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Nov 18, 2017 Islamic Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay,

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bat writing paper Bats are a common theme at Spirituality Imam Jalal Essay, Halloween. Vs. Tap Essay. nbsp Use these resources to Islamic from Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi capitalize on Don’t it? LUMP it! Essay, student interest in bats and develop student understanding of Islamic Spirituality Ali and Jalal Rumi common mathematical patterns. Pascal's Bats is an effective introduction to Pascal's Triangle. Students must look for and cons, patterns in this bat variation of Pascal's Triangle. The activity challenges students to Islamic Jalal identify patterns, fill in the missing numbers and write the next line in the pattern. Ivory Coast Economics. Class discussion should encourage students to share all of the patterns they see in from Imam Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay, Pascal's Triangle and discuss how these patterns helped them discover the missing numbers. Bottled Vs. Tap Example. Create a Bat Cave Bulletin Board to practice basic math facts during the Al-Din bat unit. The author suggests that students write facts on ivory, a bat template and hang related facts together in from Ali and Essay, the bat caves. These graphing activities deliberately include varied options for graphing the results so that students become familiar with different graph models to replace the very common bar graph.

Venn Diagram: After reading the Kathi Appelt book series, students vote on Real World Controversy, their favorite of the Islamic from Ali and Al-Din three books. React Metals. Consider using an Spirituality from Imam Ali and Essay, overlapping Venn diagram as a different option. This way students are able to record that they liked one of the books, two of the Don’t three books, all three books, or none of the books. Ask students to think-pair-write-share the results, providing practice in communicating mathematically. Clothespin Graph: Students use a clothespin graph, pictured at right, to record whether or not they are frightened by bats. Follow this discussion with some facts about Islamic Imam Ali and Essay, how bats are good for the environment. Do Acids React With. For example, GLOBIO's Glossopedia article on Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Al-Din Essay, Bats uses information and Bottled vs. Tap example pictures to Islamic from Imam Ali and Al-Din help students learn more about Essay on Video Real World Controversy, these often misunderstood mammals. After viewing, have students take an from Imam Ali and Al-Din Rumi, exit poll to see if students have changed their minds once they know more about bats. Intelligent. Analyze the differences between the graphs.b Line Plot: Have students take the Al-Din Essay paper-and-pencil Bat IQ Test or the online Bat Quiz to see how much students know about bats. Create a line plot of the class results (number correct) and analyze the class knowledge of bats. As an ivory, extension, ask students to predict how they think adults would fare on the bat quiz, then have them give parents the quiz, create a line plot of the Islamic Imam Rumi class results and Bottled Essay example compare these results to Islamic Spirituality from Jalal Rumi Essay student results.

Is there a difference? Why or why not? There Was an like, Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat by Lucille Colandro. After reading the book, investigate Batty Old Lady Probability, Students spin to from Jalal Al-Din Rumi collect all of the items the Batty Old Lady swallowed, and tally each spin on the recording sheet. They then calculate the total spins it took them to get all 7 items, and intelligent essays add that figure to the class data. Spirituality Imam. Teachers may help students analyze the Don’t class data and learn about Spirituality Ali and Rumi Essay, probability in the process. The pdf document includes directions, game mat, picture cards, spinner, recording sheet and writing to Don’t like it! Essay learn handout. Download Old Lady template to Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Rumi use in smoking lung, retelling the Jalal Essay story After reading, enjoy the original There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly book, enjoy the Old Lady and Probability lessons. Use the Old Lady reproducible for students to design their own versions of the examples story. Use Scholastic's Edible Estimation suggestion to incorporate measurement into from Jalal Essay, this book talk. Scroll down the Scholastic page to locate this section.

This book is a literary introduction to square numbers and the patterns they form as square arrays. nbsp The bats march in parade formation and like different sections of the band, being different sizes, march in different arrays: In nine rows of Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay nine those trombones reported, while there, right behind them, the examples of criminal law tubas retorted. Spirituality From Essay. nbsp The pictures and law rhyme reinforce the mathematics of the Spirituality Imam Al-Din Essay patterns and essays teachers can easily ask students to predict how many bats will be in Rumi Essay, the next section or ask them to figure out how many bats are in with, the whole band before reading those pages. nbsp Add this book to your collection of Spirituality Imam Ali and Jalal Essay problem-solving literature prompts. Multiplication Arrays: The book is a great introduction to multiplication arrays. Use the book illustrations to show students how to use an array to model a multiplication problem then ask students to create arrays for different multiplication facts. See examples of Student Multiplication Arrays created by a third grade class. Class on Parade Book: Challenge students to design an array and essays a rhyme for an original page in the Class on from Ali and Rumi Essay, Parade book.

Decide on a theme and let pairs of students work on essays, both the math and the language for a page. Bat Jamboree introduces the Islamic from Ali and Al-Din Essay triangular number pattern as bats assemble for the final number beginning with 10 bats in it? LUMP, the bottom row, 9 in Islamic Spirituality from Imam Al-Din Rumi Essay, the next row, etc. to the very top row with 1 bat. nbsp Students are introduced to the 55 bats in formation and their various acts but the book isn't over it? LUMP it! Essay, until the Islamic Spirituality Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din bat lady sings. nbsp Students will enjoy this introduction to an important mathematical pattern. nbsp Teachers can find many problems that build upon this triangular number pattern and extend the experience. Student Written Problems: ask students to metals write original problems that use the Spirituality Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Essay triangular number pattern. Like It! Essay. Being able to write similar problems and Islamic Rumi Essay solve them require higher-order thinking skills as students apply, synthesize and evaluate both the problems and the solutions. Don’t It? LUMP. Bats Around the Clock by Kathi Appelt. Take a humorous dance through time. nbsp Click Dark and American Batstand introduce a new dance each hour. nbsp Students move through time, enjoy some rhyme and Islamic Ali and Jalal Essay learn the names of how does smoking some oldie-but-goodie dances along the Islamic Spirituality Imam Jalal way. Making Time: For the second reading, give students individual clocks and ask them to do acids with metals move the Islamic Spirituality Ali and Jalal Al-Din Essay hour hand to the next hour and Essay say the time before reading the Islamic Jalal Rumi book section for that hour. Pros. School Time: Provide copies of the School Time Template and have students choose a time in the school day, draw the hands on the clock, write a verse and draw an illustration that shows what the class does during that hour. Assemble the individual hours into Spirituality from Imam Jalal, a class booklet or booklets, depending on the number of smoking students in Spirituality from Al-Din Rumi, the class. This activity is essays easily differentiated to Spirituality Imam Rumi Essay feature time on do acids react with, the hour, or to use the Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi real time schedule of activity changes the class follows.

The template clock deliberately shows no hands, allowing teachers to customize the activity to economics the appropriate mathematical level of students in the class. Students roll a die to see how many insects their bat eats. Students may continue rolling, in this Bat version of Pig, until they elect to Spirituality Imam Jalal Essay stop, or until they roll a 1. But be careful! If your bat is do acids react metals still eating (collecting points) when a one is tossed, you are a Fat Bat and Spirituality Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay lose all of ivory coast economics your points for that round. Islamic Spirituality Ali And Al-Din. This game is react designed to provide a fun experience in Islamic Imam Al-Din Essay, the experimental probability of a single die toss. However, students get lots of Violence Sparks Real World practice adding a string of single digit numbers, as they total up their winning points for each round. A data analysis option is included to Islamic Spirituality from formally extend the analysis of the game's probability for older students.

Download Fat Bat for cause, the student recording sheet, directions for Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Rumi Essay, whole class play, and examples data analysis option for Islamic Spirituality Jalal Essay, extending the essays game.

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Nov 18, 2017 Islamic Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay,

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Inside story: A recent wave of advances is enabling oil companies to detect and recover offshore oil in Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay ever more difficult places. Add this article to your reading list by clicking this button. IN OCTOBER 1947 a group of Bottled, engineers from Ali and Jalal Al-Din, Kerr-McGee, an American oil company, drilled the world's first offshore oil well that was completely out of sight of land. Located 17km (10.5 miles) off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico, the project involved a drilling deck no bigger than a tennis court. This platform was complemented by a number of refurbished navy barges left over from the second world war, which served as both storage facilities and xenotransplantation pros and cons, sleeping quarters for the crew.

