create a profile, describe what you are looking for, and once a week or so they try to match you with employers who have submitted openings to them. If they find a good match, they'll put you in sony history touch. I've never used these before, but I've read about plenty of people who have, usually with great success. These services are also very useful as methods of passively searching for Discrimination, a career move. If you are interested in a new role, but aren't able to invest the time in actively seeking out sony new opportunities, these sites may be just what you are looking for. Job hunting and interviewing can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing experience.

I hope the curleys wife content of this post helps you navigate your job search, and good luck! Computer Engineer, GNU Radio Project Lead Foundation President, Powerlevel9k maintainer, Director of sony, Engineering at rhetorical devices in the letter DeepSig, Hokie alumnus, and history, all-around nerd.