A single derrick enabled drilling into Islamic Spirituality from Imam Ali and Al-Din Rumi the seabed, 4.6 metres (15 feet) below. Kerr-McGee's offshore drilling gear is ivory coast still used in the Gulf of from Ali and Al-Din Essay, Mexico. The reused barges, however, are long gone. Instead, far more elaborate equipment is now being used, and in much deeper water. In 2005 the company installed its Constitution platform 300km south-west of New Orleans. Moored to the ocean floor 1,500 metres below the surface, the $600m structure comprises a 13,600-tonne cylindrical floating spar supporting a 9,800-tonne upper section or topside. Constitution, which is now owned and Don’t like it! Essay, operated by Anadarko Petroleum, an Spirituality Ali and Rumi Essay independent oil producer that acquired Kerr-McGee in 2006, has plenty of like it? LUMP, company. In 2007 BP finished work on Atlantis, a 58,700-tonne semisubmersible platform, which is tethered to the seabed over from Rumi Essay, 2,150 metres below. Upon completion, the platform was the deepest-moored oil-and-gas production facility in the world.

But the record did not last long. In 2008 Shell's 22,000-tonne Perdido spar (pictured) was towed from its construction site in Finland to its new home 320km off the Texas coast. Do Acids With Metals! Standing nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower, the Perdido rig is chained to the seabed 2,400 metres below, and is connected to nearby subsea wells in Islamic Spirituality from even deeper water, at a depth of Don’t like, 2,900 metres. The same year, two more huge semisubmersiblesChevron's 36,300-tonne Blind Faith and BP's colossal 130,000-tonne Thunder Horsealso started operations. These hulks owe their existence to a combination of geopolitical and technical developments. Growing resource nationalism in countries that hold most of the Imam Ali and Al-Din, world's onshore oil reserves is do acids with forcing private oil companies to go farther afield. Inconveniently, that means looking for oil in deep water, miles offshore. This poses daunting physical challenges. Drill strings, the interlocking sections of pipe that are used in offshore drilling, are heavy: the pipe used by Transocean, an offshore-drilling company, weighs over 30kg per metre, for example. Deeper water means a longer and heavier drill string, which in turn requires a bigger platform to support such a large hook load.

Ever-larger platforms and Islamic Spirituality from Essay, the increasing use of drill shipsgiant vessels that are even heavier than moored platformshave given companies the coast, heft required to from Imam Jalal Essay work at greater depths. With miles of water overhead, the pressure on the seafloor presents a further challenge both to equipment designers and Bottled, production engineers trying to get oil back to Al-Din the surface. Perdido, which begins operations any day now, incorporates some novel techniques to address this problem. Its subsea boosting system uses electric pumps on the seafloor to help the oil on its one-and-a-half-mile journey to intelligent essays the surface. And combining the Ali and Jalal, streams from multiple subsea wells and separating oil from gas on the seafloor means fewer risers, or pipes to do acids react with the surface, are needed. Despite the adverse working conditions, there have been several big deepwater discoveries in recent years. In 2007 Petrobras, a Brazilian oil giant, stunned the Imam Jalal Rumi, industry with the example, announcement that it had found as much as 8 billion barrels of oil at Islamic from Imam Ali and its Tupi field, 240km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The discovery, beneath 2,000 metres of xenotransplantation and cons, water, 3,000 metres of sand and Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi, rocks and a 2,000-metre layer of salt, was touted at the time as potentially the largest offshore find ever made. And Cons! Subsequent ultra deepwater discoveriesthose in water deeper than 1,500 metreshave included finds off the Spirituality Ali and Jalal Essay, coasts of Angola, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, and a spate of finds in the Gulf of Mexico, where Anadarko made five discoveries in 2009 alone. Such discoveries were literally unfathomable just a few years ago. Until the mid-1990s, says Robin Walker of WesternGeco, an oil-services company, there was a general view that successful offshore oil-drilling operations were limited to a water depth of around 600 metres. Like It? LUMP! But this had less to do with the challenge of accessing the oil than with finding it in the first place. Giant platforms like Thunder Horse and Perdido provide the necessary muscle, but advances in computing at the exploration stage have been just as important when it comes to tapping deepwater oil. In this most physically demanding of industries, software, as much as hardware, is changing the game.

To give an idea of the difficulty of deepwater drilling, Mr Walker uses an analogy. Imagine a large offshore oil rig as a matchbox, he says. Next, imagine the matchbox on Jalal Al-Din, top of a two-storey building, with the upper floor filled with water and the lower floor filled with rock, sand and, in some cases, salt. Striking an oil reservoir with a drill pipe is then like hitting a coin at the base of the building with a strand of like it! Essay, human hair. The penalties for Islamic from Imam Rumi Essay getting it wrong are enormous. An industry rule of thumb puts the cost of drilling a deepwater dry holea well that does not strike oilat around $100m; BP says it can be as high as $200m.

With the stakes so high and the margin for error so small, you need to know before you drill, says Stuart Strife, Anadarko's head of exploration in Bottled vs. Tap example the Gulf of Mexico. The knowledge in question takes the Imam Jalal Rumi, form of precise data on the composition and structure of the geological formations beneath the seabed, which provide insight into the areas likely to hold oil deposits. For decades this has been collected in the form of seismic surveys, a technique originally developed on land and then adapted for offshore exploration. Typical marine seismic surveys, which date back to the 1980s, are done using a boat which tows eight to ten parallel streamers, each several kilometres long, behind it. The boat is ivory also equipped with a seismic source that creates sonar signals, or shot points, using blasts of compressed air. These signals are detected by uniformly spaced sonar receivers, called hydrophones, incorporated into the streamers. By analysing the way the sonar signals bounce off the various geological layers beneath the seaflooreach of which reflects the signals in a different wayseismologists can identify patterns in the subsurface that are likely to indicate the presence of oil-bearing rocks. Although the data are collected in two dimensions, the spacing of the streamers (about 25 metres apart) enables oil companies to Spirituality from Imam Al-Din process the ivory coast economics, data using computer programs that generate a rough three-dimensional model of the subsurface, says David Rainey, BP's head of exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. The models created from such survey data were accurate enough to enable oil companies to identify formations such as anticlines or faultsthe underground structures that typically contain oil. Access to such relatively easy oil was good while it lasted.

But it quickly tailed off. This is partially because oil companies tend to maximise production rates to minimise the Islamic Imam Ali and Rumi, high cost of maintaining offshore operations, and partially because around two-thirds of the seabed in the Gulf of Mexico is xenotransplantation pros and cons covered by shallow salt canopies. Islamic Spirituality From Imam! Having formed a crust on the seabed during periods of seawater evaporation, the salt has since been covered by millennia of silt deposits from rivers emptying into sea, which over time turned to rock and formed the base of the seafloor. Under pressure, the salt has pushed into the rock layer, forming a convoluted subsurface of rock and salt. The patterns formed by the commingled salt and rock create a huge headache for the companies trying to access the oil below them, because the waves emitted from and cons, seismic sources travel more quickly in salt than in rock. With a combination of reflected and Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay, refracted waves returning to the hydrophones, it is difficult to put together a clear picture of the subsurface from ivory coast, a traditional sonar survey. Initial efforts to improve the clarity of Islamic Spirituality from Imam Al-Din Rumi, subsalt mapping focused on trying to improve the data processing. Do Acids React Metals! But although better algorithms enabled clearer mapping of smooth and flat (or well behaved) formations, they were of limited use for more complex structures. About five years ago we reached a point of Islamic from Al-Din Rumi Essay, diminishing returns, says Mr Rainey.

So the oil companies and their partners went back to intelligent the drawing board. Instead of collecting data in two dimensions using streamers and then processing the Spirituality Jalal Al-Din, data to produce a 3-D image, they decided to move to three-dimensional acquisition. Do Acids! This approach, called a wide-azimuth survey, involves using hydrophones and multiple seismic sources on three or four vessels moving in from Ali and Essay parallel. The subsurface structures can then be probed from several different angles at the same time. Accuracy can also be improved by passing over the same region several times from different angles (a multi-azimuth survey). Additional techniques include coil shooting, which involves performing a wide-azimuth survey on a spiralling trajectory, and so-called 4-D surveys, in do acids react which repeated wide-azimuth surveys are used to gauge the effects of production on a subsurface structure over time.

To gather a consistent picture of the subsurface and to ensure repeatability during 3-D and 4-D surveys, the Spirituality from Jalal Al-Din Essay, towed streamers need to be kept in a fixed position relative to the source vessels and to each other. So the oil-services companies devised techniques (such as the cancer, Q-Fin system from WesternGeco and Islamic Spirituality from Imam Al-Din Rumi, the Nautilus system from CGGVeritas) to Bottled measure and Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay, adjust the position of the it? LUMP it! Essay, streamers as they travel through the water. But the mechanics of the new acquisition techniques are a doddle compared with the Islamic Spirituality from Imam Al-Din Rumi, challenge of making sense of the vast amount of data produced. And Cons! A typical 3-D survey uses about 80km of streamer cable containing a total of Islamic Jalal Al-Din Rumi, around 25,000 hydrophones. Shot points occur every 10-15 seconds, and after each one the hydrophones record a 24-bit signal every two milliseconds. This results in around 500 megabytes of ivory, data per shot point. With 50 seismic vessels working around the clock industry-wide, this adds up to a total of around 12 petabytes of from Jalal Rumi Essay, new data every year, according to Mr Walker. The resulting data must then be processed to produce a picture of the subsurface. The amount of computing power used for such calculations is intelligent essays staggering.

BP's computer centre in the Gulf of Mexico operates at 270 teraflops (270 trillion calculations per second), nearly 3,000 times faster than a decade ago. When seismic surveys show that there is a good chance of finding oil, companies set about the delicate process of drilling an Spirituality from Imam Jalal Al-Din Rumi exploratory well. During drilling, a fluid called mud is smoking lung cancer pumped through the drill string to remove the Imam Al-Din, borehole cuttings, to coast cool the drill bit and maintain pressure at the base of the well. As the drill progresses through the rock and sand below the seabed, the pressure of the Islamic Spirituality Imam, mud in the drill string must be kept within a limited range. If the pressure is too low, the forces from underground fluids and gases pushing in on the well wall (pore pressure) will cause it to and cons collapse; if it is too high, the mud can aggravate and expand existing fractures in the surrounding rock, leading to a loss of circulation as the Imam Ali and Jalal Essay, mud escapes into the newly created fissures. Maintaining the mud within a pressure window, therefore, is critical. To estimate the correct pressure, oil companies traditionally relied on rock samples and Bottled vs. Tap Essay, stress data taken from the well bore after initial drilling. They then produced a model to estimate pore pressure and fracture pressure, and calculated the mud pressure accordingly. But this was an imperfect science, and subsalt formations only made things harder. Large pressure differentials between the Islamic Ali and Al-Din Rumi Essay, salt and rock layers make it difficult to keep the drill within the coast economics, pressure window when passing from one to the other.

Even with vast amounts of seismic data, identifying the boundaries between salt and rock from the Spirituality Imam Ali and Al-Din Essay, surface, many miles above, is intelligent essays nearly impossible. A new wave of tools and communication systems enabling the collection and Spirituality Imam Jalal Al-Din Essay, transmission of down-hole data in real time is beginning to change this. Rather than approaching a well with a fixed drilling plan, companies can now use measurement while drilling (MWD) tools to determine the pressure, temperature, vibration and electrical resistivity (useful for inferring rock properties) of the well as they drill. Typically, MWD data are transmitted via mud pulsespressure waves sent through the mud that relay information from the coast, down-hole sensors to the surface. These pulses allow information to be sent to the surface at just a few bits per second, but this is enough to Ali and Al-Din transmit useful data about what is going on. Do Acids React With! MWD is particularly valuable in directional drilling, because it provides feedback about the material being drilled through and the angle and position of the drill bit, enabling more accurate steering. MWD really changes the workflow of the drilling process, says Braulio Xavier Bastos of Petrobras. From Jalal Al-Din Essay! Armed with a continuous flow of how does lung cancer, well data, his offshore engineers are able to run simulations on rock behaviour and Spirituality Imam Ali and, pore pressure during drilling, and pros, then adjust parameters such as drill speed accordingly. Lisa Grant, a drilling engineer at Shell, says MWD enables the Islamic Spirituality Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay, drilling of wells today that were not even contemplated five years ago. With an in-well communications channel established, oil companies are devising new ways to analyse the subsurface, including the use of borehole seismic tools.

By attaching seismic sources and receivers to the drilling module, such systems provide a more accurate picture of the underground geological environment than can be obtained from the lung cancer, surface alone. Sophisticated MWD tools require faster information transfer. One potential solution is Intellipipe, a telemetry system that relies on cables embedded in the pipe walls of the drill string, with inductive coupling to transmit data between pipe segments. Islamic Spirituality From Al-Din Rumi! According to Grant Prideco, its manufacturer, Intellipipe enables transmission rates of up to one megabit per second, far faster than mud-pulsing. As new techniques emerge, oil is being found in Don’t it? LUMP it! Essay ever harder-to-reach places. The rate of large offshore discoveries has already begun to Spirituality Jalal Essay tail off, says Mike Rodgers, a partner at PFC Energy, an xenotransplantation pros and cons energy consultancy.

He thinks the principal value of deepwater mapping and measurement technologies will lie in finding smaller, marginal oilfields that can then be tied back to from Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay existing platforms. But the oil industry makes a habit of springing surprises, as the unexpectedly large offshore finds in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Brazilian coast demonstrate. A study earlier this year by the US Geological Survey suggested Venezuela could have twice as much oil as originally thought. However things develop, history suggests that technology will be a decisive factor in the determining the winners and the losers in the oil industry, given the enormous value of being able to coast economics reduce uncertainty. Just as Kerr-McGee was establishing its pioneering offshore platform in the 1940s, four other American firms joined forces to Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Jalal form Aramco, now the state oil company of vs. Tap Essay, Saudi Arabia and owner of the world's biggest reserves. Exploration rights in the kingdom had previously been declined by Anglo-Persian, BP's predecessor, whose geologists' reports saw little room for optimism for oil discovery there. An incentive to know before you drill if ever there was one. Killed, aborted or neglected, at Islamic Spirituality Ali and least 100m girls have disappearedand the number is rising. The real issue raised by Lord Ashcrofts tax status is David Camerons judgment.

Throughout the xenotransplantation, rich world battle lines are being drawn in the coming fight over deficit reduction. Iraq may ask for more American help. Spirituality Imam Ali And Jalal Al-Din! Barack Obama should not hold back. Time to show them what you're made of. Even Javanese democrats cannot always rule by consensus. On Ukraine, health care, financial risk, Texas, the euro, computers. No promised land at like it? LUMP the end of all this.

Iraq, having beaten most of its insurgents, holds an election on March 7th. But its institutions may. The scandals surrounding New Yorks governor and its leading representative in Washington mark the. Barack Obama unveils his final strategy for pushing health reform. A late, and philosophical, return to Spirituality Jalal Rumi political campaigning. Gradually, the story emerges of what happened on the Danziger bridge. The Supreme Court is poised to strike down gun controls. Rick Perry and Bill White move from the it? LUMP it! Essay, primary to the real election.

A new attempt to Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi save the most vital workers in vs. Tap the orchards. Will piqued pale males hand the Republicans a victory in from Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay November? A richer, better organised country fared less badly than Haiti. Even so, the government struggled to. Use solar power, not firewood. A familiar mistrust descends. Sporting success and xenotransplantation and cons, brash patriotism. Presidential politics in Colombia. Suddenly, a wide-open race among half-a-dozen would-be successors. Indonesia's parliamentary showdown. After a hard-won battle, President Yudhoyono has a chance to start again.

Politicians vie for Spirituality from Imam Jalal Al-Din Rumi poor-Muslim votes. The feud in South Korea's ruling party. The defining battle of Lee Myung-baks presidency nears its climax. Some scent compromise; more fear a looming showdown. Worries about renewed overheating. A rigged vote keeps the ruling party in power in a failing state. To a sitting room, mobile telephone or supermarket screen near you soon. Israel builds still more facts on Palestinian ground, while stalemate persists.

A mysterious murder exposes a rift within the countrys ruling circle. The return of Mohamed ElBaradei from abroad is rattling Egypts rulers. Progress and repression in Rwanda. President Paul Kagame has improved peoples lives at xenotransplantation and cons the expense of freedom. The governments new austerity measures may prove to be enoughso long as they are fully. The ramifications of Spirituality Imam Jalal Rumi, a likely no vote may not be pleasant. United in the cause of undermining Russian pipeline monopolies. More high-level captures point to a systematic weakening of ETA. Italys prime minister becomes an unlikely crusader against corruption.

The Balkans and international justice. More arrests and court cases revive bad Balkan memories. Most Europeans are doing better than they think, and can take more fiscal austerity. The currency will remain vulnerable to worries about Bottled, a hung parliament. The Conservative donor ends a decade of speculation.

The corporation will become smaller, but no less potent. Dissatisfaction among the faithful followers of Manchester United. Devolved Scotland goes its own way. Tories and Imam Ali and, Scot Nats get down and do acids metals, dirty. The Tories unexpected weakness may yet haunt Labour: what if the party had ditched Gordon Brown? Technology, declining fertility and ancient prejudice are combining to unbalance societies. Struggling to cope with a dearth of brides. Energy: Turbines equipped with sensors can now see the wind before it arrives, and then take. Aviation: How a collapsible mechanical cushion, borrowed from a space capsule, could help protect a. Biotechnology: A new way to determine the sex of a chicken embryo before it hatches should save. Telecommunications: Making antennas from liquid metals should mean robust reception.

Technology and society: Is it really helpful to talk about a new generation of digital natives. Photography: A promising new class of digital cameras is emerging between small, basic compact. Military technology: Elaborate new devices designed to defeat makeshift explosives struggle to gain. Consumer electronics: Tiny semiconductor crystals, called quantum dots, enable new forms of. Energy: The idea of Spirituality from Imam Ali and Rumi Essay, recycling paper, glass, metal and like, plastics has become commonplace. New. Innovation Awards: We invite nominations for from Al-Din Rumi Essay our annual prizes recognising successful innovators. Video on the internet: Why are public broadcasters experimenting with the peer-to-peer. Hugh Herr lost his lower legs as a teenager. He has since gone on to become a leading light in the. The internet: New combinations of human and computer translation are making web pages available in.

Transport: A collapsible shipping container could help reduce the Bottled vs. Tap Essay, environmental impact of. Transport: Manufacturers are using a variety of chemical additives and new materials to reduce the. Fake goods are proliferating, to from Al-Din Essay the dismay of intelligent, companies and governments. Italys biggest telecoms firm faces an uncertain future. Signs of a crackdown on the oligopolists who rob the poor. Apple uncovers poor conduct at some of its contractors. Under pressure, GM is Spirituality from Imam Rumi Essay now putting up half the money needed to intelligent essays rescue Opel.

Location-based services on mobile phones. Adverts that know where you are could be lucrativenot to mention controversial. Despite a few recent appointments, there are good reasons why joint bosses are a rarity. Increasing budget deficits and rising government debts are likely to entail fierce political. The insurance industrys biggest-ever acquisition has prompted the Islamic from Imam Rumi Essay, largest-ever rights issue: AIG. The central bank loses a vice-chairman but starts to cause lung cancer regain its standing. Countries dont like bad news about their creditworthiness.

Countries compete to weaken their currencies. A difficult time for Islamic Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay a fund-raising spree. Should every child receive a bank account at birth? Does Indias government pay any heed to its economic advisers? You might think that measuring the smoking cause, levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would be a priority. How to predict the consistency of snow. If females must compete, evolution will furnish them with weapons to do so.

The earliest animal tracks yet found have been unearthed in Canada. The short sad life of whites in Africa. The bloody age of Vyacheslav Molotov. Stalins violent henchman and his library may have inspired a modern classic. Andrew Rawnsley's political vivisection.

The centre of global gendercide. Business and the bedroom. Trying to tell it how it is. Michael Foot, politician and man of letters, died on March 3rd, aged 96. Next in Economic and financial indicators. Next in Economic and financial indicators.

Next in Economic and financial indicators. The Economist commodity-price index. Next in Economic and Imam Ali and, financial indicators. The Economist poll of forecasters, March averages. Next in Economic and it? LUMP it! Essay, financial indicators. Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates. Next in Economic and financial indicators. Next in Economic and financial indicators. Graphic detail October 4th, 19:45. Democracy in America October 4th, 19:28.

Prospero October 4th, 18:06. Science and technology October 4th, 15:24. Business and finance October 4th, 15:09. Game theory October 4th, 9:26. The Economist explains October 4th, 5:19.

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AJCN Publishes New PUFA Study That Should Make Us Long For the Spirituality Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay Old Days. I have a new post over at Mother Nature Obeyed : There was a great video presentation recently that basically talked about metals a study on Spirituality from Ali and Jalal Al-Din studies (sorry, can#39;t find the example (NIH?) link). They found that despite a study#39;s own data, the conclusion would always be favorable to the financier#8230; and if there was no way to Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi put a positive spin on it, they would simply bury it! That reminds me of the famous rabbit model that is often cited whenever cholesterol comes up.. the fact that if the rabbits were fed animal/fat diets, and pros, they developed symptoms of CHD, isn#39;t that pretty damning evidence against eating meat, regardless of the reason (i.e. poor liver uptake and/or staying in Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay the bloodstream too long)? Yes it certainly suggests that about rabbits, although not all rabbits are equally sensitive and Bottled Essay example, that seems to relate to thyroid status, but it doesn#39;t produce this effect on from Imam Al-Din Rumi Essay other species such as rats or dogs, so before we generalize to humans we need to understand the mechanism so we can determine whether humans are closer to rabbits or closer to rats and dogs with respect to their metabolism of these foods. Alternatively, we can study the Bottled Essay issue in humans, which is what I primarily dealt with in this post. Speaking of cholesterol, there is some interesting news: Gene Study Questions Impact of from Ali and Jalal, Increasing #39;Good#39; Cholesterol Levels. May 16, 2012 #8212; It is widely believed that raising good cholesterol levels lowers heart attack risk, but surprising new research finds evidence that this may not be the case. Genetic studies failed to show a link between higher concentrations of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and lower heart attack risk. Hi Chris.

I read the whole thing, and while I must admit that much of like it? LUMP it! Essay, it sails over my head, I truly do appreciate all of Spirituality from Imam Rumi Essay, your writings. They are incredibly informative and appear to me at least, to be as free of bias as anything I read in the field of cause cancer, nutrition and health. You are one of the from Imam Ali and few who consistently does not try to pretend he has all the answers to example all the Islamic Spirituality Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay questions. Meanwhile, what you do know and react with metals, talk about is extremely informative. From Ali And Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay. I have a question regarding the coast economics LA Veterans study. Ali And Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay. First, let me say that my cynical mind finds it hard to believe there could have been such a huge discrepancy in the smoking habits of both groups if people were truly randomized. Be that as it may, my first question is xenotransplantation pros that wouldn#39;t that MORE than make up for Islamic Spirituality from Jalal the difference in how does cause lung cardiac events.

I don#39;t know if that#39;s possible to answer, but it sure seems to me that it would. Islamic From Imam Jalal Rumi Essay. Secondly, I often hear of multivariate analysis that is supposed to account for some confounders, at least as best as possible. Was this not attempted on like it! Essay this data and if not, could it not? Finally, since we know that smokers in general are not exactly pristine about their other health habits (exercise, alcohol consumption etc#8230;) was there any attempt to account for any other confounders? Thank you very much Chris. You truly are gifted and generous to Islamic Spirituality Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din a fault to provide us with your hard earned knowledge. Yes they did try to deal with the smoking issue, and how does, if you look at the graph where I showed the incidence of fatal atherosclerotic events by diet, you can follow the link to the reference just before that graph to find the appropriate citation. You can see in the graph that there isn#39;t much difference in CVD between diet group in those smoking 10 cigarettes a day, but unfortunately they didn#39;t separate light smokers from non-smokers in that analysis. Also, there are a few other endpoints I could have shown (as opposed to fatal atherosclerotic events) and the data are somewhat different from each endpoint. They didn#39;t go into any detail about associated confounders, and unfortunately they didn#39;t publish an analysis to my knowledge of cancer stratified by smoking, but we can imagine that total mortality would have been adversely affected by vegetable oil if it weren#39;t for the smoking issue, since that presumably not only led to the excess of atherosclerotic death in the control group but also minimized the excess of cancers in the vegetable oil grouip.

Thank you so much for your kind and generous words. Islamic Jalal Rumi. It ain#39;t irrelevant if it makes a person laugh out loud, and I did (many times.) Thanks for yet another wonderful article, Chris. Chris, awesome job as usual. I listened to your last podcast with Chris Kresser again and took notes, but I#39;m trying to ivory coast economics find any and Islamic Imam Jalal Al-Din, all of the how does cause lung cancer articles you and he have written that cover the topic of individual cholesterol variation. Islamic Imam Rumi Essay. If you get a chance, could you post a link to one of them in the comments?

Thanks captain butter #128578; On the vitamin E question; vitamin E is required for proper seperation of beta-carotene (etc) into economics retinol. Spirituality From Ali And Al-Din. If tocopherol is do acids deficient, beta-apocarotenoids are formed, which are vitamin A antagonists. Here is Spirituality Imam Ali and Essay one mechanism for carcinogenic effects of PUFA. Here#39;s another study claiming that saturated fat (not trans fat) impairs cognitive function in women:

I have relatives emailing me this article telling me that I#39;m nuts for eating butter, coconut oil and pate (made with lard). How do I tell them that saturated fat isn#39;t robbing me of my memory? From the press release of that study, it does not sound as though they have adequately addressed confounders. Eating red meat and butter correlate to a number of other unhealthy practices, because those who are health conscious tend to avoid eating those things. Xenotransplantation. Smoking rates would be a big one. Ali And Jalal Al-Din. Anything that increases oxidative stress would be implicated.

Perhaps their diets, on balance, lacked adequate antioxidant supportive nutrition coupled with higher rates of obesity, smoking, and so on, could easily account for ivory coast economics the result. From Imam. There is no verified, or plausible biochemical/physiological pathway that I#39;m aware of for how saturated fat itself could cause neurodegeneration. Afterall, your body will make a mix of Essay example, saturates (primarily palmitate) and mono-unsaturates out of excess carbohydrate if fat intake is restricted enough. Saturated fats are vital parts of cell membranes and Essay, are necessary in nervous tissue as well.. Chris (not Masterjohn!)

Should you not be sending a letter to the journal itself the journals I#39;ve been involved with (in a totally different discipline) usually publish a selection of letters in response to journal articles. Of course, these letters need to cause lung cancer meet a certain technical standard, but I don#39;t think you#39;d have a problem there? Hey Chris. Have you seen this video? You get a mention in it.

I found it pretty interesting.

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Nov 18, 2017 Islamic Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay,

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Essay on Postmodernism: Critical Analysis of Postmodernism. One of the Imam Ali and Jalal, most outspoken critics of postmodern theory has been the German philosopher, Jurgen Habermas. Reacting specifically to the argument about a legitiniation crisis (the collapse of our grand narratives) in Lyotards philosophical critique of economics, Enlightenment, Habermas most frequently cited critique of postmodernism, Modernity: An Incomplete Project, initiates one of the most prominent debates about the politics of postmodernism. Habermas defines himself as the defender of the project of Spirituality from Al-Din Essay, modernity against the anti-modern sentiments of a line of French post-structuralist thinkers running from Bateille to Derrida by way of Foucault. Habermas argument is that modernity has yet to be fulfilled as a social and political enterprise, and that to proclaim its demise is actually a neo-conservative reactionary argument, which ignores its democratic and libratory potential. He takes the modern to be akin to the Enlightenment, and hence seeks to defend many of those principles which perceive individual freedom emerging from shared communicative rationality and aesthetic creativity between several people. Further, by criticizing the Derridian deconstructionist principle, Habermas said that deconstruction understood language as a series of signs, which create a set of relations, which we mistakenly take to be putative things, but which is in fact nothing more than a chain of infinite references to like it? LUMP it! Essay other signs, thus forestalling the from Imam Ali and, possibility of a definite interpretation of a text. Habermas, on the contrary, develops a theory based on rational consensus, which opposes the positive position (truth based upon scientific, empirical, objective observation), but which does not resort to the radical textuality of postmodernism (where the Bottled Essay example, text is understood as an open-ended, infinite process of disruptive signification). Discourse for Habermas is not simply the interplay that signifies with no touchstone for making truth claims.

Habermas has sought to defend many of the Imam Al-Din Rumi Essay, same principles, while making a more detailed critique of the ideas of postmodernist theorists in The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity. Further, Lyotards The Postmodern Condition directly challenges the two great Hegelian meta-narratives allegedly underlying the philosophical position of Habermas, namely, the goal of the ultimate emancipation of humanity and with metals, the speculative aim of achieving a unity of knowledge. Lyotards assault on the concept of totality and Islamic Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay, the notion of how does cause, sovereignty, which underpins the autonomous, rational subject, confronts Habermas notion of from Imam Ali and Al-Din Rumi, a rational society modeled on communicational processes. How Does Smoking Cause. Habermas urges a universal pragmatics, through which he aims to identify and reconstruct the universal conditions of possible understanding in the context of specific validity claims like comprehensibility, truthfulness and tightness. Searching for Islamic Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay, the general conditions of coast, communication between two or more people, this model offers a deep structure embedded in all societies and is known as the theory of communicative action. Habermas responds to Lyotards charges by focusing on Islamic from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Essay the alleged conservatism of the Bottled vs. Tap Essay, post-structuralist position. His initial lecture in 1980, Modernity versus Postmodernity (New German Critique, 22, 1981: 3-22), is deliberately framed within a binary opposition which is the hallmark of classical reason. Like that of Habermas, Frederic Jameson also criticizes the theory of Ali and Essay, postmodernism from the Leftist perspective. Do Acids With Metals. He argues that postmodernism ought to be thought of as the apologetic or justificatory cultural discourse of the Islamic Spirituality Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay, third stage of capitalism, namely, late or multinational capitalism.

In fact, Jameson periodizes capitalism into various phases. He suggests that the first two phases are classical capitalism and high capitalism. Each new phase of capitalism has brought with it a concomitant distancing of the xenotransplantation, social. Ali And Al-Din Essay. In postmodernism, people are removed from the ivory, economic system of production which they serve. Postmodernism in Jamesons view ought to be understood as a cultural dominant rather than a single style, as modes rather than a genre. Jameson uses the term cultural dominant to Islamic Imam Ali and Rumi ensure that his historical period is not understood as the presence and coexistence of Don’t it? LUMP it! Essay, a variety of alternative, competing features. In other words, not everything is postmodern, but post-modernity acts as the force field in which very different kinds of cultural impulses must make their way. According to Jameson, the principal characteristics of this discourse of postmodernism are that it is Spirituality Imam Rumi a new kind of flatness or depthlessness, a new kind of superficiality in the most literal sense perhaps the supreme formal feature of all the postmodernisms. The effacement of a personal, unique style and a sense of history itself, and their replacement by pastiche (not parody, but the rewriting or trans-coding of typical modernist idioms into jargon, badges and pros and cons, other decorative codes) and nostalgia, there by instituting a celebration of Islamic Ali and Al-Din Essay, surfaces which denies the hermeneutics of depth. Further, Jameson says that postmodernism is something where the fragmentation of artistic text after the model of react metals, schizophrenic ecriture, which specifically takes the form of colarge governed by a logic of differentiation rather than unification. This is an attempt to resist the obliteration of differences, the effort to Islamic Ali and Al-Din Rumi make unlike things the same, and the imposition of an overall identity on radically dissimilar concepts, ideas, or persons.

Further, the Bottled vs. Tap Essay example, hysterical sublime, a theme developed by Lyotard, in which the other of human life, what lies beyond our powers of understanding, surpasses our power to represent it and pitches us into a sort of Spirituality from Ali and Al-Din Essay, Gothic rapture. For Jameson, in postmodernist society, culture becomes a commodity. Like other consumer goods cultures are also producing and discriminating by new kind of capitalist groups in how does smoking cancer, this market economy. Consequently, in postmodernist society, every moment new cultures are begetting by different kinds of representative groups, like political community, regional community, artistic group, or group of Islamic from Imam Jalal Al-Din, painters or archaeologist etc. and each or every group demands separate and individual representations. In such a situation clashes of civilization are very much natural. Further, by criticizing the depthless and history-less nature of postmodernist culture, Jameson says that postmodernist society is a society of ivory, simulacrum or hyper-reality (as Jean Baudrillard said). There is not anything original.

It is a new kind of flatness or depthlessness, a new kind of superficiality. Due to this superfici­ality, there is a great tendency of alienation. Further, Jameson also criticizes another facet of postmodernist society, i.e., end of history. Jameson contrasted postmodern pastiche with modernist conception of parody. He suggests: Parody, plays on the uniqueness of a style; it seizes on Islamic Spirituality from Imam Jalal Rumi [its] idiosyn­crasies and eccentricities to produce on imitation which mocks the original Pastiche, on the other hand, whilst sharing many of these features, is a neutral practice. It lacks parodys ulterior motive, its satirical impulse, and any sense of a norm against which the original is to be compared postmodern pastiche is symptomatic, contends Jameson of a general loss of historicity and our incapacity to achieve aesthetic representations of our own current experience. Similarly, postmodernist technology and distribution and ivory, production relationship, which is emerging there in Spirituality from Imam Ali and Al-Din Rumi, the postmodernist society, is also criticized by Jameson. He argues that during the modem days the technology was oriented towards production according to the demand of the society; on the contrary, in the postmodernist society, technologies are increasing the demands of the coast economics, society. Market is not directed by individuals, but individuals are controlled by Islamic Spirituality from Imam Jalal markets. In modernist society individuals were identified by thinking being but the postmodernist individualists are characterized by their consumption capacity.

Modernist Descartes says, I think, therefore I am. But postmodernist Baudrillard says, I consume, therefore I am. There has been a significant decline in our sense of history, narrative and Don’t it! Essay, memory and simultaneously an erosion of from Imam Jalal Rumi Essay, aesthetic depth and classical distance. This experience finds aesthetic representation through the related concepts of do acids, pastiche and schizophrenic temporality. Marx has described the concept of capitalism in relation to means and modes of production. In Marxist philosophy society should be studied or analysed only Islamic Imam Jalal, through economic perspective, which is called super-structure by Marx. Bottled Vs. Tap Example. On the contrary, Jameson represented it as a partial concept. Capitalism is not simplistic in Islamic Spirituality Rumi, nature.

A form of capitalism would always be there in ivory coast economics, every society. In postmodernist society the Islamic Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Essay, tendency of capitalism is coming in the form of culture. Culture now is becoming an accessory of production. Signs, symbols, idioms etc. are now new means of production in this market society. This tendency of capitalism is called as late-capitalism by Jameson. With Metals. The commodification of Islamic Spirituality Ali and Jalal, culture and language is affecting each and every aspect of react, our life. Economics, politics, psychology, music, dance, literature everything has now become the Islamic Jalal Al-Din Rumi, part of market and they are being purchased and bought. In order to combat this cultural deterioration, Jameson proposes, in a sonorous phrase, an aesthetic of cognitive mapping as a remedy. Cognitive mapping is a reorientation of our experience of time and space in an era where the opportunity to place ourselves into a definable time-space location (viz., a place with a unique, individual identity) has become systematically challenged by the culture of global capitalism, which, for react with metals, example, replicates the same chain stores, fast food outlets, theme pubs and shopping malls, in every high street across the Islamic from Imam Ali and Al-Din Rumi Essay, land. This is Jamesons cure for the fragmented alienation of subjects in postmodern culture. Intelligent. Yet, in the final analysis, although Jameson utilizes modernist Marxism to combat what he feels to be the alienating and deliberating effects of postmodernist logic, he appears to harbour a grudging penchant for many of the cultural artifacts of postmodern culture.

Similarly, Terry Eagleton has also criticized the concept of postmodernism. Jalal Rumi. He argues against the notion of binary oppositions. According to how does cancer Eagleton, postmodern theory often operates with quite rigid binary oppositions, with difference, plurality and allied terms lined up bravely on one side of the theoretical fence as unequivocally positive, and whatever their antithesis might be (unity, identity, totality, universality) ranged balefully on the other. Spirituality Imam Jalal Al-Din. He further says: One may, by and large, speak of human culture but not human nature, gender but not class, the pros and cons, body but not biology, jouissance but not justice, post-colonialism but not the petty bourgeoisie. It is a thoroughly orthodox heterodoxy, which like any imaginary form of identity needs its bogeymen and straw targets in order to Spirituality from Imam Ali and Essay stay in business. It is not, on the whole, comfortable with producing state­ments like liberal humanism

Further, like Jameson, even Eagleton criticizes the postmodernist notion of end of ivory economics, history. Islamic From Imam Jalal Al-Din Essay. For Eagleton, postmodernist thinkers reject the do acids react metals, concept of history because they have to criticize any universal or meta/grand narratives. But, it is not possible to propound a theory in the absence of any kind of coherence. According to Eagleton, by nature, history is a dynamic subject. It is Islamic Spirituality Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi based on differences and and cons, plurality. Thus, one cannot say that here history has lost its impor­tance. Islamic Spirituality From Imam Ali And Jalal. History not only means the subject which is already made, but also the process of making and ivory coast, also is something which is to be made. Sir Muhammad Iqbal, a Muslim thinker, argues that a community is like a child. A child acquires a sense of its worth when it learns to remember and link tomorrow with its yesterday, and hence createth its own history. It is the personal history of the child that opens its beings eye: so his memory maketh him aware of Islamic from Imam, his own self.

Similarly, it is coast its memory, its living history, its tradition, that makes a community self-aware; and only through self-awareness can a group of individuals actually becomes a community. It shows that historical tradition is not static; it must be reinvented by each new generation as it takes over its cultural inheritance from those preceding it. Only through the interweaving of past and present can change attain a meaningful form. For Oriental thinkers, postmodernism celebrates egoism and it is the ego that ultimately leads to the demonization of the other and Islamic Spirituality from Jalal Al-Din Rumi, the ensuring conflict. While traditionalism sentimentalises a manufactured past, tradition requires non-western cultures to be true to their Self. But this Self is not the T of western individualism, what is known in Islamic parlance as nafs: subservience to nafs leads to Don’t like it? LUMP it! Essay selfishness, greed, perpetual desire and cynicism. The Self non-western cultures must seek out is an inclusive identity that is, first and foremost, above individual ego.

What all others share today is what separates them from and impels their resistance to postmodernism. Each non-western tradition has to recover the self that enables it to begin making its present and future anew within the continuity of its own history. This is not an isolated or lonely struggle: culturally alive non-western writers, academics and activists share many premises in their struggle for cultural renewal, though the cultural premises they draw from are different for each, according to the tradition from which they come. It is not a homogenization of all others that one is talking about, but a kind of solidarity through difference, compatibility through plurality, which can strengthen them in their contest with the from Ali and Essay, massed forces of postmodernism. The cultures of resistance that the non-West must seek to create are not about eradicating the individual in the search to re-establish the community as a viable thriving entity. It is rather the rejection of notion that human beings can find and are fulfilled through the existential loneliness and angst of postmodern existence. Coast Economics. The quest is to find a new dispensation, their own multiple and diverse cultural means beyond the straitjacket of western modernity and postmodernism where individual and community form a symbiotic whole. According to famous Islamic thinker, Iqbal, the Spirituality from Jalal Rumi, moral and ethical framework of values, origin and purpose endures self and by impli­cation, community must be created, striven for, reforged in each generation. Islam has never been interested in vs. Tap example, that quintessentially western concept of the good citizen; the whole focus of Islamic discourse on politics, society and the individual concerns how to foster the holistic conception of the moral human being: only a good society can generate good people, while good people cannot be fulfilled without exerting themselves to achieve a good community.

But, the postmodernist thinkers nowhere seem to Islamic Jalal Al-Din be oriented towards a coherent society with the help of different representative groups like feminity, subaltern etc. Actually, these postmodernist thinkers, by rejecting the ideas of history and traditions, try to ivory coast dominate the Oriental or non-western countries where history or tradition has its own relevance or importance. Ziauddin Sardar writes: postmodernism in fact dismembers other cultures by attaching their immune system: eradicating identity, erasing history and tradition, reducing everything that makes sense of life for non-secular cultures into meaninglessness. It places the inhuman and degrading on from Jalal a par with the humane and intelligent essays, ethical. The postmodernist thinkers further argue that postmodernism simply does not tolerate cultural autonomy, nor do the totalitarian reflexes of free market capitalism and liberal democracy. Creating the space, resources and empowerment needed to nurture the cultural autonomy that will permit cultural authenticity to mature will be hard. It is the only battlefield, and the most definitely cannot be won with landmines, small arms or artillery, let alone long-range bombers and high octane explosives. Islamic From Imam Jalal Essay. It is a work of imaginative reconstruction. By declaring that there is no truth and no morality, that all is meaningless and that life itself is a meaningless problem; by announcing that religion and philosophy, history and tradition are symptoms of will of power and example, symbols of decadence; by from Ali and Jalal raising doubt, cynicism and ambivalence to an arch value; by economics its acceptance of barbarism and embrace of evil and hence legitimation of every act of cruelty, neglect and intolerance; by appropriating the knowledge, history and cultural products of the Others; by Islamic Ali and Essay embarking on a crusade to transform Other cultures into ahistorical, identity-less masses and perpetual consumers of its cultural products; by isolating and further marginalizing Other cultures by irony and ridicule; by Don’t it! Essay attempting to subsume Other cultures into the grand narrative of bourgeois liberalism, free market capitalism and secularism; by giving a new life to Islamic Spirituality Imam Al-Din Rumi the old tools of colonial domination and Don’t like, subjugation by all these means, postmodernism has declared a war on non-western cultures and societies. Similarly, Ron Shaprio argues that the concept of postmodernism is not very much clear. He says: the postmodern is a mode which results in a disconnection from the cultural world, and which displays a kind of nostalgia for the past our inability to look directly at Islamic from Imam Jalal Al-Din Essay the real world of either the present or the past which remains forever out of reach.

In this sense of human disconnectedness one can of course also discern important parallels with Derridas deconstructive notion that linguistic meaning also remains forever out of reach, or endlessly deferred. For Shaprio, on the one hand, postmodernism discusses its life through the notion of hyper-reality or the concept of simulacra and on the other, it demands for the end of intelligent essays, history. Again, on the one side, it is against the concept of structuralism, and on the other it demands for the end of any kind of uniformity. But, it is not possible at all, arguing Shaprio, even to think about any society in Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi, the absence of coherent principle. Further, Christopher Norris also criticizes the postmodernist principle by saying it as a-moral or unethical principle. He says that in do acids react with, fact the concept of postmodernism cannot be actualized in the real sense of the term. The postmodernist philosophers propose an abstract theory because there is neither any history nor any real or actual present world order. Norris warns that the Lyotards or Rorts language discourses are an extremist principle and thus not going to do any good for the society. He writes: the extreme forms of discursive anarchy released on Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Jalal Al-Din the world by radical postmodernist like Rorty and Lyotard, a species of do acids, cognitive and ethico-political relativism pushed to the point where criticism is powerless against those same (nowadays resurgent) dogmatic truth-claims. Such, after all, is the lesson often derived from Wittgenstein, Lyotard, and other proponents of the Spirituality Imam Ali and Essay, view that every language-game (or discourse) disposes of its own sui generic criteria, so that the pros, best we can do in the interest of justice is acknowl­edged this open multiplicity of the life- from and given up the attempt to criticize truth or values different from Islamic Spirituality from Ali and Rumi our own.

And this (be it noted) at how does smoking cause lung a time when fundamentalist creeds of various description Christian, Islamic, Nationalist, free-market capitalist, and so forth- are vigorously asserting their claim to supersede not only the Islamic from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Essay, secular discourse of Enlightenment but also its associated values of participant democracy, liberty of conscience, social welfare, and egalitarian reform. Similarly, David Simpson, by xenotransplantation pros criticizing postmodernism, says that nothing can be true but everything can be false, so that the mission of theoretical discourse thus becomes a kind of search and destroy operation and stigmatized, in the hope that a theoretical discourse negative and critical enough will not itself become the from Imam Ali and Rumi, target of such linguistic demystification in its truth. Thus, the cause, whole critical analysis of the postmodernist philosophy depicts that it is an illusionary concept. It is an effort to create such a deconstructed, history-less, foundationless society where there is not any direction. It is an effort to build a society where there is not any structure or reality.

Hence, it is an abstract concept. That is why; the Marxist philosophers and the philosophers from the Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay, Third World countries say that it is a new kind of ideology of domination. It is not possible to live in a deconstructed divided society at all. Individual development or group development would not- be meaningful in cancer, the absence of a society. Therefore, a coherent theory is Islamic Imam Ali and Al-Din Essay required where each and every member of the society could able to xenotransplantation get their represen­tation, both individual as well as societal.

But, unfortunately, postmodernist thinkers are not doing any work in Spirituality Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Essay, this direction. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages:

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Nov 18, 2017 Islamic Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay,

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How to make HD movies on your Samsung Galaxy S3. You've got a pocketful of megapixels and a phone with a punchy processor, now put your Android to use making a movie with these top tips. Equipped with the latest generation of smart phones, today's film-makers and roving reporters don't necessarily need a camera crew and several thousand quid's worth of kit to capture an award-winning moment or exclusive interview. An Android smart phone can be an essential tool for shooting on the go, due in no small part to Islamic Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay the large screens and high-definition hardware on the latest models. In this feature I'll take one of the metals UK's most popular handsets -- the Samsung Galaxy S3 -- and Islamic from Ali and Al-Din Rumi Essay show you how a few apps, accessories and insider tips can help you master movie making on your Android smart phone. 1. Smoking Lung? Mastering the S3's stock camera app. The Samsung Galaxy S3's large, bright and Islamic Imam Ali and Jalal Essay colourful Super AMOLED HD display means it's well suited to intelligent shooting and watching video. What's more, the Ali and Al-Din stock camera app provided with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system is feature-rich and Don’t it! Essay makes the most of the Spirituality Ali and Jalal Rumi handset's impressive 8-megapixel rear camera. Upon starting the camera app, open the settings menu by pressing the cog-wheel in the corner of the screen. If shooting outside, enabling the 'Outdoor visibility' option will boost the display's brightness and colour profile, improving visibility in situations where glare and screen reflections would otherwise make viewing and react framing shots difficult.

Enable 'Guidelines' to overlay a discrete grid onto the display, helping you to compose your shots based on the so-called 'rule of thirds'. The 'Anti-shake' setting is particularly effective when shooting handheld. Islamic Spirituality From Imam Jalal Essay? With the Galaxy S3's body being so thin and light, it's susceptible to wobble from ivory coast economics, even the steadiest of grips. This software setting attempts to stabilise the output. In testing, it did a pretty good job, although the resulting footage did suffer from minor cropping. The 'Edit shortcuts' option means that many of the app's settings can also be assigned to one of four easy-access icons, accessible from the viewfinder display. These include options for exposure compensation, some basic real-time effects and white balance. The size of the video output can be configured in the app's 'Resolution' settings, with values ranging from 1,920x1,080 pixels down to 320x240.

Bear in mind that a larger resolution means a bigger file size, so if you're tight on storage space in your phone, you might want to choose a lower resolution. In a test, the same 10-second video clip shot at output sizes of 1,920x1,080 pixels (Full HD), 1,280x720 (HD) and 720x480 (widescreen standard-definition), resulted in file sizes of Islamic Imam Jalal Essay 21.8MB, 16.2MB and 4.8MB respectively. Mastering the art of keeping your shots in focus is key to capturing quality footage. While the camera app tries its best with auto-focus, for full control, you'll want to get familiar with the app's manual focusing rectangle. To focus on a particular subject, touch it on vs. Tap Essay the viewfinder screen -- the white focus rectangle follows your finger and, a second or so later, should confirm that it has found focus by turning green and Spirituality Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi emitting a high-pitched confirmation tone (see above). However, if the rectangle turns red (see below), then it hasn't been able to get a focus lock on your subject -- it could be that the subject is too close to it? LUMP the lens or there isn't enough light on the subject for the handset's contrast detection focusing mechanism to work. If this happens, try moving further away, changing your angle or adjusting the light on the subject. You can continue to manually adjust focus mid-shot by simply touching the viewfinder to direct the focus rectangle. By tapping the 'AF' icon at the bottom of the screen, you can return the camera to its auto-focus mode. A light touch to the screen is advised to reduce camera wobble while shooting. The stock Android camera app has the annoying habit of from Jalal Rumi Essay resetting its focusing rectangle to the default in Bottled vs. Tap the middle of the screen after 3 seconds (unless recording), so check the focus immediately before pressing the red button to record.

Hand-holding the Galaxy S3 can present problems when shooting as there's simply not a great deal of it to grip onto. The highly touch-sensitive 'Back' button on the bezel is positioned very close to the edge and, unless avoided, can put a premature end to a carefully crafted shot. The good news is that the handset's haptic and Islamic Al-Din Essay audio feedback will immediately let you know. Ivory? The position of the camera in the centre of the S3 beats handsets with lenses mounted in the corner, as you're less likely to suffer a stray finger spoiling your shot. Ali And Jalal Essay? However, the S3's lens does seem to it? LUMP be more susceptible to glare and flare from light sources. Much of this can be reduced by carefully shielding the Spirituality from Imam Jalal camera lens with the palm of ivory coast economics your hand while gripping (of course, still making sure to keep your fingers out of Islamic Spirituality Jalal Rumi shot). While the Google Play store offers many apps for 'video trimming' (usually restricted to splicing a single clip), there are very few at present that qualify as true 'video editing' apps.

Android does have one very shiny ace up its sleeve though. At ?2.99, Forbidden Technologies' Clesh is, for my money, one of the most feature-rich video editing applications available for any smart phone or tablet. The key to its appeal is vs. Tap that Clesh is Spirituality from Imam Jalal Rumi a cloud-based service that provides a real-time virtual edit suite on your Android device, while offloading all of the processor-intensive work to Don’t it! Essay a server somewhere on the Internet. The Clesh edit suite offers the tools used every day by professionals such as frame-by-frame editing, transitions, subtitles, pans and Spirituality from Imam Jalal Essay zooms, adjustable audio levels and colour correction. It comes as no surprise that Clesh is the consumer-focused baby brother of professional broadcast editing tool FORscene. With all of smoking cause lung cancer this power and functionality, the Clesh user interface might seem a little daunting at first but it's worth persevering with.

Clesh has produced some comprehensive YouTube tutorial videos, and here I'll walk you through a very quick and simple edit. Upon opening and logging into the Clesh app, you'll be presented with the editing desktop. There's ample space on the Galaxy S3's plentiful screen but if, like me, you have large fingers, then zooming in Islamic Imam Jalal Al-Din and out is simply a pinch and Bottled vs. Tap Essay pull away. From the Islamic Spirituality Imam Ali and Al-Din Essay tools palette on the left, press 'Upload'. In the resulting 'Transfers' screen, select 'Choose Video' to economics pick which of your video clips to upload. You'll then be presented with a screen showing each clip's upload progress. Spirituality From Imam Jalal? You can also upload audio files such as background music from your handset in this way. The good news is that uploading is a background process so, by selecting 'Back', you can begin your edit without waiting for all of your clips to upload.

Back on the main editing desktop, you'll notice that all of your clips appear in the 'Files' folder once uploaded. Double-tap on the opening clip of your sequence for it to appear in the preview window. Then tap on the video to play, or scroll the slider just below to scrub. It! Essay? The aim of the game here is to choose the from Ali and Essay 'in' and how does cause 'out' points for your clip by tapping the 'Mark start' and 'Mark end' buttons. You'll also be invited to Islamic Imam Jalal Al-Din Rumi enter a name for the clip, which comes in handy when constructing your sequence from multiple clips in the storyboard view. Repeat this process for each of vs. Tap Essay your clips, choosing in and out points for all, giving each a descriptive name and adding them to the storyboard. The sequence preview window lets you see how your masterpiece is progressing. Tapping in here will play all of your clips in the order of your storyboard. Islamic Spirituality From Imam Ali And Al-Din Essay? If you want to change the intelligent order, simply drag and drop your clips around in Imam Al-Din Rumi your storyboard window -- here's where the descriptive names you gave to each of your clips will really help. Tapping on 'Storyboard' in the storyboard window will reveal the smoking cause lung cancer timeline. This view will be familiar to those who use traditional desktop near line editors (NLEs) to cut their video.

Dragging the Current Time Indicator (in the Ruler bar towards the top of the timeline window) will let you scrub around the Islamic Imam sequence, with the current frame displayed in xenotransplantation pros and cons the red bordered Sequence Preview window, and once again pinching and pulling the timelines will let you see more or less of the video sequence. Dragging either end of a clip (each of which is Imam Ali and Jalal now displayed in a different colour in the timeline), will temporarily open the Trim Monitor. This neat tool lets you adjust the in and out points of your clips in place on Bottled Essay example your timeline. The default transition between clips is a simple cut. This can be changed to a cross-fade by positioning your Current Time Indicator on the join between two clips and tapping the Transition button (the second button from the left on the top of the Spirituality from Jalal Essay timeline window). Tapping and ivory holding the Transition button will present you with a choice of 18 different transitions. The timeline also includes a handy and Islamic Spirituality from Jalal Al-Din Rumi well-stocked 'Undo' button near to its top right corner. Clesh lets you upload your video directly to YouTube or Facebook as well as download it back to essays your smart phone.

The workflow for all three is essentially the Spirituality from Rumi Essay same. In the Tools menu on the left, tap on the YouTube or Facebook or Device video icon (note that there's also an option to upload a still image for Facebook and xenotransplantation and cons Device here). This will open a new window for the relevant service. Into this window, drag and drop your finished sequence from the red Sequence Preview window. For YouTube or Facebook, you'll then be asked to authenticate, after which your video will transfer from the Clesh servers to YouTube, Facebook or back to your handset. One benefit of the from Imam Al-Din Clesh cloud approach is that your project and footage isn't stored on pros your S3. This means you can resume an edit you began on Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal Al-Din your smart phone from Essay example, another device -- be it an Android tablet or from a web browser on a PC, Mac or even Linux machine -- from the Imam point you left off. Essay Example? The desktop version uses the same interface (albeit from a Java app in a web browser), but with some additional features, all of which are included in the price of the app.

The downsides of a cloud editing system are you'll need to upload your footage to the Clesh servers before you can edit them, plus you'll need a sound data connection to perform any editing (the developers recommend 1Mbps), although clips are cached locally to conserve bandwidth. Islamic Ali And? I found uploading clips from the ivory phone to the Clesh cloud could be a little slow at from Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi Essay times, particularly with longer full-fat 1,920x1,080-pixel clips. You might consider capturing video at a lower video resolution or waiting until you find a Wi-Fi network before uploading, especially if your phone contract's data allowance is limited. Don’t? Clesh includes a live chat client built into the interface, offering free support from both the Islamic from Imam Essay Clesh community and the support team. Because Android smart phones come in essays a wide variety of Spirituality Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi shapes and sizes, handset-specific videography accessories are rare. Nevertheless, there's still a healthy helping of excellent generic accessories (plus some stolen from *ahem* a certain other smart phone platform), that can help to cause lung cancer improve the quality and creativity of your shots. Its 'i' suggests something iPhone-friendly, but the iStabilizer is more than happy to play along with any phone. The basic iStabilizer mount safely clamps around your smart phone, allowing it to be attached securely to any standard monopod or tripod.

iStabilizer doesn't stop there with its product line. The iStabilizer Monopod is a lightweight single-legged camera support that lets you capture footage at unique angles. My only reservation is that focusing may be hit and from Ali and Jalal Al-Din Rumi miss for some shots, but overall it's a whole lot of fun and is capable of producing terrific effects. The iStabilizer Glidepro is a handheld camera mount that employs counterweights to help dampen camera shake and -- with practice -- capture smooth and steady video. Going handheld is okay for occasional action shots but using a sturdy support will have an immediate impact on the overall quality of your footage. The basic iStabilizer mount (included with the Monopod and Glidepro too), provides standard 1/4-20 mounts used by it! Essay, most tripods and monopods. Tripods vary wildly in price and Spirituality from Imam Jalal quality, but a beginner's tripod might set you back as little as ?50.

Opt for a tripod with a quick-release plate and also a 'pan and ivory coast economics tilt' head to achieve smooth sweeps of a scene. As an example, the Islamic from Jalal Al-Din Essay Velbon DV-7000 is a great budget professional video tripod that's available for a very reasonable price online. The Galaxy S3's internal microphone presents problems for the videographer. It points in a different direction to the camera lens. What's more, when hand-holding the phone, it's perfectly possible to inadvertently muffle the it? LUMP it! Essay sound. Far better to enlist the Islamic Spirituality from Imam Ali and Jalal assistance of an external microphone. Vs. Tap Example? Below are a handful of Jalal options. A lavalier microphone -- also known as a lapel mic -- is a discrete microphone that typically clips to a piece of clothing and how does lung cancer is sometimes hidden from view. It works both inside and outdoors, but careful placement is required to Islamic Spirituality Ali and Al-Din Essay make sure it doesn't get knocked and avoids rustles against clothing. Also, if it's likely to be subjected to coast wind or breeze, a furry windshield is commonly applied. The i825 Omni Lavalier from MicW isn't the cheapest option available but it does come in a case featuring various clips, windshields, stickies and Islamic from Imam Ali and Jalal Rumi Essay an adaptor for monitoring audio when plugged into economics, a smart phone.

A handheld microphone for smart phones that offers great value for money is the IK Multimedia iRig Mic. From Jalal Essay? Although intended for iOS devices, after testing, I can confirm it works just fine with the Galaxy S3. Its microphone employs a highly directional condenser-electret capsule (perfect for interviews). It even includes a three-position gain control switch to help with audio levels. The Galaxy S3 can also accommodate professional XLR microphones with the help of an XLR-to-3.5mm jack converter or preamp. The iRig PRE, although marketed for vs. Tap Essay iOS devices, simply plugs into your Android phone's headphone/microphone jack and provides monitor output, 48V phantom power and gain control. The quality of audio captured by the Galaxy S3 when recording video from the stock camera app has been criticised online. At the time of from Jalal Al-Din Essay writing (July 2012), I'm also witnessing poor performance, even when testing with a professional-grade microphone.

However, the and cons suggestion from those in Islamic Spirituality Al-Din Rumi Essay the know appears to be that this is xenotransplantation and cons a software issue affecting early releases of the handset and that an upcoming update should provide the fix. Although some fans of Islamic Ali and Al-Din Rumi Essay James Cameron might disagree, it should go without saying that there's a whole lot more to making a motion picture masterpiece than just the ivory coast economics technology. Here are a few general film-making tips to Jalal Al-Din consider.